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My encounter with Kevin Sorbo in Heathrow part 1

Teresa in Spain has this to tell…  in 3 parts just because who doesn’t want to see 3 pictures of Kevin??

My greatest dream of all was to meet Kevin. When I learned he was coming to Europe, I did not have second thoughts and headed to London with my dear friend Mariola, who will always be very important in my life for we have a wonderful time together.


drom81Steve Bacic, Gordon M. Wollvett, and Kevin would be at the Radisson Hotel where the event would take place. We got into a lovely big room with crystal walls, waiting for Kevin to come. My hands were sweating I was so nervous. Mariola told me when Kevin would get nearby it would pass… As if…

They finally came in, one by one, saluting each table, and when Kevin got near I told myself, “No, it´s not a dream, Kevin really does exist…”

He was kind to everybody. I could not help looking at him, I could not…

When he got to our table he sat for a while, shook our hands. I asked someone if I could give him the gifts I had brought for his kids, and he came to take the gifts, saying he loved hearing Spanish. (He) gave me two kisses and thanked me. I was on cloud nine, so I did not even notice the elevators when I got to my room.los_4

  1. August 22, 2009 at 7:22 am

    What a lovely story too, dear Teresa! Kevin should feel happy for such a fan.

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