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Kevin the man, the inspiration…

A beautiful story from Josefa:

charlineherkI’ve come from a poor family of a poor part of my country. Lots of kids, poorly paid job for my dad… you know. Life was hard as I was growing up. But eventually I became an adult; have my job, my own life.

I always loved (the) “Hercules” show.

I loved the way Kevin’s character was acting:  a just man fighting for his people. Every time it was on T.V. I felt mesmerized by him. 

I’ve got a friend who knew him personally; I think it’s just great!

I’ve always wanted to be part of his forum, but (for) a while I was not able to afford fast internet… Now I’m able to!

It moves me the way Kevin acts when among his family: with his kids and children, in general, with his wife… I admire him, and I think I’ll someday have a family like his.

Today, when I watch Kevin’s movies, I do not see just the character alone; I see, Kevin, a charismatic, nice familyangel Josefa man… He looks so available and open to his fans! For that and so many other things, I admire the man, and am his fan and just love his movies.

Because Kevin got me hooked, now I’m planning on learning English to better understand everything about him going on.



(Artwork by Charline and Mara)

  1. September 8, 2009 at 7:18 pm

    Jo (Josefa) is a long time friend of mine, I do love her, I´ve known her before Kevin and after Kevin (so to speak…), she really means all the words in here. I guess because of her being on Kevin´s brazilian forum among us Jo has learned to better express herself and that´s great too!

  2. September 9, 2009 at 11:28 am

    Good luck learning English, Josefa. It’s not the easiest language, but I know you will do it! Thank you for your wonderful story and I’m glad things are better for you.

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