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Kevin Sorbo’s Brazilian Fan Forum

Thanks, Mara, for a comprehensive look into Kevin’s wonderful, very active Brazilian Fan Forum!


The owner is Stripey (and) Mara is the administrator.

The Forum’s purpose is to update Kevin´s Brazilian and Latin speaking fans about Kevin´s job and Twitter, Facebook, interviews, photos, etc.

The Forum was born on November 23, 2007.

The Forum started when I met Stripey in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2007, at DragonCon. She was aware of how many fans Kevin had in Brazil, and how difficult it was for Brazilian fans to understand English, so she offered us the Forum.

The Brazilian Forum is open to new members and visitors who speak Latin languages and (who) are not able to understand English, but are interested in Kevin´s career. Also, to gather Brazilian and Latin speaking fans to talk about Kevin Sorbo. We love Canadian, American, and British fans, too… In fact, we love fans (from) all over the world to join or visit us.

How can people join?
People are really welcome to join the Forum.
The first thing to do is click on “REGISTRAR-SE” (register).
Read the Terms of Use of the Forum. Please accept the terms.

Now comes the registration of an email: your choice of a Login and Password.
You choose a User Name and Password.
Save it, please.

Okay, already registered? Saved your password?
Now, you enter the Forum and click on “CONEXÃO” (connection).
Please provide your Username and Password, ok?
Now, you can log in if you wish, or …

You could enter “PERFIL” (profile).
Please complete the registration there if you wish and save.
It´s cool to mark the item, “SEMPRE NOTIFICAR-ME QUANDO HOUVER RESPOSTAS” (Always notify me of replies).

Would you like to have an “ASSINATURA” (signature)?

Please add your favorite phrase in the box, “Signature,” and click “Save.”

When you post your topics, if you wish, you can add your signature to them.


Now you are all set, ready to go for the ride!

Welcome home!!!

  1. March 8, 2010 at 5:11 pm

    Thank you so much for that wonderful surprise, {{{Jan}}}!
    The brazilian forum is, actually, a latin forum (portuguese, spanish and french speaking fans) and it´s a lovely place for all around the world´s Kevin´s fans to get some rest taking a glance at Kevin´s news, pictures and collages. We are also honored by fans from non-latin laguages countries who belong to Sorbofamily too and that makes us feel really happy!
    If you don´t wish to be a member, please drop by anytime!

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