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Kevin at Collectormania, 2007

Teresa wrote this fun story about her time with Kevin at Collectormania in 2007:

SORBO_002-1Well, this was the second time I saw Kevin, and was as excited as at Heathrow (in) 2004 (see previous post).

We headed to a big shopping center where the expo was being held, and we went to Kevin´s table. I had to stand far away and breathe deeply, excited by seeing him again.

As I got to his table I showed him the photo from Heathrow so he could learn who I was. I said, “I´m Teresa. Speak Spanish?”

I always ask him the same question. I usually deliver a note to Kevin in English, spelling all I want to say to him.

He said he´d had no time to learn, but would speak Spanish because he liked to hear me speaking. So… I did…

He signed the photos, and my friend Sandra and I took a picture with Kevin. Too soon we returned to theSORBO_004-1 table to get us more photos… never rest… (smiling).

By afternoon we had the meeting of the fan club with Kevin. It took time for us to find the hotel because we misunderstood its address. We got to the room 30 minutes later. I was very upset about it, but after he answered our questions I was able to give Kevin some gifts for their children, and he signed for me some pictures.

Kevin was very nice, but he seemed a bit tired and so serious. I guessed it was the jet lag.

Sunday was the day for the photos op; Kevin is always on time. I purchased two, one of them with my friend along with Kevin. When I was posing with Kevin he asked me, “How are you?” in Spanish. I told him, “Very well,” (because) I was. He said, “My house is your house,” in Spanish, and I said, “Thanks,” stroking his back. Kevin would not let me go, and the photographer (took) instead of two photos, made three.

SORBO_003-1When collecting the photos two hours later our surprise was that I had three pictures and my friend, two…. Thanks, Kevin!

The expo came to an end, and I could never leave without saying goodbye to Kevin. I bought some candy for his three kids, and I had to ask some people to allow me to give them to him. I finally got close to him… Kevin likes perseverant people.

I was at his table and I said they were a candy gift for his children. He said I was so sweet… I wished him a safe trip back home, and Kevin gave me a kiss and hug, and said, “All my best,” to me.

There is a third meeting in Bonn with Kevin, but that’s another story…  (see previous posts).


I can only say one thing to Kevin: Thanks for being you!LOLI_005

  1. November 15, 2009 at 6:09 am

    Oh lovely story, as always! Kevin has got wonderful fans around the world!
    Kevin is really especial!
    Thank you for posting, darling!

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