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Linda T’s amazing story part 2

Linda T part 2

I started going to Dragon Con in 2003 and enjoyed it, but no Kevin, and at that time did not know Steve Bacic. I had seen him in “Andromeda” and a few other shows, but he was not my main heartthrob. In 2004 I went to Dragon Con again, wearing my “Andromeda” T shirt, and, while talking to Bruce Hopkins, who had played on “Hercules” and “Xena,” I was noticing this guy making faces and trying to get the attention of someone, but was not sure who he was trying to get the attention of. I asked Bruce if he could see who he was, but he did not see a name – only that he was from the show, “Andromeda,” and said, “Hey, that’s what’s on your shirt? Maybe he wants you.”

So, I went over to see who it was. When I walked up, the first words this dark-haired man with the scruffy face said to me was, “It is about time you came to see me!” I said to him, “I did not know you were going to be here.” This was just before season 5 of “Andromeda” with the scruffy Rhade and, of course, this guy was Steve Bacic. At that time I totally flipped over him. I became as much of a Steve Fan as a Kevin Fan and he knew at that time I was a Kevin Fan as I kept asking him about Kevin. With Steve was “Andromeda” director David Winning, and the two of them were great to me the rest of the weekend, but after I left Steve to go meet another actor I wanted to meet, he and David came over to me and asked if I was going to the “Andromeda” Q&A. I said I did not know they were having one, but that I would come with them. So, Steve put his hand on my back and we were off to the room where the Q&A was.

 As we were walking over we talked, and going up some stairs I almost fell backwards and he caught me. It was great, and he was so sweet and funny. After the Q&A I asked my husband to take the photo of me with Steve and my son. My son thought he was great. The next day we went back to see Steve and after the Con it was all I could think about. David Winning was also very nice and told me to check out his website and I did, and found an email address and wrote to it thinking that I was writing to an assistant. I told him to tell David how much I enjoyed meeting him and Steve. To my surprise David replied to me himself remembering me. I sent him a copy of that photo and he said he had a surprise for me and needed my address. I forgot all about it and a few months later the photo arrived in the mail with Steve’s autograph on it.

 I knew I wanted to see Steve again and was thrilled when he came back to Dragon Con in 2005 with Kevin Sorbo. FirstLindaTHug words he said to me when I walked up was, “Where’s your son?” I replied, “He is here with Daddy and will be here soon.” Right then my son ran up and he and Steve hugged; it was a very touching moment. When I finally met Kevin in person I walked up to him and told him I had waited 8 years for that moment. Kevin replied something like, “Well then, let’s make it worthwhile.” He gave me such a hug that after I had the photo printed out and had Kevin autograph it, Steve Bacic wanted to see the photo, and I was telling Steve I was in Heaven in Kevin’s arms. Steve looked up at me and said, “NO, you were IN KEVIN!” So that photo with Kevin is now called the “In Kevin” photo.

 I again met both Steve and Kevin at Dragon Con in 2006 with Brandy Ledford, and Kevin recognized me, but Steve did one better: He remembered my name and said, “Hello, Linda,” which really made me happy.

 That was the first year that the fan club had a private fan club meeting with Kevin, and, being a member of the fan club, loved every second of it. Kevin had a slight cough while answering the questions, and me being the kind of person I am I carry all kinds of things that might be needed while at a convention, had a small box of Ricoloa throat drops, and offered Kevin a drop. He graciously accepted and handed the box back to me. This little box is now in my treasures of things touched by Kevin Sorbo.

  1. Alison Rhem
    April 20, 2010 at 10:59 am

    Thank you for the story. These story mean so much to us fan that will never get to meet Kevin.

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