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The more I read or watch videos on Kevin Sorbo, the more I get hooked…

You might remember that Fatima in Spain previously wrote a lovely story about her “Hercules” jigsaw puzzle that she planned to enter in last year’s Basauri Convention (Spain). Here’s her original tale of how she became a Kevin fan. Gracias, Fatima!

Here’s how it started:  My “Sorbino” fanaticism:

I got “infatuated” by Kevin very young. I think I was about 12- or 13-years-old (now I am 28) when the series began with “Hercules” on T.V. Mother of God! I did not know what to do, looking like a lunatic at magazines, looking for news about him, (and) recording all the episodes. I kept watching again and again… lack of control! My mother did not like me “obsessed” with this man and the series, either, because in truth (it) also happens that I liked Greek mythology, and, of course, what a combination.

(When) T.V. retired the series, I was “forgetting” about this man so charming; and, well, years passed. I could not do much more; the internet era had not yet arrived and I resigned.

But, last Christmas I found a friend who told me they’ve released the series (“Hercules: The Legendary Journeys”) again (DVD), and it was like a hormonal revolution! I think all of those feelings resurfaced again, but, even stronger.

Today, I still do not know how I waited so long to find the Fan Club (OEKSFC) or something. I do not know, I swear, I cannot find an explanation: perhaps family circumstances, the transition to college, work…

My friends also told me these days, “Fatima, can’t understand why you did it not before.” And so I joined this wonderful club.

It is for this reason that you’d say I’m not a big fan of Kevin, but, believe me when I say that the fact that I´m somewhat off the hook of his personal life in no way diminishes my admiration for him. The more I read or watch videos on him, the more I get hooked. And not only for his work as an actor, (but) also for his involvement in charitable causes.

(Collage by Loli)

  1. Rhonda
    July 25, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    Great story,Fatima! I can certainly understand how you feel-I got hooked on Kevin pretty much the same way you did,by watching Hercules!

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