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My mate Kev! Glyn’s Kevin Sorbo Estepona Con report Part 2

Here is Part Two of Glyn’s report from the 12th Costa del Sol International Science Fiction Film Festival in Estepona, Spain, last September 19-24, 2011, at which Kevin received the “Unicorn of Honor” Award. Enjoy!

Our little group of Sorbs Fans, Lindsey and her husband Pete, Heidi, Anne, Natalia and her husband Pavel (and) me andKevin Sorbo Estepona Award 1 Snoopy (aka hubby Steve), gathered (at) reception at 8.00 pm to get cabs to the Convention Centre. We got there a bit early, and as there wasn’t very much to look at, me and Snoops went for a walk around while the rest of the gang found somewhere to sit down. As this place was a bit out of the town, there was not much to see apart from a SEAT dealer and a big supermarket, so we soon wandered back and hung around reception, thinking we might see the gang. Unbeknownst to us they had all taken seats in the auditorium.

Kevin Sorbo Estepona Award 2At this point I had a cunning plan: There was only one door, so the Big Guy had to come that way. There was a flurry of camera clicks and much pushing and shoving and… sure enough… there he was. Looking uber cool in a black suit and blue and white striped shirt, he wandered up to the bar with his entourage to get a beer. A few people started getting autographs and asking him to pose for pictures, so, in true Glynnie fashion, I edged in and asked if I could have a photo to which he replied, “Go for it,”… which I did!!! *grin*

When I had my arm clamped around him he said, “Where am I looking?” meaning which camera. I vaguely pointed in hubby’s direction and said, “Him.” Snoops, bless him, took an extra few seconds because it seemed like I was standing there for ages, but in reality it was only a minute or so. I turned to say, “Thanks,” and Kevin reached past me to shake Snoops’ hand and said in an imitation of a British accent, “How you doin’, mate?” Snoops, being Joe Cool, replied, “I’m okay, Kev, how are you?” I think he must have recognised me (the mad blonde from lunch!!) and Kevin Sorbo Estepona Award 3realised we were a couple and British. Anyhoo, we stayed in the bar (like I was going to move with an unrestricted view of Captain Dylan Hunt *grin*) until Kevin and his troupe moved into the auditorium.

We actually sat down on the front row about four seats along from Kev then realised that they were reserved seats for the officials. Doh! So, we scuttled to the next row back and I had a fabulous view of the back of his head. Childish, I know, staring at his neck but… hey ho!

They (the award organizers) played a very nice video montage from “Hercules,” “Andromeda,” and his films (everyone applauded at the clip of Hercules and Serena.. awwwwww) before introducing the Big Guy on stage. He graciously accepted his award and cracked a few jokes – notably about the music that accompanied the clip – he loved it and wanted it for his next movie. When they told him it was the theme from “Phantom of the Opera” he said (jokingly) he would have to steal it.

Kevin Sorbo Estepona Award 4Someone else came on stage to show their film for the festival, but to be honest, we all trooped out after Kevin left the stage. Bet the guy on the stage was a bit miffed, but, hey — that’s showbiz.

Some people were snagging Kevin for photos, etc (although you could see by that time he was tired and really wanted to get back to the hotel). Me and Snoops stood to one side out of the way, but as he walked past he caught sight of hubby out of the corner of his eye, stopped, turned, held out his Unicorn Award and said to Snoops, “What do you think of this?” Needless to say, I never lived that down for the rest of the week with comments like, “My mate, Kev!” As you all know, Snoops is a big Kev/Herc fan (got the costume for charity events) and genuinely likes the guy – even more so now (that) he’s met him. (And) even though Kevin was on his way out, he still took the time to pose for a picture with the OEKSFC gals. Lindsey’s husband Pete was kept very busy and did an excellent job as official group photographer.

(Photos by Teresa)

  1. Rhonda
    September 13, 2012 at 10:33 am

    The story just gets better-can’t wait for part 3!

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