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God’s Not Dead: A Box Office Winner!

This fabulous review is from our dear friend Rhonda in GA. Much appreciated, Rhonda!!!

I recently had the pleasure of watching Kevin Sorbo‘s new movie, ”God’s Not Dead,” and can only say that it is a movie that everyone should and needs to see! This was the first time I had been in a movie theater in many years and I was not disappointed.

GND_Press7-1Although there are four stories interwoven in the film, the main one involves a college freshman (played by Shane Harper) who is challenged by his atheist professor (played brilliantly by Kevin Sorbo) to prove to his philosophy class that God exists or get a failing grade. Josh (Harper) accepts the challenge, knowing full well that a failing grade will all but end his chances of getting into law school.

Aside from his professor, (Josh) also faces opposition from his girlfriend and his parents, but, he is undeterred in his mission because he believes it is something God wants him to do. In a series of three debates, he presents his case.

Sorbo’s Christianity has long been common knowledge, so it was awesome to see him play such a challenging role: that of someone whose beliefs are totally opposite his own. He did an excellent job in the role, and the voice inflections throughout the debates reflected the professor’s dogmatic insistence that he was right and everyone else was wrong.

The other stories involved a Muslim girl hiding her Christian faith from her strict father, a blogger and her corporate exec boyfriend, who break newsboysup over the news that she has cancer. The exec and his sister, who just happens to be dating the atheist professor, must also deal with their Alzheimer’s-stricken mother. All of these stories come together against the backdrop of a concert headed up by Christian group, The Newsboys.

I’ve discussed this movie with family and several friends on Facebook and we all agree: the ending was totally unexpected!

I strongly urge you to see this movie with your friends and family – it will make you think about your beliefs. It is a must see and a sure-fire box office winner!

(Images courtesy of “God’s Not Dead” movie)

  1. rhondagemini
    April 7, 2014 at 10:30 am

    Thanks for posting my review,Jan! Glad you liked it!

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