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Kevin Sorbo 2011 calendars… Free English and Spanish downloads!

Do you still need a 2011 calendar? Our lovely friend Mara from Brazil created two exquisite Kevin calendars for this year – one for everyday use and another for, um, your dreams… Here’s her tale of how and why she made them for us… And they’re FREE to download! I printed mine on glossy photographic paper available at most office and photography supply stores. Cool! Obrigada, querida!!!

I think all us fans -Kevin’s fans- would agree on how handsome and elegant he looks. And that his eyes are beautiful and expressive in their deep blue sea color. And, let’s be honest, how sexy he is…

Looking at pictures and captures of Kevin and his characters, ideas began to emerge on my mind and I kept talking to myself: “On this landscape he would look great…or how this angle or this particular photo or collage would look put in the spotlight. Scenes from his films, especially ‘Hercules,’ would make a beautiful collage this way.” And so on…

This way, early last year I had the idea to make the calendars, at first just for me.

I should tell you, something magical happens when you’re choosing collages about Kevin. You focus on what is most beautiful and special about him, what spots would look like him. And then when you go cutting the photos, appreciating the look of his body, his eyes, the expressions on his face… and suddenly it seems like you’re painting a Kevin’s portrait or making a statue of him… It’s as if you were close to Kevin himself.

Those who make collages (about) Kevin must feel the same. It’s as if we create a living link between the person doing the work and the character of Kevin.

As I was fortunate and honored enough to know Kevin personally, I felt very close to him when I made the Dreams Calendar. It seemed that I was talking to Kevin, touching him… I also meant to show how sweet he is by the collages on those special calendars. There is always one picture of Kevin looking at us on each month.

When I came to think it could be a good idea to share calendars with fans who might want them, too, then I’d remade again each collage in order to make them as nice as possible. I had shown the collages (to) my sister and a friend, and they encouraged me to make the calendars for those who might like them, too.

That was how, after several months, the two collections were born… I sent a message to Sam Sorbo asking her permission to expose the sexy collages from the Dreams Calendar because I think they are more sensual, and she kindly allowed me to.

My only intention was that each fan who might like the calendars could look at Kevin each morning and see the day become more cheerful… I am not a professional, just a fan who really loves Kevin’s work and his generous, sweet heart. So, the calendars are available to be printed for free for I think fans would like to look at Kevin every day on them as I do…

Here they are in English:



And in Spanish:


Calendários feitos por Mara para fãs de Kevin Sorbo sem intenção de lucro.

Calendars made by Mara for Kevin Sorbo’s fans, no profit made. All pictures used under permission.

(Artwork courtesy of Mara)

  1. teresa
    January 22, 2011 at 6:11 am

    Mara thank you very much, Sam and Jan, this year I will have 2 calendars and free.
    The calendars are beautiful, you’re an artist, a big fan of Kevin and I enjoyed sharing.

  2. January 24, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    Jan, THANK YOU!!!!
    You´re kind and generous enough to write about my humble calendars.
    I feel honored and grateful, my sweet friend!
    Teresa querida, MUCHAS GRACIAS!

  3. sorbowriter
    January 24, 2011 at 6:34 pm

    Thank YOU, Mara, darling. They’re lovely!

  4. Marie Harding
    December 3, 2011 at 4:47 am

    Thank you so much for your wonderful calendars. They are truly amazing and I will definitely treasure them for years to come. The pictures are fantastic. Thank you again

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