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Screenwriter Kevin Commins on “The Santa Suit,” Kevin Sorbo & more

Screenwriter Kevin Commins was inspired to write his script for “The Santa Suit” while stuck in traffic on a hot day. A few notes, a two-page submission to The Hallmark Channel, and less than six months later a new television Christmas Special was born.

“It’s really funny,” said Commins, “people go, ‘Oh, screenwriter, it’s glamorous.’ I sit in my office in front of the laptop… That’s what I do. Occasionally go out to the set, but, more frequently no. Usually, I’ve moved on by the time something hits the cameras.”

Commins, originally from Middlebury, Vermont, earned a theatre degree from Vermont’s Middlebury College. He headed to California about 15 years ago with aspirations of becoming an actor. Instead, he obtained employment in film development, “because I was always a big reader,” he stated. Then he started doing open assignments.

He currently works on open assignments for Chesler/Perlmutter, a Canadian company that produces low-budget films for T.V., including, “The Santa Suit.” His credentials include Co-Producer for T.V. programs like “UFO Hunters” (2008) and “Cybermutt” (2002); Associate Producer for T.V.’s “Killer Deal” (1999); writer for T.V. movies such as “The Santa Suit” (2010), “You Lucky Dog” (2010), and “Every Second Counts” (2008); and Music Supervisor for the T.V. movie, “Recipe for Murder” (2002).

Kevin graciously answered questions for us about his writing process, “The Santa Suit” script, and working with Kevin Sorbo. Thanks Kevin!

Please see the interview here: http://tinyurl.com/27kcmc4

(Photo courtesy of The Hallmark Channel)

  1. teresa
    January 3, 2011 at 3:57 pm

    fantastic film:)

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