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Did Kevin portray the real Hercules?

29The Hercules myth offers insight into key elements of the human psyche: anger, aggression, ego, and humility. It represents growth through self-control and awareness, compassion, and determination.

As Hera toyed with Hercules’ mind, forcing him to murder his family then pay a heavy penance, the Twelve Labors, he needed to control this imposed madness in order to complete the grueling tasks. He realized that performing good deeds helped him curtail his anger, and through these acts of kindness discover his inner strength. He eventually conquered his demons, achieving fame and immortality, and became one of the mostherc318 beloved Greek heroes.

The tale’s message remains relevant today as we examine the causes and effects of violence in our society. It also offers hope that we can overcome whatever travails lie ahead.

I found the following articles by Dr. Stephen Diamond on “Psychology Today” magazine’s website and wanted to share them with you. Both are a bit long, but well worth reading if you wish to delve into the psychology and symbolism of the Hercules myth.

“Why Myths Still Matter: Hercules and His Twelve Healing Labors”


“Why Myths Still Matter (Part Two): Cleaning the Augean Stables”






So, after perusing these items, do you think Kevin captured Hercules’  indomitable spirit?

  1. November 11, 2009 at 6:17 am

    Very interesting, darling! Hercules seems to live forever among our hearts… he said (disguised like Kevin) “there´s a little hercules inside each one of us, waiting to get out”.
    Thank you!

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