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Nominate Kevin Sorbo’s WFIT as your favorite charity…

The company, riceworks®, is currently accepting nominations for charities as part of its “Show us your goodness” online donation campaign. The nominating process, which began in December, 2009, is continuing through February 28, and is only open to U.S. and Canadian residents.

Go to riceworks® and register to nominate WFIT. You need to complete an online form that includes WFIT’s website, its purpose, which you can obtain from the WFIT website, and 200 words or less regarding why you wish it to receive a donation. The “Show us your goodness” site offers samples of other recommendations to give you an idea of what to write, as well as more information. Please contact me if you wish help with this.

Following the February 28, nomination closing date, 33 semi-finalists will be announced in order to begin the voting process through March 16, when the three finalists will be chosen. The more of us who nominate WFIT, the more likely it will be in the final round to receive one of three $20,000.00 donations, one of two $5,000.00 donations, or one of 30 $1,000.00 donations from the company. 

There is some incredible competition, and we don’t have much time, but together we can make this happen for Kevin and WFIT!

Also, you can find and follow the donating company on Twitter @riceworks.

  1. February 16, 2010 at 6:33 am

    Oh another chance for AWFFK… so sorry it´s only for american and canadian fans!
    Good work, Jan! Hope everybody can help Kevin!

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