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Sandra takes Kevin Sorbo and Dylan Hunt around the world

Here’s another fantastic story about Kevin’s appearance at the 12th Costa del Sol International Science Fiction Film Festival in Estepona, Spain, last September 19-24, 2011. This one is from Sandra from Spain, who is famous for her fabulous pictures of her Dylan Hunt action figure in various places around the world. Gracias, Sandra. We love your pictures!

Sandra and Kevin SorboKevin Sorbo was finally going to visit Spain. What a great joy! But everything that happened until the day came could be called an “X-Files”…

Fortunately, all ended well.

It began with the announcement made by the festival about the presence of the actor (Kevin Sorbo) to receive a well-deserved award given in a lifetime for his achievement on the fantasy films (the Unicorn Award). Taking advantage of the Estepona festival, they organized an event with fans – it would be a unique opportunity to be close to someone we admire for his work.

We’d be talking quietly while eating and we’d make him questions and having a good time with him at lunch.

The idea was very good, but how difficult to make it happen!! Just to tell you that not only we had to deal with the food price, but other issues came in that we had to come out in defense of the actor and the Festival. Something really surreal because in previous conventions we had no such problems… There were others, but not of that caliber with (the) press and all talking about the matter.

Well, I do not want to talk about the annoying issues… but how well I spent every day I was at Costa del Sol where high temperatures never left us.

Early Days of Tourism

I took the trip with my doll Dylan Hunt, who eventually became the protagonist of the trip. From Marbella, Malaga, Estepona and to Gibraltar I took his picture – some very funny moments because I did not just have a few laughs myself, but Kevin himself was part of this particular game.

After those days as tourists, it was time to see Kevin and to enjoy two days where we’d see him picking up his prize (The Honor Unicorn), would enjoy two of his films (“What If…” and “Coffin”), and enjoy the best food we ever had.

Those would be experiences that each one of us experienced our own way. Some got excited and some nervous… for others it was something warm like when you see an old friend from long ago, at least I felt that way, a more relaxed way.

It was great being there those days when I could load extra power for the months to come to hard work waiting for me as an editor. I enjoyed time with my friends that I had no longer seen (like) Almudena, Mariola, (and) Evelyn, and others I had not yet known: Fatima and Mónica.

Never forgetting about my closest friends, Teresa and Montse, who lived moments that thrilled them up, I somehow became the photographer of the event, and I was going up and down with my camera to immortalize all the good moments.

Before, I had made my contribution to the travel with my promo video for the visit of Kevin, enjoyed by the Festival people, so I got their permission to upload it to YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=242Yyk6bPaU

Finally, I will say that I hope to see my friend Kevin here either to a festival or a convention or even better to shooting a movie. Until then, I would like to thank the Festival people for contacting Kevin, and, thank you, Kevin, for making the effort to fly to Spain. And give us a few great hours…

Please see Teresa’s awesome vids:

(Photos courtesy of Teresa and Sandra; videos courtesy of Teresa)

  1. Rhonda
    April 12, 2012 at 10:46 am

    Great story,Sandra! Thanks,Jan,for posting it! Love the videos!

  2. April 14, 2012 at 8:59 am

    Glad all went well in the end Sandra. Thanks Jan for posting.

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