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Kevin Sorbo talks Grace Award: “So, when they said, ‘The winner is…'”

March 31, 2011 9 comments

Kevin Sorbo recently received Movieguide’s coveted Grace Award for “Most Inspiring Performance in Movies in 2010” for his impressive portrayal of Ben Walker in the film, What If…, directed by Dallas Jenkins and produced by Jenkins Entertainment. The honors occurred Friday, February 18, at the 19th Annual Movieguide® Faith & Values Awards Gala, which he also hosted at the Hilton Universal City in Universal City, California.

Sorbo addressed that very special night in an earlier March interview with this writer:

SW: Congratulations for the Grace Award. We are all so excited about it. I’m sure you are.

KS: It was wonderful. It was a great evening. My mom and dad were there, which made it even more special. The week I left to play in the Frank Sinatra Golf Tournament, they were goin’, “Well, should we come to Frank?” And then they heard I was up for this award, and they said, “You know, we can come for this,” especially since I was hosting it. So they came in (that) Wednesday and hung around ‘til Saturday morning, and we just had a really nice weekend together. And the win on top of it was just a bonus.

I honestly had not prepared anything. I know people do. People say before (they win), “I didn’t think I’d win this.” It’s true. I didn’t think I would win it. I didn’t really… There were nine other people up for it. It was quite a slew of people. There’s a panel of five that vote on these things. They’re the secret panel; no one knows where they are (or) who they are. And I won, which is kinda cool.

SW: What went through your mind when they announced your name?

KS: Well, you know, I was backstage the whole time. They (Movieguide) wanted me not to join my family out there (in the audience) because I was the host. They said they didn’t know what the pace of the show was gonna be, so they’d rather have me back there so I could watch on the big screen. I didn’t even know the award was up.

It was halfway through and somebody (backstage) said, “Hey, there you are.” And I looked over at the screen ‘cause I was looking down at the notes for the next bit I was supposed to say when I went back on stage. I went, “Oh, this is up for the Grace Award. Cool.” So, when they said, “The winner is…” I wasn’t in my mind goin’, “Kevin Sorbo.” I didn’t know who they were gonna pick. All of a sudden they said my name, and it literally took me two or three seconds to go, “Wow!”

And they said (backstage), “Get up there.” And I went, “Oh, OK.” So, I went on stage, and I was certainly at a loss for words. What I do say will make the cut I’m sure, ‘cause it’s one of the bigger awards and they’re gonna cut it down to one hour when they air it on The Hallmark Channel next month. But, the show was well over two hours, so, they’re really gonna have to chop it down a lot.

SW: Did the whole experience of the film, especially after winning the award, change you in any way?

KS: I don’t think it changed me. I loved doing the film. I mean, I did the movie for absolutely nothing. I worked an Extra’s Rate when I shot this movie (laughs), so, you know there was no money in it. All the money was put into the travel and lodging, and the crew worked cut rate, and John Ratzenberger, all of us, worked for nothing ‘cause we just liked the film. We liked the story. We liked the character arcs and stuff. That’s why did I the movie.

Many, many heartfelt congratulations again, Kevin. We knew you could do it!

Here’s a link to more fantastic photos:

Purchase What If... today!

(Images courtesy of Movieguide®)


Vote for Kevin Sorbo’s “What If…” as Dove Foundation’s Best Family Film!

March 24, 2011 8 comments

Wow! The What If… train just keeps rolling!

The Dove Foundation recently nominated Jenkins Entertainment’s Movieguide Teddy Award-winning film, What If…, starring Grace Award winner Kevin Sorbo and directed by Dallas Jenkins, for its Crystal Dove Seal and accompanying trophy for your favorite Dove Family-Approved movies of 2010. It’s in the “Best Family” category.

Here’s how you can help Kevin and Dallas win this coveted prize. All you need to do is vote!

Go to the Dove Foundation online ballot here:

Scroll down to “Best Family” and click in the circle adjacent What If… It’s first in the list, so you can’t miss it. Then enter your email address for news and updates about the award and a chance to win a collection of Dove “Family Approved” movies on DVD. It’s that simple!

You can vote using all of your email addresses, but can only use each one once.

But, you need to hurry!

The deadline is MARCH 31!!!

The Dove Foundation will publish the winners in each category on its website at, in their e-newsletter, which reaches 80,000 subscribers, and in a national press release.

Very cool!

And as Kevin said, “Let’s get votes!!!”

The Dove Foundation incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in 1991, and began its work producing the first list of movies with the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal. Its mission is to encourage and promote the creation, production, distribution and consumption of wholesome family entertainment.


** Also, watch this blog for an interview with What If… Executive Producer Jerry B. Jenkins and a great What If… movie review from our Georgia gal Rhonda! **

(Dove images courtesy of the Dove Foundation; Kevin Sorbo photo courtesy of Movieguide®)

Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) was played by a very handsome man…

March 19, 2011 3 comments

Lise in Montreal sent this great story about a year ago (my humblest apologies for posting it so late, my friend) of how she became a Kevin fan. Please enjoy!


This is how it happened:

I would watch every Friday night on CBS a vampire series I liked very much, “Forever Knight.” It would play at 11:30 pm, and that was in the 1990s.

Then one week, they removed the show and put “Hercules” at first, and I must admit, I wasn’t very pleased, but, I watched it. I got hooked immediately. I always loved Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt and mythology in general.

It didn’t hurt that Hercules was played by a very handsome man whom I found out was the same age as me and single at the time. Not that I ever expected to meet him or anything.

So, I got hooked to the show and would watch every episode. I also got interested in “Xena,” which was an offspring from “Hercules.” (I mean here that one of the characters who was on “Hercules” got her own show.)

I even watch reruns of “Hercules” to this day, and even bought a book about Hercules. Even felt a bit sad when Kevin got married, but, I guess all fans do feel that way a bit, but, I got over it.

I did check out “Andromeda,” and watched it for a while, but on account of being extremely busy, I did miss some shows.

I had seen Kevin in Meet the Spartans, and I must admit that he was my favorite in the movie.

I have the VHS tape of Kull and still watch it.

So, now you know the full story.


[Artwork(l) by Tracie]

Dear Chuck Lorre: Kevin Sorbo should replace Charlie Sheen!

March 10, 2011 11 comments

You can’t go anywhere in cyberspace these days without reading about Charlie Sheen and his now former stint on CBS’ hit sitcom, “Two and a Half Men.” Equally popular is the speculation about his replacement.

Still, I have yet to see the obvious choice: Kevin Sorbo.

Here’s why Kevin Sorbo should be on “Two and a Half Men”:

1. He starred in two back-to-back hit syndicated television shows: “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” (7 years) and “Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda” (5 years).

2. He has remained a continuous working actor for over 20 years on television and in movies.

3. He already appeared in Chuck Lorre’s “Two and a Half Men” as Andy in the episode, “Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Burro” (2006).

4. He guest-starred in TV hits like “Cybill” (created by Lorre), “Just Shoot Me,” “According to Jim,” “Hope and Faith,” “The Middleman,” “Psych,” and had recurring appearances in “Dharma and Greg” (created by Lorre) and “The OC.” He also appeared in the season one finale of the hit comedy series, “Gary, Unmarried.”

5. He possesses the ability to meld into any role, being equally comfortable with comedy and drama.

6. He creates believable, human characters.

7. His comedic timing is impeccable, as is his natural charm.

8. He’s easy to work with according to directors, writers, cast, and crew.

9. He allows costars to shine in their respective roles.

10. He’s an excellent role model, supporting numerous charities and helping people whenever he can.

11. He’s a stable family man with a loving wife and three beautiful kids whom he adores.

12. He loves his fans and is always courteous, polite, and obliging.

13. He recently won Movieguide’s Grace Award for “Most Inspiring Performance in Movies in 2010” for his spectacular portrayal of Ben Walker in the film, What If…

14. He’s an all-around cool guy who would enhance this show with laughter, fun, and a strong screen presence.

15. He’s still a hot babe who continues to attract fans worldwide!


Let’s send the message to Executive Producer Chuck Lorre that Kevin Sorbo is THE BEST addition to “Two and a Half Men.

Tweet this. Facebook this.

Add this anywhere you can think of to tell Hollywood:


(Photos courtesy of Kevin Sorbo, the Hallmark Channel, and Henri Raynaud)

March Madness with Kevin Sorbo… Thanks, Sanne & Loli!

March 10, 2011 Leave a comment

“What If…” director Dallas Jenkins’ special request for Kevin Sorbo fans

March 9, 2011 3 comments

The recently released DVD of Kevin’s award-winning film, What If…, is phenomenal! It includes several touching scenes that were cut from the television version, director’s commentary from Dallas Jenkins, and behind-the-scenes cast commentaries. The faith-based movie that also stars Kristy Swanson, John Ratzenberger, Debby Ryan, and Taylor Groothuis is great for whole family, as well as to share with friends and even your congregation!

Dallas has a special request for us to help spread the word:

“Hey guys,

The movie is now officially available on, which is the most common place online for people to buy. It’s always good to provide people a place to immediately get it when it’s mentioned to them.

So, it’d be great if in the next day or two you could tweet and Facebook the link along with a personal word of excitement about the film.

Here is the shortened link:



You DON’T want to miss Kevin’s spectacular performance for which he won the Grace Award for “Most Inspiring Performance in Movies in 2010.”

Buy your copy TODAY!!

The Big Apple welcomed Kevin Sorbo

March 6, 2011 7 comments

Last week Kevin spent a few days in the Big Apple, New York City, on a whirlwind media blitz promoting What If…‘s recent DVD release. He booked numerous radio and television shows like “Hannity,” “Fox & Friends,” and “Red Eye.”

Speaking of red eye, seems good ol’ dad got a good ol’ fashioned butt-kicking from his kids! Poor Kevin caught a finger in his left eye while wrestling with his young sons, Braeden and Shane, the previous weekend. It was bloodshot and looked terribly painful as you can see in these great pictures. Oh, my! We wish him a safe and speedy recovery!

(Photos courtesy of Kevin Sorbo)