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Kevin Sorbo at Collectormania, 2007

Anne sent this recap from two years ago:

Collectormania 2007, October 26 -28, in Milton Keynes, UK

Where shall I start this report now that I’m back home after my weekend adventure? Most suitable right in Milton Keynes, for this will certainly be the most interesting part of it.

The Middleton Hall:
A huge mall with a sheer endless shopping mile right in the middle (of) the Collectormania has been set up. Curiously we looked around. We approached the autograph booths where the stars write their autographs. Kevin Sorbo’s table was still empty. Like at the job centre we had to draw numbers, according to which we get access to Kevin’s table later on. Heidi, Regina and I had the numbers 5, 6, and 7 – mine is number 6. As Kevin wasn‘t here yet, we decided to go for a walk among the stands. When we were back and I looked around the corner, Kevin was just entering through the door, stretched and sat down. Oh heaven, he looked good.

“Kevin is here”, I said to Regina and Heidi, and we lined up. Right before us there was a young man who took his time with Kevin, and I had the opportunity to watch the proceedings quietly. Now Kevin’s table was free, and nobody was coming. The steward or bodyguard… whatever… glanced at us questioningly, and so we now decided to go to Kevin, who was looking at us expectantly.

Before we finally reached Kevin’s place we passed a table with many photos for autographs. I chose the one I liked best and asked whether I might get an autograph on a picture I brought with me. The young man in charge of the photos nodded, however I had to pay for that, too. No problem, I had reckoned with that. I paid and sorted out all slips of paper I was holding in my hand, including the pictures… what a chaos. In the meantime Regina had arrived at Kevin’s table and talked with him… hey! German words from Kevin’s mouth … quite clearly Kevin is speaking in German with Regina. Regina spoke English rather fluently, nevertheless, she was greeted by Kevin in German…
now, there was room for hope.

In the meantime Regina had finished and it was my turn… yes, if it would have been as simple as that. Suddenly, everything had vanished. My file with the pictures, my receipt for two autographs, nothing was to be found anymore. Impatiently, the lady who attended to Kevin during the con glanced at me. I got more nervous as Kevin had noticed my action in the meantime and was watching me curiously. His face showed an amused grin, one eyebrow was lifted quizzically.

Blimey! Where was this darned little slip of paper? Desperately I cried, “HEIDI!” She had been behind me all the time, but now she seemed to be swallowed by the ground. I cautiously looked to Kevin, whose grin was getting broader…. oh shame! I would have liked best to sink into the floor…

Oh, and quite suddenly this daft slip of paper has reappeared and my pictures already lay on the table in front of Kevin…. how did this happen…? Most queer, Kevin’s attendant didn‘t want to see my slip of paper anymore… my nerves fluttered as well as my stomach. Totally unnerved I turned to Kevin, who grinned at me and then asked me quite nicely and friendly: “How are you?”

Suddenly my nervousness was blown away. Calmly and totally familiar I started to talk to Kevin, in fact in English, like it had never been otherwise. (Why did he let me labour in English while he talked to Regina in German before…? Can’t believe it!)

I told him that I come from Munich at which Kevin smiled delightedly. He said to me that he has lived in Munich, in Schwabing. He also named the street, but, as I have a very bad memory for street names, I forgot it at once. (For now, I know it was Leopoldstrasse the centre of Schwabing in Munich)

I nodded. “Yes, I know,“ I confirmed, and after a few further words Heidi was suddenly standing beside me… where had she suddenly come from???

Heidi explained to Kevin that I am the webmaster of his European fan club and designed the homepage and look after it. Kevin looked at me with a friendly and approving smile and said something like, “You’re doing a great job.”

Suddenly I was quite shy again and mumbled a timid, “thank you.“

Now I turned to the pictures I’d liked Kevin to sign. He signed the beautiful Kull-photo with “To Anne, all my Love.”

Wowhhhh! I was speechless at first. Then I showed him the collage that I had tinkered together with Klaus. It depicted Kevin as Hercules in an episode in which he participated at a drinking competition and was very hangoverish afterwards. In front of him stood an empty bottle: “Ouzo Hercules.“

I explained to Kevin that my husband Klaus would like to have this signed by him. Kevin looked at the picture quite some time, and his face showed an amused smile. He considered shortly and wrote smirkingly, “To Klaus, I`ll take one more Beer.“

I read it and thought merrily, Oh, dear Kevin, you’ll get your beer this evening alright. For I had brought for him a bottle of wheat beer, which he liked so much, and a heart from the Oktoberfest.

I thanked Kevin and packed my things. Cautiously I asked, “Kevin, may I make a photo with you?” He looked at me friendly. “Sure”, he said and got up.

Ufffzzz… if until now I had to look down to Kevin, the moment he got up, that changed abruptly, for I had to look way up. Kevin was huge. He leaned across the table and put his arm around my shoulder, and, like a matter of course, I put my arm around his waist. He felt great. Regina and Heidi both took photos and took their time with it. But eventually this nice moment ended. Kevin and I disengaged; I thanked him once again and said good bye with:”See you later!”

Kevin nodded and smiled.

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