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No playing footsie with Kevin Sorbo… Glyn’s Estepona Con report Part 1

Hi, all, I’m still catching up with your great stories. This one is Part One of three installments by our joke-cracking pal Glyn in England, who reported about her attendance at the 12th Costa del Sol International Science Fiction Film Festival in Estepona, Spain, last September 19-24, 2011, at which Kevin received the “Unicorn of Honor” Award. Many thanks, Glyn!

Okay, I’ll skip the bit about the fabulous hotel, description of the room, the size of the pools and go straight to Kevin… ‘Cos that’s what you (all) want to hear.

We’d already heard that Kevin had problems with his flight and that he would be a day late arriving at the hotel. The estimated time was 2.00 pm approx, so we, the gals from OEKSFC (Anne, Lindsey and Heidi) and myself, got ourselves settled to wait. We took a few pics to pass the time before we joined the other ladies who were waiting for him by the hotel entrance. The Spanish press was hovering around doing interviews, but all we could focus on was the arrival of that lanky frame.

Kevin Sorbo Estepona, Spain #1A car pulled up – a few people got out and… there he was. Being a fair few inches above everyone else, you couldn’t really miss him. Wearing jeans, a baggy white sweat shirt and shades, he finally was there – in the flesh – a few feet away. When he took off his shades you could see how tired he was, but, being Kevin, he smiled, waved, and said, “Hi,” before he was directed to the desk to check in.

The next thing on his itinerary was to have a special meal with all of us in a sectioned-off part of the restaurant. We didn’t have too long to wait before he reappeared wearing a snazzy black shirt and accompanied by Pedro (the organiser), and like the Pied Piper he led us into the restaurant. No one was really sure what (to do) or where to go once we got there, so we all huddled in a group until Pedro called out our names one-by-one to get a hug off Kevin and take a seat.

I was the last name read out (at this point I had a slight panic attack in case I’d been missed off the list – silly me). Lindsey was in a bear hug; Kevin had his head over her shoulder and he looked up straight at me!!!! *swoon* He was probably just thinking how many more in the queue, but I’d seen that look on Herc’s face so many times and what did I do? Give a big grin and a “thumbs up” sign. Doh!!! (Not very cool, huh!).

I had my hug and took a seat – noticing that the seat opposite was empty. Kevin put his hand on the empty chair and said Kevin Sorbo Estepona, Spain #2to Pedro, “Where do you want me?” and was told to split his time between the two tables. (It was two, long tables with four people on each side).

He sat down, looked straight at me (only because I was sitting opposite and probably looking like a startled rabbit at this point) and said something like, “Okay, where do we start?” So, I jumped in with the first question about how was his flight. Apparently, he missed the connection by five minutes (he actually saw the gate closing, but couldn’t get there in time), so he had to spend the night in a hotel.

I asked him if he caught up on Twitter to while away the time, but he said no, he’d been working on stuff and clearing up his computer. Lindsey asked if he’d eaten anything, and he said he’d had a ham and mushroom omelette on the plane, but he didn’t like mushrooms. At that point I really wanted to say, “Does that mean you’re not a fun guy (fungi)?” but he looked tired, so I didn’t want to irritate him at this stage with one of my corny jokes.

He did get asked a few questions, but please forgive me if I can’t remember everything that was said. I asked him was there anywhere in the world that he’d like to visit, and he said China – he’d like to run the Great Wall (think that might have been a joke) – and also Russia because it was so different. He was asked about his book and he said he’d just done the audio version which meant five hours in a room, which he found difficult. I said it must be hard talking to yourself for five hours, but at least it didn’t hurt his throat like the reading for Hercules in (the) “God of War” game. He replied he was told to do the Herc voice that way, but this was more like reading a bedtime story and you wouldn’t read out loud to someone for that length of time.

Kevin Sorbo Estepona, Spain #3At that point the first course arrived, so he moved to the other table – I was relieved at that because I’m not sure I could’ve eaten anything with him sitting there. I forgot to mention (that) while our table was asking him questions, I knocked my fork on the floor (and) when I bent to pick it up I made a note of the fact (that) his feet were tucked under the chair… no chance of playing footsie then… (only joking). The waiter took if off me, so that meant I was left with no fork, so I pinched Kevin’s – to use… I didn’t steal it. Trust me, he never noticed.

One of the ladies passed her mobile phone to him to say a few words to her friend, Claudia, who couldn’t attend. I think he got a bit confused with the dangling phone charms on it because he held it upside down. Doh!! When he got it the right way up (and this is a memorable bit for me), he lowered his voice to a sexy growl and said, “Hello, Claudia, it’s Kevin,” and he looked straight into my eyes as he said it (just because when you’re on the mobile, you tend to look straight ahead… but, hey… I savoured the moment!!!). I think I might have melted into a huge pool of mush at this point. That voice – those eyes… oh, mama.

He laughed and joked with everyone at the table. He said he liked German beer and was looking forward to sampling a Kevin Sorbo Estepona, Spain #4glass later. He spoke about conventions; “Andromeda” (he keeps in touch with Gordon, who is a great laugh and, by the sound of it, just like his character, Harper); how he didn’t have this easy growing up; he mentioned that Sam spoke six (I think it was) languages fluently, even Swedish, and that she chats away on the phone for ages (you could tell he was impressed with her). He said he’s not good with languages, but he excels in sport, so that makes up for it.

All too soon it came to an end and we had some time for a breather whilst Kevin was being interviewed in the lounge. I wandered out of the restaurant and bumped into my hubby who had spent a peaceful afternoon having a few beers and chilling out by the pool. Needless to say, I dragged him to the edge of the balcony to have a look down at Kevin being interviewed.

The next item on the agenda was to watch “What If…” (which was introduced by Kevin)… And that was our afternoon over with the main Award Ceremony taking place at the Convention Centre in the evening.

(Photos by Teresa)

  1. September 9, 2012 at 6:23 am

    Great story, chuckled at fungi lol. I can understand melting to mush.
    Looking forward to second installment 🙂

  2. Kimberly
    September 9, 2012 at 9:08 am

    This is great. Thank you for sharing this. Also thank you for having it in English because that is the only language I know.

  3. Rhonda
    September 9, 2012 at 10:15 am

    Great story! Looking forward to parts 2&3!

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