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Support Kevin Sorbo’s “Chronology” and be a part of the movie!

cd3b1dcab0fa725da6e13d12c68e3df5_largeThe production team of Kipp Tribble and Derik Wingo presents a new, innovative movie concept called, “Chronology,” a pair of films with different, yet intertwining stories that contain elements of psychological thriller, horror, science fiction, the supernatural and romance. “Chronology” is also an ensemble character drama starring Kevin Sorbo and featuring Bruce Davison that questions the relationship between time and space and brings graphic novels to the silver screen.

Tribble’s companion screenplays comprise the lives of two men: Aaron and Jacob. One follows Aaron, who attends a New Year’s Eve 1999 party during which he momentarily leaves a room then returns claiming to be Jacob and discovers that Aaron disappeared six years prior from the same house. The other covers Jacob, the flip-side of Aaron’s tale.

Tribble and Wingo decided to use the popular crowdfunding website, Kickstarter, to raise money for their movie.

**The deadline is Saturday, October 19, 2013, to make a pledge!!!**

The duo kindly answered a few questions about this exciting project.

SW:  How did you get involved with this project?

DW:  Kipp and I have been “partners in crime” for over a decade. This has been a project in development for almost as long. It’s truly a brilliant story created and written by Kipp. I’ve helped out in the rewriting process, giving notes, feedback, etc. For many years now, we’ve been developing it together for the screen. It’s been one of our babies… one of the projects we’re most passionate about.kickstarter_chronology.mp4-1.large

KT:  The story was originally just about Aaron. In the story, Aaron disappears from a New Year’s Eve party and returns several years later, now claiming to be a man named Jacob. It quickly became apparent that we also needed to tell Jacob’s side of the story. Once the draft was finished, I had a 170-page script on my hands, which is way too long for a feature, so we hit upon the idea to do two films. Each one tells one side of the story, but neither are sequels or prequels, so you can watch them in either order. From the beginning, Derik and I knew we would direct and produce the films, so we’ve always operated with that in mind.

While these are not time travel films, people suddenly being displaced in time is a large part of the stories. Some of history’s greatest thinkers have debated time travel for years, and some people have claimed to lose time and/or travel via a time slip. We touch on many of these ideas, including the dark matter in our galaxy that is blamed for unexplained happenings throughout history. It’s been fun to take some of these topics and apply them to our stories while adding our own spin on these ideas.

SW:  Is there any symbolism with the names Jacob and Aaron?

KT:  There was no special significance other than I wanted to give them Biblical names.

SW:  Why November 31?

KT:  The story was always going to be a winter-set story around the holidays. The visions that Aaron and Jacob share in the days leading up to their disappearances include a date that is scrawled on a prison wall. The date was removed from the calendar by the church after the execution in 1581 in their attempt to “erase” the events of that day. So those things all considered, 11/31 are the numbers that appear like scratch marks on a wall, and October and December already have 31 days, so 11/31 became the date.

SW:  What about the graphic novels?

DW:  You know when you’re on a special project like “Chronology” because it begins to take on a life of its own. It happens as people start joining in to help and bring new ideas to a project.

image-334748-fullAs Kipp and I sought to bring to life the story of “Chronology” through storyboards, concept art, etc, we began collaborating with the wonderful artists at Shadowmark Productions, (who), in addition to storyboards specialize in graphic novels. It wasn’t long before brainstorming sessions began to broaden as we discussed the complex backstories. Before we knew it we were discussing that as the films themselves are companion pieces, what if there was a companion graphic novel series as well to really expand on the stories of all the characters and phenomenons touched on in the films…

And stay tuned, we’re even conceptualizing beyond the films and possibly expanding “Chronology“ into an exciting series (shhhh… still very much in the developmental stage).

KT:  There are backstories that are touched on in the films, but not fully explored. For instance, a man executed by the church in 1581 is discussed, but we won’t learn the full extent of how he is connected to this time rift phenomenon over 400 years later until his graphic novel.

This represents some of the stories we will be exploring in the graphic novels, including introducing new characters that are also experiencing this phenomenon. And yes, we are already hammering out ideas for a TV series!

SW:  Why should people contribute; i.e., what makes this film so great other than that Kevin Sorbo is in it?

DW:  Well, yes, obviously seeing Kevin (which is the biggest reason)…

Kevin says it best in the video, “Projects of this nature, which are so daring and unique, require a special type of financing…” This is absolutely true – it IS a unique and innovative KevinSorboChronologyCropproject, and would be considered too big of a risk for most studios, executives, financiers, etc. And further, would stand very little chance of being produced as an independent film (we know, we’ve been trying for years). The new rise in crowdfunding, specifically, Kickstarter, provides an incredible opportunity and platform for films such as these to be financed (and) supported by fans, friends and family, in a sense, giving the audience a voice in what they want to see… a choice in entertainment that speaks to them. Also, instead of simply spectating, I think it gives the audience, fans, etc. a sense of participation and excitement in being a part of a project and making it yours. We invite and support that sentiment, that sense of community. We’ve also included dozens of fun and even enriching rewards as just a small token of our great appreciation.

KT:  The idea of companion films is something different and has excited us for some time now. But, like Derik said, getting funding for a project like this can be very challenging, so in order to continue seeing films and TV series produced that bring a fresh approach to the medium, we all have to join together and support these types of projects. We’d love to see more of the “little guys” getting their films financed, and crowdfunding provides us with those opportunities.

When you decide to join us, we’ve included step-by-step instructions at the bottom of the Kickstarter page on how to donate and help bring “Chronology” to life.

Please help us surpass our goal and share with us in making “Chronology” a great movie experience. We sincerely thank all of you for your generous contributions…

Are you ready to go on this journey with us?!

Here is the Kickstarter link to donate: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1933428003/chronology/pledge/new?clicked_reward=false




(Images and videos courtesy of Kevin Sorbo, Kipp Tribble and Derik Wingo, and Shadowmark Productions)

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    Great interview,Jan! Thanks for sharing it!

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    Hi kevin
    I hope you are fine thank you for the mail of your futur movie do you know if chronology is going to play on big screan in montreal if yes maybe you need to translate is in French for quebecers fan
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