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Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) was played by a very handsome man…

Lise in Montreal sent this great story about a year ago (my humblest apologies for posting it so late, my friend) of how she became a Kevin fan. Please enjoy!


This is how it happened:

I would watch every Friday night on CBS a vampire series I liked very much, “Forever Knight.” It would play at 11:30 pm, and that was in the 1990s.

Then one week, they removed the show and put “Hercules” at first, and I must admit, I wasn’t very pleased, but, I watched it. I got hooked immediately. I always loved Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt and mythology in general.

It didn’t hurt that Hercules was played by a very handsome man whom I found out was the same age as me and single at the time. Not that I ever expected to meet him or anything.

So, I got hooked to the show and would watch every episode. I also got interested in “Xena,” which was an offspring from “Hercules.” (I mean here that one of the characters who was on “Hercules” got her own show.)

I even watch reruns of “Hercules” to this day, and even bought a book about Hercules. Even felt a bit sad when Kevin got married, but, I guess all fans do feel that way a bit, but, I got over it.

I did check out “Andromeda,” and watched it for a while, but on account of being extremely busy, I did miss some shows.

I had seen Kevin in Meet the Spartans, and I must admit that he was my favorite in the movie.

I have the VHS tape of Kull and still watch it.

So, now you know the full story.


[Artwork(l) by Tracie]

  1. teresa
    March 19, 2011 at 5:07 am

    nice historie:))

  2. Voliazen
    March 24, 2011 at 11:51 am

    Jan, nice story from this fan, but could you pass along this to all fans of What If being honored by Dove Awards – There is only ONE vote oer IP and ONE valid email address, any more than that will disqualify all entries. Thank You!

  3. sorbowriter
    March 24, 2011 at 9:21 pm

    Hey, Sandi, thanks! My apologies for my tardiness posting a story about the Dove Award. Still wondering about the single vote per IP address, though. I know that only one email addy can be used, so… Hmmmm… will look into that. What say you?

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