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Special autograph opps

Another great story from Rhonda:

In the last few years, several friends have gotten Kevin to autograph photos, and, in one case, a DVD for me. I still laugh at what he wrote on the DVD, which was the movie, “Last Chance Cafe,” by the way:

“To Rhonda, Help Me  XXX  Kevin Sorbo.”

I believe it was a play on words in reference to the song, “Help Me Rhonda.” When Hermie mailed it to me, she said that Kevin called it a little joke, but I still think it’s cute.

Anyway, I owe a big thanks to Hermie for that. I also have an autographed photo of him as The Preacher in “Avenging Angel” and two of him as Dylan from “Andromeda,” all obtained by wonderful Sorbo friends, including Stripe, who got him to autograph one for me when he was in New Zealand earlier this year. It’s pretty obvious that Kevin will do anything to please his fans and we all love him for that!

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