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Kevin Sorbo meets with Euro fans, 2007

Anne added this great account of the OEKSFC meeting with Kevin at Collectormania, 2007:

The Club meeting with Kevin 

It turned 8 pm, and very slowly the fans that sat in the adjoining room before came to join us.

Heidi, Regina and I placed ourselves in the first row. Heidi, as representative for the club, had the seat opposite Kevin, then Regina and I sat down.

Everybody was chatting exitedly, until the room suddenly got quiet. No one had heard Kevin come, but everybody had felt it: Kevin has such an incredible charismatic vibrancy, that he gets all attention at once when he enters a room.

Kevin greeted us with a friendly charming smile and sat down at the table… He looked rather tired.

I noticed Heidi was getting nervous, and gave her an encouring wink. “You’ll manage.”

After a short introduction and greetings from Heidi Kevin started to report about his movies, the new offered he had; he reported very humorously and charmingly. Everything was going well for him at that time, which all of us were glad about. Then we asked the questions we had for him. It was very difficult for me to follow Kevin’s reports because I hardly understood him; therefore, I concentrated on photographing and trying to get as many pictures as possible.

Finally, I managed to get rid of my question for Kevin. I asked him about his work with the horses, his riding lessons and how he coped with these. Kevin looked at me friendly and began to talk. Actually, he took care with his pronounciation so that I understood him without difficulties. Yes, he had had much fun with the horses, he had been riding every day.

One of of the fans asked him if his body-hair that he had had to shave off completely for his last movie had regrown in the meantime. Kevin threw a naughty smile to the fans and pulled his sweater down so far that we caught a glance at his hairy chest… Everything was as it should be once again.

It was so warm suddenly… did anybody turn up the heating in the room?

Time was running, and Heidi informed Kevin that some of us brought gifts for him and we would like to give them to him. One of the girls rushed to him immediately. When she finished giving her present to him, I reached under my chair and walked up to Kevin, armed with the paper-bag containing the wheat bear and the heart.

 “Kevin, here is something for you from Munich, I hope you like it.” I shortly hesitated, but then I reached into the bag courageously and put the heart around his neck. Now Kevin got up curiously, and before he coule say anything, I returned to my seat. Inquisitively Kevin inspected the gingerbread heart and then glanced quizzically into the bag that I had placed at the table in front of him. He discovered the bottle of wheat beer and pulled it out.

 A delighted smile flitted across his face –  well, seemingly I had chosen the right present for him.

One fan after the other came to Kevin to give him their presents. His table soon looked like a Chrismassy table for presents. Kevin accepted his presents with a charming friendly smile. Time kept running. We asked Kevin for a group photo, which he granted at once.

Everybody left the room to line up outside. Suddenly, only Claudia, Kevin and I were left in the room… (at least that’s what I believe). Claudia asked Kevin whether he would pose for a photo with me, because I couldn’t come to the official photo shooting: I would already be on my way back home at this time.

Kevin looked at me friendly, “Yes, of course, let’s stand over at the jalousie.” He put his arm around me and pulled me gently towards him. Claudia said something to Kevin, which I didn‘t understand, but before I knew what happened to me Kevin turned me towards him.

“What’s this going to be?” I thought dizzily, and at the same moment Kevin hugged me with both his arms and held me. What a magnificent prison!!!! I almost vanished in this hug. Claudia pulled the trigger… and the photo came out super nice…

Dizzily I disengagde and was not even capable to say “thank you.“ Suddenly there were people standing in the room again, and Kevin moved towards the door.

 Outside the fans already had taken position and waited for Kevin impatiently… He went to them.

The group photos were in the camera, and Kevin camr back to the meeting room to gather his presents.

At the door Kevin turned around once more and looked at me. “You are going back to Munich tomorrow, already?” he asked. “Yes”, I confirmed. Kevin smiled. “Then I wish you a good journey.“ “Thank you, the same to you.“ I answered. A friendly nod, then Kevin vanished.

On Sunday morning time came for the first farewells. Heidi and Regina went to the Collectormania again for the official photo shooting with Kevin, while Claudia and I later went on the bus to Heathrow. We were on our way back home.

It was a very great time to meet all the new nice friends and also Kevin.

Hope I see him again.

Anne – Translation by Heidi  (Thanks, Heidi!)

  1. Anne
    November 24, 2009 at 3:50 am

    wowh thanks for posting Jan

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