2011 Fan Golf Sponsorship

This year’s Fan Sponsorship for Kevin’s 3rd Annual Kevin Sorbo Celebrity Golf Tournament to benefit A World Fit For Kids (WFIT) has joined the Official European Kevin Sorbo Fan Club (OEKSFC) Birthday Project to support this great event. Together we have raised awareness of WFIT and collected some nice donations already. Thank you so much, everyone!

The OEKSFC posted this message on their website outlining our goal:

Kevin was very touched by our suggestion of a sponsorship and thought this would be a great idea (e.g. a single player: $1,100, a foursome: $4,000), so we hope to be able to grant his wish with the help of our donations; it will then be up to Kevin who benefits from the sponsorship.

All names of those who have donated, together with their countries and the total amount received, will be sent to Kevin on a special card at the end of the project.

But, we need your help. Please consider donating via the OEKSFC website.

And spread the word that Kevin needs golfers and sponsors!

Use your Twitter and Facebook pages and various Social Media sites, blogs, websites and other means to help him, yes? Together we can do this for Kevin and WFIT!!

Here are the links to donate and for more information:



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