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Kevin Sorbo’s Charity Golf Tournament…

My good friend Mara (from Brazil) wrote this fantastic account and provided excellent photos of her time at Kevin’s 2nd Annual Charity Golf Tournament last week in Las Vegas, Nevada. Very, very cool… Thanks, Mara!

First Day:

Good morning, it’s 7 a.m. at (the) Las Vegas Bellagio.

Gosh it’s been a wonderful night! I’ve been waiting for Kevin’s golf (tournament) for a long time and, oh!  it’s so worth it!

Well, starting at the beginning…

I asked (my friend) Carol some months ago if she’d be willing to go to the event and she said yes! I do LOVE Carol; she’s a wonderful beautiful sweet lady, so that made me so happy! Her sister Shelby would be with us, too, and she chose to be at (the) beautiful huge Bellagio Hotel. What a great choice… just in front of Planet Hollywood where Kevin’s event was going to happen.

We got to Planet Hollywood about 7:30 p.m. (with) the hopes to have Kevin there, and he was!!!! Busy, busy, busy, lots of people around him… he was talking, shaking hands, hugging, giving instructions, wow! When he caught us arriving he smiled to us and said, “Hey guys!”

We approached the check-in table and got to sit down to wait for the time we would be able to get in the ballroom, (then) talked with Dean, a sweet friend of Kevin’s.

At some point Kevin would be able to go our way and I asked him to stop by and give us a hug… I’m aware he was really busy, but you cannot blame a fan for coming this far and not trying to hug this lovely caring man. So, Kevin smiled and hugged us and went on his way down the hall.

Kevin would act like that all night long… Sometimes he would help by “encouraging” a friend on bidding! Very funny and very effective! (LOL!) He would approach all tables, hug his friends, (and) thank people who made the higher bid on the auction. Kevin does have lots of friends who got the ballroom quite full of good people trying to help him raise money for a great cause.

As we arrived at our table I was able to learn (that) Kevin’s mom and dad were already sitting at their table. My God, they are so lovely, so kind, so good to be around. Talking with beautiful Kevin’s mom, I guess he got from her the way she talks like she knows you forever! She told me when Braeden met Carrie Underwood in Hawaii when Kevin was filming “Soul Surfer,” he asked her to take a picture with him, and Carrie said, “It’s always a pleasure to take a picture beside a handsome young man.” Very fun! She also told me she got really worried when she first watched Kevin’s Echidna episode (“Mother of all Monsters” – “Hercules,” season two) because he was so good at the scene her heart was really hurt. Poor mom! I think if I could I would keep listening to Kevin’s mother’s stories all night. What a wonderful lady!

On my way back from the restroom I met Sam. I introduced myself and she, smiling in surprise, said, “muito obrigada!” which means “thank you very much” in Portuguese! Sam is great, a tall feminine beautiful lady, so kind!

The auctioneer gentleman would choose our table to read the items, so Kevin was around us all the time… great view, indeed! (Mara’s happy face)

Sitting beside us were great lovely interesting people, including the ladies who made Kevin’s (art glass) mask, Patti Solomon from Carefree Festival and two of her friends, also lovely. All of them said great things about how Kevin’s family was adorable and how sweet, kind and down-to-earth he is.

I’m quite sure the coquetel and dinner were great! Carol and I were not able to eat anything for we both were too excited by being there, a great event, plenty of good people, good food, good shows, good comedians, (and) a great lady singer who sang a beautiful song Kevin loved.

The top of the performances was an artist who was performing Barbra Streisand! Wow!!!!

What a great, special night!

And there’s more tonight…

Second Day:

I have no information about the (golf) games, but Kevin said he nearly took the third place and we all laughed. They certainly had fun on the course.

Kevin was always busy and talking with several people, but managed to sit at his table for dinner.

Great good food and drinking! This time it was at the London Club inside Planet Hollywood. Sam had arrived and came to greet us, and I presented her to Carol. Sam was beautiful! I took a chance and asked her if Kevin would mind giving me five minutes and she, smiling, said, “Sure, just grab him!” She also authorized us to take pictures of the event.

Then after (Kevin) had dinner I approached him and told him that Sam had authorized me to grab him… and Kevin came – so generously – towards our table and sat down for a few great minutes. He was wearing black pants and a deep blue shirt and was absolutely beautiful.

Then he apologized for not giving us the attention he would like. He’s been working 150 hours a week until the event, four hours of sleeping a day, trying to get as much money as possible for WFIT and his movies… and that this next week he’d go back to the 100 weekly hours of work… Fatigue showed in his beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous face.

Working 100 hours a week! Wow! I do not know how he gets, but Kevin told us that this is the price to raise money to make his movies.

Kevin said one investor who produces a thriller is not willing to give money to a love story and then it’s a movie at a time. I asked him about “Sleeping with the Lion.” Kevin does not know yet if he will be able to raise the money to make it. He loved the script; said he (has been) trying to do the movie for three years.

He put his money on the movies, too, but a movie today needs more than two million dollars to be made. Kevin apologized for being so little on Twitter and Facebook, but (with) working 100 hours a week and making his new movie, “Coffin,” we can understand how difficult it is for him. I asked about “Coffin.” Kevin said it’s a movie in flashbacks.

Sam came over and they talked briefly and then he turned his attention back to us for a few quick treasured minutes. Kevin then headed for the stage for the awards presentation. Very funny when he has drawn some gifts, hoping that his number was also raffled.

Normandie (Nigh) took to the stage to thank the sponsors (she is wonderful!), and in a moved tone she said that we were all there because of Kevin…

It was great for me also meeting Raquel, Julie, Betina, Karen, lovely ladies!

The entertainment was great: a pretty young singer with a beautiful voice who sat at the piano and sang a beautiful song. Kevin had introduced her as (the) one with the sexy voice… He left his table to film her singing and I left mine to photograph him. LOL! He saw me beside him, smiled, and went back to his shooting, letting himself be photographed. Then he filmed us all. Then a bit of good country music, and then the guitar and the beautiful voice of Javier Colon, who sang several songs and is a sweet guy.

The time flew by, and it was the moment for Kevin to head back to the stage and close the event… so soon! He was still surrounded by people and it took some time for me, selfishly, to approach him, because I did not mean to interrupt.

He was speaking to a couple and I was waiting nearby. As they were leaving, Kevin turned to the gentleman and to me and said to him, “You knew she came from Brazil?” (Kevin) turned to me and said that probably the couple would finance one of his movies. What good news!

So, I told him what I was feeling by being there, about how we all are so proud to be his fans, what we think about him and his great work… Said I knew that he was exhausted, but I needed to hug him once more and take one last photo with him. Kevin smiled, nodded, and hugged me warmly, posing for the photo (I lost two photos next to him – I want to die!) that sweet Carol took. Then I took one of him and Carol. It was so hard not to be around his arms.

Kevin allowed us to take the pictures (on) his Facebook and make all collages we want. THANK YOU!

Kevin said he had come by car and would leave on Saturday. Carol and I turned away and reached the entrance of the hall. We looked behind because it was sad to leave… and there was Kevin, lots of people around, as always!

Please see links to more photos and Mara’s story in Portuguese:


Watch three great videos here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_z_p_2aTxo

  1. June 16, 2010 at 8:57 pm

    Links to Carol´s report and Mara report (Português):


    THANK YOU so muc, dear Jan, for posting our reports on your great blog!!!!!
    It´s been a great event, so glad we were able to be there and meet Kevin and Sam and Normandie and AWFK´s lovely people!

  2. sorbowriter
    June 16, 2010 at 9:01 pm

    Thank YOU so much for allowing me to post it, dear friend! What a great story. Sounds like everyone had an amazing time. Very, very happy that you both were able to attend. Woot!

  3. Myriam Thereza B M Castro
    June 16, 2010 at 9:48 pm

    Wow! What a great report!
    We all, here in Brazil, are very happy! Thanks, Mara! And Thanks to your friend for
    writing and putting wonderful photos! Hugs!!!

  4. Anne
    June 17, 2010 at 6:10 pm

    I can tell Mara & Carol (and Shelby) had an unforgettable time in Vegas. It was great to see & hear about Kevin’s parents, Lynn & Ardis, and know where he got his solid, midwestern values. I’m also glad to hear the golf tourney & auction did well for AWFFK. Bravo!

    For sharing some great memories from Kevin’s golf tournament, I echo what Sam said to Mara… “Muito obrigada!”

    By the way, Mara, it was a pleasure to meet you at Dragon*Con (Atlanta, GA) in 2007, and take some photos of the OIKSFC group. 🙂

  5. June 18, 2010 at 7:20 am

    Oh {{{Anne}}}, thank you!!!! It´s been a magic time, a great event, an honor to meet Kevin´s parents and Sam too. People from AWFK are just amazing and lovely!
    Hope we can meet again at DC, maybe next year, I´d love to be there again, had a wonderful time, darling around you and the girls.

  1. June 16, 2010 at 7:39 pm

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