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Kevin Sorbo in Canada Part 2 – He had knee surgery…

This is a multiple part story from Theresa in Canada who attended a convention in Toronto about three or four years ago (via Mara):

I saw that (Kevin) was going to talk about “Andromeda” later that afternoon, so we went for lunch, came back, and lined up for our photo ops with him. We were the first in line, so when he came in, it was quick.

I went up to him and asked if I could give him a hug! And he said, “Of course!” So, I wrapped my arms around his waist and he put his arm around me then told Tanisha to come over to his other side. He put his arm around her as he pulled us both in really close! Everyone in the room just went, “AAAWWWWW!” LOL! That is the picture that everyone at work told me that we look like a family in! I started to laugh, and said, “I only wish Tanisha is my daughter and Kevin really is my husband.” LOL! (That’s a dream for ‘ya; not in this life time, in a perfect world maybe!) I then came out and said to my sister that OMG (Kevin’s) shirt was so soft! It must have been 1000 thread count. It was softer than cashmere, but it was cotton, I think!

We went to (Kevin) speaking about “Andromeda” with the producer I told you about. He was answering questions, so I asked him if the forcelance was part of the original writings by Gene Roddenberry or if it was something that they added later? He started to tell us about how the first drawings made it look really cool, but when they first made it, it looked more like a flesh-colored woman’s toy. He then said, “Thank god that they changed it to blue in the second season so it wasn’t so bad looking.” He said a few other things, and my sister and I laughed. He turned and pointed to us in the front row and said, “And you two think I am just being sick, now, don’t you!”

We laughed even harder! He then was asked why “Andromeda” was canceled and why they never did a movie for it. He said a lot of stuff about how screwed up Hollywood really is (and) how they like to cancel really popular shows just cause they feel like it. It was quite interesting to hear someone who has been in the business so long talk so truthfully about it. He also answered a few questions about Sam and what she was up to.

He mentioned that his worse accident was (that) he was running down a hallway in “Andromeda” and it was dark. (He) didn’t realize there was this hole that (was) about four feet deep (so) that when it looked like they were going down to another deck, they (went) into (it). Well, he was running and fell straight down, and ended up having knee surgery later because of the damage he did.

I believe that he was asked if he wasn’t acting what would he be doing, and he said coaching kids in sports. AWW! My niece then wanted to ask him what was his favorite “Hercules” episode, but I put up my hand and then pointed to her. She asked, and he said, “This is supposed to be about ‘Andromeda’!”

So, someone asked him what his favorite episode was and that was the one with Sam (of course). He then mentioned how he wished they did more with the Rommie appearing really small effect because he thought that was cool.

(The Q&A) ended, and we had to wait for our pictures from the photo op, so, I sat on some couches in the lobby as he came walking by and some guy next to me shouted. “Hey, it’s Hercules! Hey, Hercules!” And he turned around, smiled, and waved to him, and smiled at me (GASP). That is what I did!

So, the pictures were done, and we all thought he had left, but he hadn’t, so we went to get him to sign our pictures! There was this guy ahead of us who had a little boy, and the boy’s shirt said he watches Hercules with his dad it; was so cute! They all had a picture with Kevin! The guy’s name was Seamus. That’s when I said, “Like Seamus Harper?”” and he said, “Yeah.” Then Kevin said, “And it’s spelled exactly the same way too!”

Anyways, it was our turn and Tanisha got her picture signed first. I then asked him, “Can I ask two favors of you?” He answered, “Sure.” So, I asked him if he would sign my picture, and he said yes, and signed it with three hugs and kisses! WOOHOOO! My sister then said to him that she heard his shirt was really soft! He then held out his arm as she began to rub his arm up and down and feel up his shirt and told him he was a good flirt as he smiled! I can’t believe she said that to him! That’s my sister for you, though!

I then asked him, “Can I ask one more favor? Can I have one last hug?” because this is probably the last time I will ever see him again (my attempt to try and flirt with him). He smiled, stood up and said, “Aw, that is so sad. Of course you can!” He then came around and gave me the biggest hug ever and told me that he likes hugs ‘cause he knows that they come from the heart! He then gave my sister a hug and told my niece when she goes home that she is to give her mom lots and lots of hugs! And, well, that was the end of my big day! It didn’t stop there though…

  1. February 24, 2010 at 8:09 am

    Oh, always delicious to read fans stories about kevin! thank you so much for sharing, Theresa.
    thank you so much for posting, Jan!

  2. April 20, 2010 at 7:23 am


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