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Kevin Sorbo should guest with Joel McHale on The Soup


If you’ve ever watched the E! Channel’s hilarious program, “The Soup,” hosted by Joel McHale, you’ve probably seen a segment entitled, “Tales from Home Shopping,” that offers entertaining clips from television’s Home Shopping Network (HSN).

And if you’ve watched that and are a Kevin Sorbo fan, maybe you have noticed that the artwork introducing the segment is eerily similar to the art for Kevin’s exciting upcoming film and graphic novel project, “Chronology.” Scary!


Allow me to explain.

In case you don’t know, “The Soup” is a very funny weekly program that recaps the most humorous, stupidest and oddest bits of TV from the previous week. Stand-up comic, comedic actor and star of NBC’s “Community,” McHale offers wit and sarcasm worthy of Kevin’s witty, sarcastic sense of humor…

So, who better to be on that show than Kevin???

I propose that we start a social media campaign to get him on, beginning with Twitter. (I’ll address Facebook in another article soon!) Let’s tell “The Soup” and Joel McHale that we want Kevin Sorbo!

You can start by tweeting to @TheSoup and @joelmchale that Kevin @ksorbs would be a great guest and how much you want to see him on the show. Be creative!

Maybe something like the following:

@TheSoup @joelmchale Check out Kevin Sorbo @ksorbs new project #ChronologytheMovie He’d be a great guest on your show! #Hercules #Andromeda

@TheSoup @joelmchale Kevin Sorbo @ksorbs #ChronologytheMovie https://digitaltipjar.com/chronology/ looks like #talesfromhomeshopping Book him on your show

Stay tuned for lots more exciting “Chronology” news, including a new way to donate via the “Chronology” Facebook page!

KevinSorboChronologyCrop OK, I’ll tell now… go to https://www.facebook.com/chronologyfilms and click on the “Donate” button. Follow the directions… It’s easy!

Or even easier is Digital Tip Jar:  https://digitaltipjar.com/chronology/

Holy Hercules! What are you waiting for?!

(Joel McHale and Tales from Home Shopping images courtesy of E!; Chronology images courtesy of Kipp Tribble and Derik Wingo)

  1. November 10, 2013 at 6:21 am

    Spreading all over, Jan!!!

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