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Linda T’s amazing story part 3

Linda T part 3

LindaTKissIn 2007 Kevin returned to Dragon Con, and that year I got to meet some other members of the fan club as Stripey came that year and I was thrilled to meet her. After all, we had been online friends since about 1998 or 1999 as I am not sure what year I joined the fan club. This time with Kevin was Gordon Michael Woolvet from “Andromeda,” and as I was standing in Kevin’s line waiting to get Kevin’s autograph, Gordon said, “That’s my sweetie.” Kevin looked up to see who Gordon was talking about; it was me wearing my “Andromeda” T shirt with pins of the cast of “Andromeda” on it, and Kevin replied to Gordon, “No, MY SWEETIE!” I just had to laugh.

When it was my turn to talk to Kevin and get his autograph, I showed him an autograph that was sent to me from Steve via a friend who got it for me at another Con Steve did that year. The autograph read, “Linda, Give Kevin a Kiss for me, Love Steve Bacic.” I showed Kevin the photo and he stuck his face out while my friends got their cameras ready to capture the moment. I kissed Kevin, but the autograph Kevin signed for me after the kiss was, “To Linda, My Sweetie! Kevin Sorbo.”

I next went to get Gordon’s autograph, but he was standing to have a photo with another fan, so I told him to stay standing for a photo first, and we took a photo, and then Gordon signed the autograph, “To Linda, You give great hugs, Gordon Michael Woolvet.” I asked him who he had been talking to about the hugs, Steve or Kevin, and he just smiled and laughed. I wonder if one of them had told him about me. I also meet Lexa Doig that year but did not get to have a photo with her due to her Convention agent charging too much for photos. But she did notice my pins of the crew of “Andromeda” along with some photo buttons I had made: one of the “In Kevin” photo and one with Steve Bacic, and she asked me if I was one of Steve’s BaChicks, as that is what a fan of Steve Bacic’s is called, and I said, “Yes I am proud to be a BaChick.” I am also proud of being a fan of Kevin’s, but no one came up with a funny name for Sorbo fans like BaChick, which is close to Steve’s real pronunciation of his name, Bacic in Croatian.

This time the fan club private meeting was also a birthday party for Kevin and the year they collected all those CD’s for Kevin. It was fun watching him look at the gifts, and he hugged all of us at the end of the meeting, which was great fun.

Now last year’s Dragon Con was a little different: It was just before Kevin’s 50th (39th!) birthday, so I was contacted by Stripey to see if I could find a Xena look-alike, but that was too costly, so then she came up with idea of doing a golf theme birthday cake. I spent hours trying to find someone who could do a cake with a golf theme with white chocolate and deliver it to Dragon Con without being too expensive. Found the perfect bakery in town willing to deliver the cake and the cost was within reason. This time Kevin was there with the sweet Laura Bertram, and it was so nice getting to meet her. She was just as cute as she was (on the show) and some of her stories about being Trance were so funny. At the party for Kevin’s big birthday we had cake and champagne and Kevin answered questions that were sent in by the fan club members for the newsletter. He popped the cork on the bottle and somehow I ended up with that cork for my collection of items Kevin touched. I had some fun photos taken with Kevin and spent way too much money on autographs from him, but it was loads of fun. During one photo he was rubbing my back, so I did the same for him, and I think I may have gone down just a tad too low, but he joked and said, “That felt good.” I think I may have blushed when he said that.

I was hoping he would come back to Dragon Con 2009, but so far no news. So, that is my story of meeting Kevin and most of the cast of “Andromeda.”

  1. August 5, 2009 at 8:12 am

    Oh I love to read your story, Linda, I remember how wonderful 2007 DC was for me., it takes me back!
    So glad Kevin is so important in your life too!

  2. Linda T
    August 6, 2009 at 5:46 pm

    Yes, 2007 was a special year for me too as meeting you has given me a life long friend. Hugs always,

  3. August 10, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    And to me, Beautiful!

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