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Donate to Kevin Sorbo’s Annual Charity Golf Tournament today!

Kevin Sorbo Golf Tournament Banner ArtFabulous news, everyone! The Official European Kevin Sorbo Fan Club (OEKSFC) extended their donations deadline for the Kevin Sorbo Golf Tournament Fan Sponsorship/OEKSFC Birthday Project to September 30! Yeah!!! They also extended the deadline for their fabulous annual free online Birthday Book that comprises your messages to Kevin for his upcoming September 24, birthday to same.

And since the Tournament isn’t scheduled until next year, the OEKSFC will graciously reopen the donations after Christmas, date to be announced, so that we have more time to achieve our ultimate goal of sponsoring a golfer. How cool is that???

So, if you can’t give now in time for Kevin’s birthday that’s OK. You have another chance after the holidays to help him and WFIT.

Woweee! Lots of opportunities to show Kevin some love, especially since everyone knows how much he HATES birthdays! (You’ll be kind to him, won’t you?)

The joint effort, celebrating its second year, benefits Kevin’s Los Angeles-based nonprofit foundation, A World Fit For Kids! (WFIT), by raising funds for his 4th Annual Kevin Sorbo Celebrity Golf Tournament next spring, 2013 (date to be determined). Together, we hope to raise enough funds to sponsor a golfer like we did last September, 2011, or possibly more!

As many of you know, Kevin is WFIT’s spokesperson as he has been since 1997. He actively participates in the foundation, having previously served as its Board of Directors Chairperson, and travels to Washington, D.C., annually in his efforts to obtain government recognition and support for afterschool programs.

“You know, all I can say is I love what it’s doing,” Sorbo said of WFIT. “At least we’re proving that we can improve kids’ education and fight obesity and get kids ready for the real world. We have a proven track record with a 98% graduation rate with a school system that has a 54% dropout rate. I’ve been to Washington; I’ve talked to D.C. congress people. I said, ‘What is it that I’m doing that you guys can’t do with a stroke of a pen? Wake up!’ You know? It’s ridiculous.”

WFIT is a leading provider of healthy behaviors and personal empowerment programming and training that result in a triple bottom line for participants regarding obesity reduction, increased graduation rates and work readiness/jobs. It provides purposeful physical activity and action-learning opportunities that help youth to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence required to make healthy choices that last a lifetime. Their programs intentionally integrate youth development principles with physical activity in order to positively impact the lives of students and the adults who work with them.

One such student, Gilberto Castellon, a native of inner-city Los Angeles, participated in WFIT throughout his scholastic career. He began in the afterschool program, completed the Teen Fit for Success training and an advanced fitness and nutrition program, and was an Assistant Coach/Mentor for WFIT elementary school programs before becoming a peer mentor and family advocate for healthy choices.

Castellon was the first teen member of the WFIT Board of Directors. In 2007 when the California Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness awarded WFIT the Gold Medal for its positive impact on children and youth, former Governor (Arnold) Schwarzenegger presented Gilberto with his own Gold Medal for his work with other kids.

Castellon traveled to Washington, D.C., in September, 2007, where he was one of only four young people to take part in a youth panel convened by the Institute of Medicine’s Standing Committee on Childhood Obesity Prevention. The panel was an opportunity for youth leaders who had designed, led or participated in community youth programs that address obesity issues and healthy living to share their experiences. The 18-member committee, comprised of national leaders in public health, public policy, medicine, nutrition, and physical activity, listened as the students offered their perspectives about what makes a successful program.

“The program impacted me in so many ways it’s hard to pick just one,” said Castellon, “but, the fact that I was given a chance to prove myself helped me. It showed me that I was mature and responsible. I was given a chance and ran with it to create success in school and help my community.”

Castellon graduated from Belmont High School with honors in June, 2008, and received a scholarship to California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. His motivation, accomplishments and commitment to health, education and positive choices made him a role model for others.

A role model, perhaps, like Kevin Sorbo.

“I’ve been doing WFIT for 15 years now,” explained Sorbo, “and it’s a good program. We won an award from Governor Schwarzenegger for having the Best Afterschool Program in the state of California. We’re going nationwide with it now.

“We have a golf tournament every year that’s doing great. It’s just getting bigger and bigger every year. We get a good group of people. It’s fun!”

Please consider donating to the 4th Annual Kevin Sorbo Celebrity Golf Tournament and WFIT.

Together we can make this happen! Together we can make the World Fit for Kids!

To donate:


To sign the free online Birthday Book:


More info about WFIT:


(Banner art and Kevin photo by Anne G. All rights reserved.)

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