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Kevin Sorbo looked like the son of a god…

This wonderful entry is from Loli, who gives us so much amazing art! Please see her links on the blogroll at right…

I’m really not sure how to get my story started… It’s been a while. I’ve got just glimpses… Yes, I do remember what I felt at that time, it was great!

It was afternoon, maybe Monday. I was feeling a bit bored, surfing the T.V. channels, waiting for something enjoyable. And then… the gods of Olympus were there!

“Are really there men like those?” I kept wondering to myself, for he, in fact, looked like the son of a god.

I fell in love with him right way: with the man, with the character… I became his first fan, a platonic love, and yet so caring.

At that time I did not have a PC (computer), and then my hubby gave me one. The first thing I did was to surf on the internet searching for information about Kevin Sorbo, and then something wonderful got started in my life.

I had the chance to learn about the man, the character, the actor, the Human Being, (how) really great Kevin is.

However, the most important thing I owe to Kevin Sorbo is not just enjoying his wonderful job as a talented actor – he could turn every regular movie or a show into a classy one – but, more than that. I’ve gotten the unique chance of meeting people on (the) internet all over the world who share my admiration for him – all his amazing fans (with) whom I’ve gotten the privilege of sharing so many things about my life.

I’ve been through hard times, and yet, the joy covers them. And I believe that from bad times we emerge stronger and more experienced.

I must only thank Mr. Sorbo, my private Doctor Sorbo, for so many things he has given me: good movies I can spend my free time with even though I’m not able to understand them sometimes because they are in English (smile), great friends and buddies who are with me in joy and sadness, (and) a lot of emailed stories. Oh, yes, there are a lot of gifts, Mr. Sorbo.

And I thank you for all of them.

From Spain, really touched and longing to meet you in person one day. I wish you all the best!


  1. February 2, 2010 at 6:36 am

    Loli´s a wonderful lovely woman, a loyal and long time Kevin Sorbo´s fan.
    She makes great videos and wonderful collages for us all.
    Thank you so much for posting, Jan.

  2. Rhonda
    December 3, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    What a wonderful story,Loli! Sometimes,I wonder if Kevin actually realizes just how many friendships have been forged because of him? I have made so many friends online that,without him,would not have been possible!

  1. February 7, 2010 at 7:05 am

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