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Oolala from France!

Story and artwork by Evelyne:evelyneArt

We did not know Kevin Sorbo in France. We all watched American television because French T.V. is silly.

Then one day by chance three years ago, I came across the broadcast of an episode of “Xena,” and there was Kevin! He was my favorite for his beauty, (and) I dreamed of him that night.

After French T.V. broadcast “Hercules,” there I knew his name: Kevin Sorbo. Mamamia! What beauty (he) has, beautiful: the dream body, blue eyes, smile. My little heart is troubled and in love…

Then I looked for a French forum dedicated to Kevin and I came across Charline’s blog. I wanted to know everything about my hero, and Charline had a blog (that was) well done. Charline, (who) helped me to enter the forum, is now a friend, and I know more about my favorite actor.

Kevin always makes me dream; I love it! I do not know not how I will be to him in Belgium, me with my little 5-feet-something tall. Just to think????? I want a stool for the photo; here I am!!!!!

That’s my story. I still say that we do not see enough films from Kevin in France.


  1. August 11, 2009 at 9:51 am

    Oh rest easy, chérie, I´m 1,58 m and Kevin is still able to hug me…and I am able to hug him…LOL
    Lovely story, so romantic!
    Great collage, Evelyne!

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