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Hello from Brazil!

From Mara, who, with Myriam and Carmen, runs Kevin’s Brazilian forum:

Well, I met Kevin first in 2001, but it would be a really fast moment. We talked (for) about five minutes at a Colorado Convention, but that magic moment was important enough to make me wish for another round…lol!

So, in 2007, I went to Atlanta to Dragon Con. Over there, I finally got the chance to hug wondeful friends I´ve made along the years, including Stripey. Stripey, Carol, Tina, Hermie, Linda T., Linda D., Joy, and others were so kind, so sweet to me! It´s been the most wonderful trip of my life.

And then… Kevin arrived…  just off the shower, wet hair, silk shirt. He looked at us waiting for him.  He said, “Hi, guys!”  and hugged each one of us! And for three days that man talked to us, smiled at our jokes, and was so patient to a bunch of ladies crazy for him! Kevin talked to me and to us so sincerely, shared dreams and broken dreams with us, and was so generous to our requests!

Kevin had not enough sleep at that time, but even then he would bear with my unending requests for pictures, signs, and my questions! I would sit in his lap, hug him, kiss him… poor man! I remember having a photo opportunity beside him, and he would feel so tired, poor baby! I just got behind him and rubbed his back… and he would allow me to!

The last day… Kevin was about to leave and was signing our last photos from the photo op. I gave him a Brazilian soccer team’s shirt,  just as a gift, for I understand Kevin loves sports. Kevin surprised me once more so generously! He opened the gift, got up, and got the shirt in front of him ready for a picture I would never ask him for because I knew how tired he was! Brazilian kids loved that generous gift from him. “Hercules” is a hit for a second generation of Brazilian kids.

Kevin is important to us and I guess will always be!

  1. sorbowriter
    July 29, 2009 at 9:56 pm

    What a nice story. Sounds like a fun time!

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