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Julia X 3D film review: Kevin Sorbo ensnares his date with seductive charm

Our dear friend Anne from Germany, one of the Official European Kevin Sorbo Fan Club (OEKSFC) triumvirates, had the opportunity to watch Kevin’s most excellent film, “Julia X 3D,” at the German premiere, 2011 Fantasy Filmfest. She kindly offered her fantastic review and a few film captures. Danke, Anne!

Kevin Sorbo Julia X 1It has to be something exceptional that makes me drive 65 km to Munich in the middle of the night… and it is. It’s the German premiere of “Julia X 3D” starring Kevin Sorbo as The Stranger.

This is my first movie in 3-D, and I enter together with my husband and my friend, Edith. The cinema was great (with) excitement. Despite the late hour, it is unexpectedly crowded.

While I’m still busy with my fancy 3-D glasses, the movie already starts and I’m in the center of the action. The excellent 3-D effects catch me off-guard, so that an uncontrollable “wowwww” escapes my mouth and I sink into my chair still deeper.

The Stranger and Julia are dating in an internet cafe, and I have the feeling to be sitting there myself, when Kevin Sorbo as The Stranger ensnares his date with seductive charm, while Julia (Valerie Azlynn) abandons herself to some erotic fantasies with her attractive counterpart. (… is it suddenly hot in the cinema???)

When Julia wants to leave The Stranger doesn’t approve at all, and a wild, bloody, ingenious horror story that sometimes startles me out of my chair takes its course.

Not one bit of tediousness arises in the story; on the contrary, my nerves are stretched to breaking point during this bloody game of cat-and-mouse. Some funny incidents and humorous dialogue lessen the pitilessness of the story and allow the movie to pass as a horror/comedy.

I was most curious about Kevin Sorbo’s performance as The Stranger. Kevin plays the role of this romantic but utterly loopy and psychopathically serial killer who’s apparently completely insensitive to pain with his usual perfection in an absolutely convincing way. You can see clearly how much fun he had with this movie.

I was fascinated by the outstanding 3-D technique that gives further life to the movie and makes the story look real, and also by the caringly arranged props.

To see this movie was well worth the long way to Munich.

I hope very much that “Julia X” will be in the cinemas soon, and that there will also be a DVD release.

Translation by Edith

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(Images courtesy of Anne; no reproduction allowed without the express consent of Anne at SorboDreams)

  1. Rhonda
    July 10, 2012 at 10:20 am

    Great review! I look forward to seeing this movie!

  2. Anne
    July 19, 2012 at 11:50 am

    Danke, Anne, for sharing your comments. I had the chance to see Kevin’s collection of short videos from the set, which were interesting & humorous (of course).

    Having already seen the trailer for “Julia X,” I can tell that it has the makings of a very intense, psychological horror/thriller. Kevin as the Stranger came across as a total psychopath with a twisted sense of how to seduce women. Seeing him wield a welding torch to heat up the branding iron made me cringe a little.

    Like Rhonda, I can’t wait to see this. 😮

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