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In Europe the whole family sees Kevin

This is from lovely Tracie via Mara:

Tracie was in the queue (at) a convention in England to talk to Kevin. She chatted with (an) actress close to Kevin, Tia Carrere (she did “Kull” with him). Tracie said that the girl was very friendly, and that they exchanged ideas.

At one point Tracie (heard), very softly (Kevin’s) name, but did not pay attention because the sound was big around. She thought she heard her husband asking her to look after their little boy or something… Then again (she heard him) a little more loudly and insistently.

 “WHAT ???????????” Her voice came out, angry!

Tracie turned toward the sound expecting to see her husband’s face, but it was Kevin who called it, probably because he saw her name on her (name) badge.

Tracie stopped, red and (embarassed) while Kevin smiled, amused.

“Tell her (the handler) you are a fan,” Kevin said to break the ice.

Tracie relaxed and smiled, (and) said her daughter, Jesse, also liked Kevin.

In Europe when you have conventions the whole family will see Kevin.

  1. teresa
    December 11, 2009 at 2:16 am

    a very funny story hugs tracey¡¡

  2. December 11, 2009 at 6:39 am

    Jan, Tracie is the ruller of the wonderful http://www.sorbohood.net
    She is a lovely sweet lady, a huge fan of Kevin for a long time.
    Tracie is an artist, you can see her amazing artworks on her website.
    Every year she makes a Christmas Countdown for Kevin´s fans. Xmas time would not be the same without her…
    I asked for her permission to post his little story because it´s so fun!
    Her daughter also loved Kevin, she allowed him to touch her little hand.
    thank you, sweet Tracie!
    Thank you Jan!

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