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Kevin Sorbo took his pants down and got the house roaring with laughter

542454_327866400664718_1087686948_nOur multi-talented friend, Hercules Hunt, was lucky enough to see, photograph and subsequently meet Kevin during the 2011 Toronto Sci-Fi Fan Expo and the accompanying “Kevin Sorbo Garbage Weekend” held at Toronto’s Comedy Bar. Clearly, he is equally as versatile at improvisation as he is at everything else he tries. Way to go, Kevin, and many thanks, HH!

Here are her awesome report and photos:

KevinSorboGarbageWeekend1My weekend with Kevin Sorbo, AKA Hercules! By Hercules Hunt

I had often thought about how nice it would be to meet Kevin Sorbo, AKA Hercules in HTLJ… Finally in August of 2011, he was coming to my town! He not only was coming to the Fan Expo, Canada’s biggest Sci-Fi expo, but he was also appearing at a small comedy store downtown in my old neighbourhood!

I bought tickets via phone and Credit Card a few months prior to this evening. The comedy troupe called the show, “The Kevin Sorbo Garbage Weekend,” and although I tried to get one of theCopy of IMG_0105-HHJAnse posters, I tried to no avail. I, however, did manage to do one better: sit in the front row and was about 8 feet away from the super-small stage and right in front of Kevin Sorbo the entire show! Was this exciting or what?! I had my IPhone and my regular camera, which are two really good digital options under normal lighting whether or not I use (a) flash. However, because I was so, so close to the stage andKevinSorboGarbageWeekend2 the lights were right on top of Kevin, most of the 200+ pictures I got were overexposed! Yes, my ladies, there IS such a thing as being too close to Kevin Sorbo live!! I was lucky that most of my film on my IPhone got filmed properly, and we can enjoy these clips on my YouTube channel! I was there with a good friend of mine who managed one camera as I managed the other, so that is how I got film plus a few good pictures to share with all my friends!

Some highlights of the show were when Kevin took his pants down to reveal red plaid shorts that got the house roaring with laughter.

The house was totally packed and everyone was so excited KevinSorboGarbageWeekend4KevinSorboGarbageWeekend2to be there in such close proximity to such a well-known actor. I think I was the only one who took pictures though, oddly enough, or at least, the only one who has posted any online! Some of the skits were very funny and I got some unique pictures of Kevin in action!

Kevin was very gracious even as the comedy troupe guys ribbed him about being Hercules and also baited him about Xena. I will not go into this, but they weren’t all that nice to Kevin, but, he was a professioKevinSorboGarbageWeekend5nal throughout.

The show lasted about two hours and the entire time was a blast!!

The next day is when I went to the Fan Expo to see Kevin in the autograph alley, and I was also going to see the “Lost Girl” cast, but was about 10 minutes too late! They had left for the day. Kevin was gracious yet again, and recognized me from the night before at the comedy show as I was sitting in the front row.

He took a picture with me at the table and thanked me for coming to see him last night and also at the Fan ExKevinSorboGarbageWeekend65po! Nice experience and, oh, he is very, very handsome in person, even more so than on TV if that’s possible!

And that is my story about meeting Kevin Sorbo, so I hope you all enjoy the pictures as they are for you as well!


Hercules Hunt

Please see more of her very cool vids here:


(Images courtesy of and copyright Hercules Hunt)

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