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Albert Pyun discusses “Tales of an Ancient Empire” starring Kevin Sorbo

Albert Pyun began his film career in 1982 with the action-adventure flick, “The Sword and Sorcerer,” one of the top grossing independent films of all time. He followed with, “Radioactive Dreams,” which won the top prize as “Best Picture” at the Brussels International Film Festival of Fantasy. He has directed 50 feature films to date.

Pyun started making movies in Kailua, Hawaii, where he wrote, directed and produced 16-millimeter short films. He entered several film festivals and subsequently won the Hawaii International Film Festival. He traveled to Japan following graduation from high school where he served an apprenticeship with Master Director Akira Kurasawa and acclaimed cinematographer Takao Saito under the sponsorship of Japanese actor, Toshiro Mifune.

Pyun has directed such internationally acclaimed talents as Steven Seagal, Jean Claude Van Damme, Christopher Lambert, Dennis Hopper, Charlie Sheen, Rob Lowe, Burt Reynolds, Rutger Hauer, Darren McGavin, Ned Beatty, Tom Sizemore, John Lithgow, Kris Kristofferson, Seth Green, Mario Van Peebles, Peter Boyle, Courtney Cox, and Teri Hatcher.

His unique, stylistic approach offers blistering action sets and the intriguing combination of several genres in each of his films. Recent projects like “Invasion” (a.k.a. “Infection”), a horror feature filmed in one single shot and released by Lions Gate in 2007, won Best Movie and Best Director at Spain’s Estepona International Festival of Fantasy (2005) and “Left for Dead,” a horror/spaghetti western, released by Grindstone in 2008, won Best Director in Estepona (2007).

“Cool Air,”, an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s eponymous short story, and the thriller, “Bulletface,” are both currently in post-production. “Road to Hell,” starring Michael Pare, also in post-production, is scheduled to be released in early 2010.

Filmmakers from around the world claim Albert Pyun’s influence on their work and careers. He has filmed on every continent in the world.

“Tales of an Ancient Empire,” starring Kevin Sorbo and written and produced by Cynthia Curnan, is the follow-up to “The Sword and the Sorcerer.” Pyun has “high hopes for ‘Tales’ to follow in its success,” he stated.

Albert answered a few questions for us about “Tales” several months ago. More… https://sorbowriter.wordpress.com/interview-with-albert-pyun/

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