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Shore Leave: “Only for Kevin (Sorbo) would you be ready this early.”

Sandy’s memory is much better than mine! To her story’s end, I say, “Squeeee!” Here’s her excellent Shore Leave report with some of her photos:

See ya, guys. I’m off to spend the weekend with Kevin Sorbo (and several hundred other fans). My husband and sons don’t understand my obsession with Kevin, but they tolerate it as (a) minor character flaw.

They knew I had been waiting for Shore Leave 32 for months. When I was ready an hour early my husband said, “Only for Kevin would you be ready this early.”

Friday afternoon I went to Kevin’s autograph table. Kevin had just arrived and was putting his pictures out. There was one other lady looking at the pictures, and I said casually, “Mr. Sorbo doesn’t realize this, but he owes me a hug.” Kevin looked up and asked, “I do?” I explained that he said he owed all his Secret Santas a hug and I was one of them. “Get over here,” was his reply, followed by a great hug.

I spent most of Friday afternoon sitting on a bench that was out of the way, but near Kevin’s table waiting for Jan, Sue and Gina. When things were slow Kevin would chat to whoever was around, including me. It was amazing. I even told him one of my family stories and he laughed.

I pulled out the email he had sent me (you can read the details of that story in my earlier entry on this blog) and asked him to autograph it. He read it over and looked at me asking, “This is you?” I said yes it was, and Kevin said, “I remember this. I’m glad you showed me this. I like putting the pieces together.” He signed my e-mail: “I do remember this, Kevin Sorbo”

On Saturday was the photo-op and Kevin’s first Q&A. It was great fun. At one point a friend and I were joking around and Kevin asked what was going on. I said, “Nothing,” (and that) we were just sweet, innocent kids, and I suddenly heard (the) unmistakable sound of a small snort of disbelief out of Kevin and he was rolling his eyes. I couldn’t help smiling.

On Sunday came the highlight of the con for Jan, Sue and I. We were in the hallway reading signs about the Q&As being rescheduled when we looked up and saw Kevin walking towards us. Kevin stopped and asked, “What’s up, ladies?”

“We were just wondering when your Q&A was going to be,” I replied. He told us, and continued on his way. A few moments later we were walking to the elevator when I stopped dead in my tracks and said, “Kevin stopped and asked us a question!” Holy s___, he stopped to talk to us! Jan and Sue were as blown away as I was.

  1. Rhonda
    July 26, 2010 at 7:52 pm

    Great report,Sandy! Your photos are awesome,but then again,I’ve never seen a bad photo of Kevin!!

  2. July 27, 2010 at 7:50 am

    Well said, Rhonda! Thank you, darling! Waiting for more…more…

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