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Happy 15th Anniversary to a Kevin Sorbo fan site: Sorbo’s Tribute

Hi, all, many, many apologies for posting this so late. I regrettably missed our good friend Sanne’s excellent Sorbos-Tribute’s 15-year anniversary in April. Happy Belated Anniversary, Sanne!

Our sincerest congratulations to and admiration for Sanne, aka KevFriend, from Germany for a website well done! Many of us look to her for inspiration as one of our most talented Sorbo Sister artists. She creates monthly calendars, screen caps and collages among many of her artistic talents, and keeps us abreast of Kevin news.

Here’s to many more years of her great gift and enthusiasm!

Please see Sanne’s story below as to how she became a Kevin fan, began creating Kevin art and subsequently started her beautiful website.

SW:  How did you become a Kevin fan?

Sanne:  I wrote a story and my best bud asked why I didn’t have pictures for my characters. I took Kevin’s picture – it was my real first Kevin picture from 1996 and my favorite autograph. I searched for more and so started my “love” with Kevin.

SW:  How and why did you start your website?

Sanne: One day, I thought I could create (a) small website, (and) Sorbos-Tribute was born in mid-1997.

I contacted other webmasters and friends, begging for permissions (to use their art).

So, the website grew.

In 2000, my dear friend Hebea, who was a longtime Sorbo fan and had a great Sorbo website, gave her permission to me, Sorbos-Tribute.

Kevin and Sam SorboAfter Kevin and Sam came together, I included Sam into the site.

SW:  What do you do to keep Sorbos-Tribute fresh and new?

Sanne:  I love to work on “the lady,” as I call my site; she is a part of me.

The site was closed in 2010 after 13 years for nearly a year when I put it under construction and added a new layout and special copyright security stuff.

I changed the layout, added some new (screen) caps and pictures. So, the lady is back!

SW:  Tell me a little about making your beautiful art.

Sanne:  Some of my friends create wonderful art. I asked to get help and (to) start to create my own work.

Some of my friends create stuff for my site and others share their work.

(Screen) caps were the first pictures that I found about Kevin. So, I love to create and add them on my site.

SW:  Anything else?

Sanne:  I met some wonderful people; some of them are still my friends. I was able to meet Kevin. He is a sweetheart, but this will be another story.

Please see Sanne’s awesome website here: http://www.sorbos-tribute.com/

(All images courtesy of and copyright Sorbos-Tribute. No reproduction allowed without express permission from Sorbos-Tribute)

  1. June 1, 2012 at 3:30 am

    Thanks dear friend for this story. I love to say asks to my sidekick Tracie (Sorbohood). Also to all my other wonderful online friends, to help me. Big thanks to Kevin and Sam.Again Thanks Jan. Sanne

  2. Rhonda
    June 1, 2012 at 10:07 am

    I love Sanne’s website-I visit it quite often! Thanks for the story and interview w/Sanne! She is a great lady and friend!

  3. June 10, 2012 at 4:40 am

    Thanks Sanne for a wonderful site and Jan for posting this story/interview

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