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What beautiful eyes Kevin Sorbo’s got – they reflect his soul…

Hi, all,

I am slowly catching up with the many amazing stories, movie reviews and artwork that you have faithfully contributed to this blog. My sincerest apologies for my tardiness. I know that you have been and are working hard for Kevin on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media outlets. Kudos to you all! Kevin’s fans are truly THE BEST ON THE PLANET!! Yeah!!!

Here is a story that our great friend Mara sent from Adriana in 2011. Many, many thanks for your extreme patience, ladies, and for forwarding this fantastic piece. Enjoy!

Adiana Kevin SorboMy name is Adriana and I live in São Paulo, Brazil. I’m married and have two beautiful daughters.

I “met” Kevin through a friend who asked me to be part of an international forum for Kevin Sorbo and I accepted it.

I was living a hard time in my life by then…

You could ask me, “What does Kevin to do with that?”

Oh! He’s got a lot to do with it…

I was living in a small little boring world; nothing was really amusing me… So, by being at the foKevin Sorbo Hercules Adrianarum I eventually kept finding out another world (with) plenty of new, interesting and amazing things, and Kevin is among them.

I think he’s an example to be followed, and I love his characters, particularly Hercules. I’m sure he’s an adorable man…

I’ve got a signed photo by him – that made me so happy (that) my heart felt (like) going out through my mouth!

What beautiful eyes Kevin’s got – they reflect his soul. He’s a man of integrity with so many qualities I admire!

I’m still not able to understand what he says, but I’m learning English so (that) one day I’m going to meet him in person!

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