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Kevin is THE actor!

sorbodreamsMy name is Myriam Castro from Brazil, and I’m in the Brazilian Forum of Kevin with Mara, Carmen, and a lot of friends…

I think Kevin is a wonderful actor, and I’m a big fan of his. How did I meet him?

Well… it was about eight years ago. My father was enjoying an epic series – well, I like this genre of show, too – and I asked him what was it? He said it was, “Hercules: the Legendary Journeys,” and I sat in front of (the) T.V. to watch with him. Wow! … What a great show!

I saw that very handsome guy, and my dad told me that was Kevin Sorbo. Since then, I enjoyed all the three seasons (here in Brazil, we didn’t know about the other three seasons…). It was amazing!

Two years later, I was presented to “Andromeda” – a Sci-Fi T.V. series on AXN Channel, and I loved it. (I have loved Sci-Fi movies since I was a child!!) And there was Kevin again… as the lovely Captain Dylan Hunt. I became a big fan of this show, too. Dylan Hunt is my favourite character.

Actually, I’m married, and I have two little girls… and they’re fans of “Hercules,” too.

Along the following years, I knew his other works – “Kull,” “Last Chance Café,” “Avenging Angel,” “Walking Tall,” “Prairie Fever,” “Something Beneath,” “Fire From Below,” … and many others. And I enjoyed all of them!

After this, I follow Kevin’s career, and I see he’s a great actor.

When I saw his lovely family, I knew he’s a blessed man with a beautiful wife and three lovely children.

For me, Kevin is not just an actor … he is THE actor!

(Artwork by Anne)

  1. August 10, 2009 at 4:40 pm

    Wow, great collage, darling!
    Myriam, you´re telling us a lovely story, darling! How important Hercules has been and keeps being to Brazilian fans along the years!
    Thank you so much, querida!

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