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Kevin Sorbo at Jus In Bello Convention in Rome

Silvia from Rome attended the Jus In Bello Convention in Rome, Italy this past weekend. Her cute story comes via Teresa and Mara:

Buena tarde and good evening to you my friends. Happy Easter, especially.

As you know, yesterday and today (was) held in Rome at the Hilton Hotel Airport (the) Convention Jus In Bello dedicated to the series, “Supernatural,” where our Kevin participated at the last minute. I live a few km from the hotel, and I did not lose this opportunity to see Kevin. In 12 hours I was at the hotel. I had my ticket and went in!

There were many men and young girls all interested in actors from the series, “Supernatural.”

Finally, I saw him! Here is “my” Kevin (OK, ladies, do not kill me) sitting with a manager as in Belgium (FACTS). There were not many people around him and I got close. I smiled and said, “Hello!” He told me, “Hi! How are you?!?!?” and he kissed me and also hugged me.

Wow! Was superb, and I answered him, “Well, thank you, and you? Then you remember me?”

Kevin: “Well sure! I saw you in Belgium!”

Me: “Yes, yes, of course. So finally you came to Rome. I am glad to see you in my city!”

It was impossible to take photos with him because I had to wait for the official photo session and I did not have the time. In addition, his manager did not want (me to), (and said), “You can only buy the autograph.” Yes, it was very sad, so I made Kevin autograph photos of FACTS that I had with me, and when he saw the photo of my kisses he asked me if he could take it with him

Me: “Well sure! Take it.”

But, after he returned he autographed it. LOL!

Me: “Good Kevin, I hope you have time to visit Rome!”

Kevin: “Yes, tonight I’m going for a walk in the center. I hope to see you!

Me, I thought, “OH, MY GOD!!!!”

It was time to leave. I said, “Goodbye,” and he kissed me two times: small kisses next to my lips.

Wow! A fantastic day! I send you the autographs as proof that I saw him!

  1. audrey azzopardi
    April 5, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    Kevin Sorbo is a fantastic person. So kind and caring. He impressed me most by the careful attention he gives to everyone. He loves and cares for his fans immensely. Although such a mega busy person he tries to find time for everyone. It was a great honour to act as an extra next to him. He leaves lots of happiness and treasured memories wherever he goes. He is one in a million and I will never forget his kind words and gestures he showed to me and to my friends. Malta misses him, hope he will come back some day. I will treasure my signed photos by him for ever.

  2. April 5, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    Oh Audrey, what a beautiful comment! You are so right… Kevin enters our hearts and never leaves! Silvia did not measure efforts to see him, even for a while!
    Mille grazzie Silvia, thank you Audrey for your comment and Jan for posting!

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