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Support Kevin Sorbo and “Wolf Canyon”

Okay, my friends, I know I sometimes ask a lot of you, but we really need to support “Wolf Canyon” if we want to see it in our respective countries.

Please send comments to APTN on Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/yegfflp

and Twitter: http://twitter.com/APTN

And to “Wolf Canyon” on Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/ybg9vmh

and Twitter: http://twitter.com/WolfCanyon

Here is a cast list with descriptions so you know who’s who:

Kevin Sorbo (Rick as Sheriff Wolf)

Rick first starred in the 1970s action/war series, “Foxtrot Zero,” then went on to star in such film (hits) as, “Ears of Midnight,””Deal Some Murder,” and, “The Marine and the Monkey.” A marginal box office draw, Rick tried to expand his acting chops by taking a disastrous star turn as the lead in “Kiss of the Spider Woman” in Branson, Missouri, but his career continued its failure spiral. Spending more time gambling, drinking, berating people and drinking more, he is prone to sudden losses of consciousness that he blames on an inner ear disorder instead of acknowledging that his blackouts might be the result of years of substance abuse and total disregard for his health. Despite this problem he is still an imposing physical presence and, when he desires, a formidable charmer who still makes time with the ladies.

Lorne Cardinal (Hoyt as Donovan Heavyfeather)

He is an old crony of Rick’s who plays the role of now-wealthy rancher, Donovan Heavyfeather. He doubles as the show’s stunt coordinator since he possesses many decades of experience as a stuntman. Unfortunately, this means many decades of receiving blows to the head. He can be lecherous and profane, but also childlike and endearing .

Barbara Tyson (Carol as Kate Wyatt)

Carol, a faded beauty and former vixen in her late 40s, plays Canyon City’s mayor and most distinguished scientist: Her Most Honorable Doctor Mayor Wyatt, the confidante to Sheriff Wolf and possible romantic interest. In reality, Carol hates Rick. The essence of “cougar,” Carol is world-weary, horny, and Scotch-drunk.

Jessica Harmon (Samantha as Frankie Walkabeckanowski)

She plays Deputy Francis “Frankie” Walkabeckanowski, whose love interest is the former lead actor of the show, Johnny Wilkes. She is repelled at the notion of having to repeat the same thread with Rick. At age 26 the clock is ticking on her career, and she is desperate for any other roles.

Casey Manderson (Joey as Billy Barrett)

A classically trained actor, Joey is co-star of the show portraying Deputy Billy Barrett, the young, completely naive sidekick. Miffed that he didn’t get the lead, Joey is resentful and arrogant. He is physically short compared to his costars, which makes him believe that everyone and everything are against him. Socially blunt and snobbish, Joey has few friends.

Nikki Payne (Diane, Producer)

Diane is the very urban, 30-something asexual flinty secretive show producer. Neurotic and hypertense, she pushes the Hollywood Studio Exec to keep “Wolf Canyon” on the air.

Matty Finochio (Quincy, Director)

Director of “Wolf Canyon,” Quincy is the long-estranged son of Rick, and they share no love for each other. His father was a boozing, womanizing, macho, egomaniac who basically ignored him his entire life. Throughout Quincy’s career he took great pains to disguise his relationship to Rick. Quincy, in his mind, is a more creative and talented light than his father, and resents Rick’s success.

Ali Liebert (Jan, Assistant Director)

Jan, although never quite recognized as the glue of the production, keeps things moving with inspired improvisation and a vast array of soft spoken social skills. A multi-tasker extraordinaire, she is also hot nerdy-girl Plain Jane. As the voice of reason and decency on the set full of dysfunctional and depraved specimens, she admits a certain fascination for Rick.

Jesse Wheeler (D’Arcy, Production Unit Manager)

D’arcy is the “Go-to” person, with the exception of Jan, the stable professional rock on the crazy set. A young man just becoming aware of his Cree heritage, he spends most of his time observing the flawed excess and quirks of the Wolf Canyon bunch with a bemused fatality.

Evan Adams (Chief Stan Irish)

His business card simply reads, “Chief” Stan, leader of the Horse Head Lake community, and he is the man to see for anything.

Brendan Beiser (Matthew, Writer)

Although several writers are credited for writing the show, only one actually does: Matthew. An enigma, he never comes out of his trailer and is never seen from the front.

Allan Harmon (Studio Executive)    Richard Harmon (Intern)

(Photos and descriptions courtesy of Really Real Films. Kevin screencap courtesy of Loli.)

  1. March 23, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    I, for one, DEFINITELY want to see this movie…cheers to getting it out there!

  2. Alison Rhem
    March 24, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    I want this as the series it was meant to be. I have seen everything and anything on Wolf Canyon and cannot wait to see it completed.

  3. Connie
    June 7, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    I love Kevin Sorbo and want to know more about this Wolf Canyon, is it on tv? What channel does it play on?

  4. sorbowriter
    June 9, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    Hi, Connie. Wolf Canyon is not on TV, yet. Will keep you posted. It won five Leo awards recently. Woot!

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