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Kevin Sorbo in Canada Part 1 – He was checking out my butt!

This is a multiple part story from Theresa in Canada who attended a convention in Toronto about three or four years ago (via Mara):

Well, it was Saturday morning and I was with my sister and niece. We went in (to the con) and started to look around when my niece, who was 11, saw where Kevin was and pointed to him. I took a deep breath and we went quickly to his table. We were some of the first people to make our way over, so the line was very small. My niece was so embarrassed she was beet red! Probably no more than me.

So, they asked us if we wanted a picture or DVD that he brought signed. I asked my niece and she wanted a picture, so she chose (one) of him with his forcelance. I chose a DVD, “Last Chance Cafe.” We then got our chance (to meet Kevin) and I was the first to say something as he said hello… (his voice is incredibly sexy… just had to say that!). Anyways, I asked him if we could give him a gift, and he said, “Sure.” I said my niece wanted to give him a rose (it was a shiny fake red rose, but very pretty) and I made him a DVD of all the music videos (that) I did. I kind of snuck in my email address, too, just for the heck of it. LOL!

My niece gave him a letter to go with it. He thought that was pretty cool, and then Tanisha (my niece) got her picture signed, and he wrote: “To Tanisha xxx” and signed it. Then it was my turn and he started to spell my name t-e- when I piped up,“It’s T-H-,” and he kind of gruffed, and changed the E to an H and told me mine was worth more ‘cause it had the first official mistake on it. LOL! He added, “All my love,” and signed it. (OMG! He put “All my love”… Sorry, just have to take a second to dream again… LOL!).

He then smiled and stood up as I was like, OMG! You’re so tall! LOL! I am 5’10” and he is 6’4”, so it was kind of shocking ‘cause I didn’t know he was that tall! He put his hand out to shake mine, and I had to wipe my hand off on my jeans ‘cause I was so nervous my hand was sweating!

He then grabbed my hand and shook it firmly. and the geek I am wouldn’t let go. He had to pull away. LOL! I still can’t believe I did that!

As we left Tanisha pulled out her picture and said, “Look, aunty, he gave me three kisses!” I said, “That is cool. Well, he gave me two kisses and a hug,” in a joking way not realizing that he heard what we said.

We walked around more and checked out other booths. Met one of the producers from Calgary who produced a couple (of) episodes of “Andromeda,” a few of “SG1,” and “Atlantis.”

I then said, “I want a picture!” Tanisha wanted a DVD, so the geeks (that) we are went back to his booth, and this time Tanisha got a DVD called, “Prairie Fever,” and I got a picture of him holding a rifle from “Walking Tall 2.” He signed her DVD and gave her three kisses again, and then he started to sign my picture and said, “I am just going to give you three kisses this time!” I said, “Shoot, he heard what we were saying!” LOL! My sister just laughed.

We walked around a bit more, and stopped about 20 feet from where he was sitting as I turned my back to him. We all agreed that we were hungry and were making a decision on where to eat. I turned around one last time just to sneak a look and that is when I caught him doing something I never thought I would catch! LOL! I don’t know if I should say LOL… Aw, what the heck, I’ll tell you. There is this thing he does sometimes when he is caught doing something (and) he turns away quickly like it never happened. Yes, he was checking out my butt! LOL! I caught him checking out my butt! When he saw me turn around, he quickly looked away!

  1. February 12, 2010 at 7:06 pm

    Theresa is a wonderful pretty lady, a hugfe fan of kevin and makes amazing videos too!
    Her story is really fun and I thank you and her very much to share it with all of us, darling!
    Great photo, Theresee!

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