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Kevin Sorbo is a fabulous actor! He should be back on TV!!!!!

Elisheva from Canada describes how and why she became a Kevin Sorbo fan in the second of two great stories. (Please see the first one here: http://tinyurl.com/ooyld54.) Many thanks, Elisheva!

**On a personal note, I think we all wholeheartedly agree that Kevin Sorbo is a fabulous actor! He is grossly underused, underrated and overlooked, and someone who would bring millions of fans (ratings AND dollars!) the world over as he has previously proven and continues to prove to ANY project in which he is involved, especially on TV!! Are you listening ABC, CBS, NBC and CABLE STATIONS??? PUT KEVIN SORBO BACK ON TV!!!!!**

First, a little bit about myself: more of the observing Think Tank who prefers to be happy-go-lucky, loves talking to people and exploration, (has) many interests, and loves life.

How did I become a Kevin Sorbo Fan?

Kevin Sorbo 7I came to see him via “Andromeda.” It was not (on TV) every day, nor was the series brand new. I most often start watching a series well into its life… with few exceptions. “Merlin,” the BBC series, is one of those special shows due to the fact (that) I love the King Arthur Legend.

I almost instantly fell in love with the TV series, “Andromeda,” for many reasons. Truly, it was “partly” Captain Dylan Hunt. It was more than his role, more than the story line, more than the comic, sarcastic humor. Kevin Sorbo is a fabulous actor! It was more than that, too.

It was a great person putting everything of himself into what he was doing. I love that! The episodes (in which) Kevin was doing or saying something he didn’t like, I could tell… But, he did a more than a fabulous job even then to get through the episode.

The more I watched “Andromeda,” the more of an impact he made on me. I never forgot that! It was easy to see that he was a person who cared about the world around him. Life went on, and so did my access to TV off and on… I had things to do, places to see, people to talk to… But, I always wondered how my Captain was doing, and I always wondered if my impressions were accurate… I tell you, though, any chance I had to see “Andromeda,” it had my full attention! In fact, some of my own sarcastic humor was Kevin’s influence… lol… I liked it and “borrowed” some of it! Mind you, that was always a part of me and a part of HercThat Look-blogmy life.

Now, I didn’t know about his big break, “Hercules,” until being on his Official Facebook page. The two things I have NEVER told anyone are my love for the Hercules Legend and (that) Kevin Sorbo is yummy… Now, try putting the two together! La-ti-da-ti-da, whistling quietly… lol!

I still haven’t watched “Hercules,” but have seen photos now… I don’t think that I could ever express either “openly” to anyone, even if asked directly: #1 I am a shy Christian, #2 Gooodnessss, a strong Christian woman liking a guy who could easily pass as a “pin up guy!” Shame, shame on me… lol!

Putting my sarcastic humor aside, there are so many different reasons (why) as a person Kevin impresses me. And that is why I am a devoted fan – it is important to me. Others realize I am a good Christian, even in my thoughts, (and) even though it is a normal “Human Thing” to very much like an actor and a legend, most would likely laugh reading that… lol!

I can’t remember when, but at one point I decided to see if Kevin Sorbo was on Facebook. I was curious…

Kevin_gal_2_38-blogThere he was! And I have been a follower and participant since… and dreadfully missing “Andromeda” and no access to any of Kevin Sorbo’s movies or TV series… Life goes on…

And at least I can occasionally talk to Kevin, and I can hear what he has to say. At least semi-regularly he makes (me) laugh or posts something reallllllly interesting… and I can interact with some of his other fans…

Kevin Sorbo is amazing. In real life he is so much more than a great guy whom I recognized in “Andromeda.” He truly embraces that he is a human being, and I love that!

I also don’t worship him and don’t worship every word he says. But, he is a wonderful husband, devoted father (and) great person. He genuinely wants to talk to his fans and hear what it is they think.

Kevin is very aware and very intelligent, too. He is one person whom I would be very proud to have as my friend (celebrity or not…). Kevin is one of those rare actors who genuinely cares about his country/world around him and DOES something about it. For this factor alone, he will forever have my respect and support! Go, Kevin, Go!

Signing off… a devoted and content fan – Ellie.

(Images courtesy of Kevin Sorbo)

  1. rhondagemini
    March 12, 2014 at 10:35 am

    Thanks for your perspective,Ellie! I think all Sorbo fans agree with you-Kevin is a fabulous actor and a wonderful person! Thanks,Jan,for posting Ellie’s piece-it is great!

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