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The mesmerizing Kevin Sorbo…

August 29, 2009 2 comments

How Gina from Wisconsin became a Kevin Sorbo fan… (she also created the artwork):

Until He Arrived2I’ve been a fan of Kevin’s since I first saw his wonderful smile and incredible blue eyes in the intro to “Hercules: and the Amazon Women” when it first aired on the “Action Pack” on TV in 1994. That was the moment I became hooked.

I still remember everything about that day: I was at my sister-in-law’s house for her house-warming party. It’d been a long day and I wasn’t feeling good. She suggested I go inside to rest on the sofa and I could watch T.V. if I wanted to. So, I turned it on, and the “Action Pack” logo (with its) music were playing. I had seen their commercials about other shows, like “Team Knight Rider”, “Bandit,” “Rising Sun,” I can’t remember the rest. But, it wasn’t any of those, it was “Hercules and the Amazon Women.”

I’ve always been interested in Greek mythology, so, I thought I’d see what it was like. Then I saw Kevin’s face, his blueBondage HerK eyes, the long hair, and muscle. I sat up, and, as the show started I must have moved to the floor and was sitting in front of their old consul T.V. because when the first commercial break came on my nephew had been standing in the doorway trying to get my attention for a few minutes, he said. I was thinking, “Wait a minute, wasn’t I sitting on the sofa?”

Needless to say I stayed right there in front of the T.V., sitting on the floor mesmerized for the whole two hours. I was lost except during the commercials. That was about the only time anyone could get my attention. I’m not sure when I started to feel better, but, I know I didn’t notice the headache and upset stomach after I was sitting on the floor.

KingKullFrom then on I taped all five movies, and was thrilled when the series started. I taped every episode, watched every interview with Kevin I could if I got that channel, or one of our sweet  (Sorbo) sisters would send me a tape with the ones I missed. I went to see “Kull” in the Cinema three times and bought it from the local video store the moment it was available.

Well… from that day on I’ve been a very loyal fan. I thought this would be a good place to start… the beginning… Thanks for reading my first story here… 


Kevin’s tournament

August 29, 2009 2 comments

A little deviation from the norm:KevinSorbo072-A

Here is a link to my Examiner story about Kevin’s upcoming tournament October 8 and 9, in Henderson, Nevada, near Las Vegas to benefit A World Fit for Kids.

Please feel free to share and/or post the link.


Mara’s special gift to Kevin

August 26, 2009 6 comments

Mara gave Kevin a special gift at Dragon Con…

kevBrazilTshirtI told Kevin at Dragon Con how much I think he is to Brazilian kids. As we live in a poor country, a poor T.V. and poor model roles… “Hercules” does make magic on their lives. You could not possibly know how many emails I get asking me for “Hercules” episodes… Our Brazilian T.V. usually reruns the series for a short time.

Three months ago we were all happy because Brazilian kids would be able to watch seasons 4, 5, and 6… and then… T.V. stopped airing them. I don´t know why, unfortunately…

I said (to) Kevin, God will bless him for “Hercules” because our kids do. I do care about them.

Kevin was so tired at the end of the Con, and when he posed for a photo holding a Brazilian soccer shirt I could not believe in his generosity! I would never ask him for that. I was just giving him the shirt as a gift, but Kevin knew the kids would love a picture of him holding it!

Kevin’s optimism shines through – that’s why we love him!

August 25, 2009 5 comments

Liz’s words, so sweet… Thanks, Liz!

My name’s Liz and I live in the far northeast of Scotland. I have never been lucky enough to see Kevin Sorbo in real life, but that has not lessened my respect and admiration for him as a very talented actor and an extremely caring human being. And I feel very grateful for the help he gave me through a very bad time – although he never knew he gave it!

I came late as a fan. Until 2001 I had never seen or even heard of Kevin Sorbo. Then I was diagnosed with a potentially deadly illness and had to have major emergency surgery. Recovery was a long, slow and tedious business. I was feeling frightened and very sorry for myself, and I seemed to have lost the art of sleeping. Many nights I crept back downstairs to watch T.V. alone in the small hours of the night so as not to disturb the family.

DylansparkscopyThen one night/early morning I caught a SciFi show that had exciting action, great SFX, a decent plot/script and a very good looking lead with a beautiful voice. For a while I forgot everything else, lost in this future world of a sentient ship and the adventures of her ragtag crew. I was hooked on “Andromeda” and in love with Captain Dylan Hunt!

So I started to find out what I could about this actor Kevin Sorbo – much easier to do now with the internet! And this, of course, led me to “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.”

I loved the gentle humour and the positive messages. Every time the “Hercules” theme started to play I had to smile; you just knew that however dark things seemed, Herc was about to put things right for the rest of the world if not for himself. And in a weird way, it helped me feel more positive, too.

I still have to smile when I think about that optimistic theme – a great pick-me-up when feeling down!

So, as well as being in love with Dylan, I now adored Hercules – and I became a dedicated fan of Kevin Sorbo.Hercandhorse_01SM

As my DVD collection continued to grow, I admired both the actor and his work more and more. And as I learned more about the man and his charity work I admired him as a person, too.

Now, I would not suggest that Kevin can claim healing the sick as one of his many talents! But, quite unknowingly, he certainly helped me through a very dark and lonely time by giving me something positive to think about and a place to go in my imagination when reality got too tough. And I will always be very grateful to him for that.

I have been clear now for eight years, but life is still full of problems and I still use Kevin and his work as an escape, a fun break from reality. I seem to become a more dedicated fan with every film Kevin makes – and from the other stories here: I am not alone.

So, Kevin, please accept my heartfelt thanks for being so generous with your talent that you even help people you’ve never met!

(Artwork by Carmen and Hercules Hunt)

My encounter with Kevin Sorbo in Heathrow part 3

August 21, 2009 1 comment


marcy10Well, it was the last day (and) I was a bit sad, but was not ready for what was about to happen.

We took a picture with all fan club fans and I wanted to give Kevin a CD from a friend and a small note that Mariola translated to English for me in which she wrote (how) it was a pleasure spending those days with him. She also said if he would allow me a hug to take back with me to Barcelona, my home city.

I gave him her little note, and since I did not intend to take advantage of him, I was heading my way out. If he could be able and kind enough to read it, it would have been enough…

Before leaving I was supposed to pick up my purse. I was going to do it, and a hand took mine from behind. I turned around and it was Kevin, who came to give me the hug I asked him for. He came… opened his arms…

I left the room so happy that I cried!

When I said my last “goodbyes” to him at the end of the day, I’d wish Kevin a safe trip, cried again… but he said, “Are you coming back for another Con?”

So I did come back: Milton Keynes in 2007 and Fedcon in 2008, but those stories I´m going to tell soon!sde




(Artwork by Marcy)

My encounter with Kevin Sorbo in Heathrow part 2

August 21, 2009 Leave a comment


kevin_blancoOn Saturday morning we were waiting for him. Kevin showed up and said, “Hello” to us. (He) looked at me and said, “Hola” just for me…

Well, photo op time! I paid for two photos beside them, Kevin alone being the first. I stood in front of him (with him) hugging me from behind. As I was not able to see him behind me, I trod on his foot… twice… poor thing… Then the second photo was beside the three of them. I stood in the middle, and Kevin, (in) a scary voice whispered, “Three men…”  Was he meaning to get me scared? LOL!

The last picture turned out so great; is it true happiness shows? I hugged Kevin, and he asked me, “Are you alright?” I answered him (that) I was O.K. He smiled, and the picture was shot.

The signing section was very funny, each of them kidding around with each other; very lovely, all of them.

My encounter with Kevin Sorbo in Heathrow part 1

August 21, 2009 1 comment

Teresa in Spain has this to tell…  in 3 parts just because who doesn’t want to see 3 pictures of Kevin??

My greatest dream of all was to meet Kevin. When I learned he was coming to Europe, I did not have second thoughts and headed to London with my dear friend Mariola, who will always be very important in my life for we have a wonderful time together.


drom81Steve Bacic, Gordon M. Wollvett, and Kevin would be at the Radisson Hotel where the event would take place. We got into a lovely big room with crystal walls, waiting for Kevin to come. My hands were sweating I was so nervous. Mariola told me when Kevin would get nearby it would pass… As if…

They finally came in, one by one, saluting each table, and when Kevin got near I told myself, “No, it´s not a dream, Kevin really does exist…”

He was kind to everybody. I could not help looking at him, I could not…

When he got to our table he sat for a while, shook our hands. I asked someone if I could give him the gifts I had brought for his kids, and he came to take the gifts, saying he loved hearing Spanish. (He) gave me two kisses and thanked me. I was on cloud nine, so I did not even notice the elevators when I got to my room.los_4