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Hercules is Kevin (Sorbo); Kevin is also in the life of Hercules.

Please enjoy this great story from our good friend Lucie in Prague:

Want to know my story (of) how I became a fan of Kevin Sorbo? I like to tell you a story.

Before 11 to 12 years (ago) in the Czech Republic, T.V. Nova broadcast a series of “Hercules.” The main role (was played by) actor Kevin Sorbo. The first parts of “Hercules,” I see them. One night I turned the television channel (to) T.V. Nova, which broadcast a film, “Hercules.” (I) did not really intend to watch the movie. I love history and Greek mythology, so, I became interested in the story.

Each story had its main character. And this character has always interested me. Kevin played his role very seriously and with a big heart. Hercules is Kevin; Kevin is also in the life of Hercules.

Kevin has a heart open. Kevin has a heart open to his family, for my friends, and for those who need Kevin. Although I have never personally met him, we together at a distance (have) a great friendship. We have a lot in common: Kevin knows from yoga meditation. I see in his eyes fatigue, (but) more relaxed with meditation music.

Sincerely, from Prague, Lucie

(Artwork by Malena. Photo by Jewels)

  1. October 21, 2010 at 6:50 am

    What a lovely report. Prague! Wow! Hey Lucie, so glad Kevin is known over there too!
    I´ve done yoga myself for some time, it´s great!
    Thank you for posting, Jan!

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