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Kevin Sorbo in Canada Part 3 – Lots of good stuff happened

March 28, 2010 8 comments

This is a multiple part story from Theresa in Canada who attended a convention in Toronto about three or four years ago (via Mara):

Okay, so Day Two!

It was Sunday morning and I was sitting there wondering what it would be like to see (Kevin) again ‘cause I really had no plans on going back, hence that is why I told him I would probably never see him again and asked for another hug. But, I told myself if I didn’t go I would regret it, and sat there thinking and wallowing about not going again when I had the chance, so I went.

I made it there just in time to meet with some friends I had met there the day before, and we all made our way to the front row to hear him talk about “Hercules.” It was kind of funny ‘cause at first we were all there and the creator and person who does the voice for “Sponge Bob” came in and started to talk about “Sponge Bob” (and) we told them (that) they had the wrong room! LOL! It was funny.

Then Kevin came in and started to sit down at the table and looked down at the row where I was sitting (front row, of course), pointed at me and kind of said, “Hey,” and smiled. I thought, “Oh my goodness, he recognized me!” It was almost like he was happy to see me? Or maybe it was just my imagination running free. LOL!

He sat and talked about “Hercules” and (how) the worst accident he suffered was actually given to him by Michael Hurst. Michael and he were waiting for the call for action, so they started fooling around with the swords that they had (he said it was the episode where he and Iolaus where fighting about Xena when she was first there). Michael is short, as everyone knows, and Kevin is 6’4″, so when they were fooling around Michael swung his sword around too much and ended up knocking Kevin out cold with the flat part of the sword. Kevin woke up in the hospital with 10 stitches in his head. I guess what Kevin was saying is that he bent down, but not low enough, and then Michael closed his eyes and swung. He also said that if Michael had hit him with the edge of the blade and not the flat part he probably would have killed him. Bad Michael!

He talked about meeting Sam there. I can’t quite remember everything he said that day, but I did get video of him talking about his two favorite episodes of “Hercules.” (It’s on YouTube as well.) I made a point of asking him that for my niece because she wasn’t with me that day. It’s not the best video because it was (made) with a digital camera. My friend Val whom I met there posted her meeting Kevin on Saturday on YouTube as well. I have it saved under my “Favorites.”

When he was finished, we all went to the next room for another photo op with Kevin, and this time I was in the middle of the line. We were watching people and there were some good poses, like one guy pretended he was struggling in an arm wrestling match with him while Kevin was yawning. Another guy had Kevin pick him up and hold him like he was Hercules… lots of good stuff happened.

Kevin started to talk and say some stuff to people, but I found it very hard to hear him. Then he looked over at me and looked me directly in the eyes and started talking to me like I was the only one in the room. I think it was probably because I was one of the tallest people in the room, but, OMG! he was totally talking to me and I was like totally freaking out in my mind! I mean, who wouldn’t be?!

It was my turn, and he asked me, “So, how do you want to do this?” I was thinking that I wanted him to look like he was going in for a big kiss, but then I said, “Can I just have another hug?” Darn! I was too chicken to suggest the other way! I often wonder if he would have done it or not? Hmm… I guess I will never know!

What I remember most, though, is how he hugged me. It wasn’t one of those, “Oh yeah, I am too good for this kind of hug,” but it was more like a warm, inviting hug that you would get from a friend that you haven’t seen in years! I remember thinking about how it felt when he was rubbing my back in the hug. *sigh*

All I can say is (that) if Kevin ever reads this, I would say to him, “Thank you for being such a wonderful person!” When the girls I work with saw that picture they said he looks like he is such a sincere person. One of the young guys that worked in my area at the time even asked one of the girls I work with if that was my husband because we looked so close in that picture. And someone else said that we looked like we were trying to match what we were wearing… When I took the picture home, one of the other guys I worked with said that he missed the picture of me and Hercules. That is the picture of me and Kevin in a warm embrace as I like to put it. (I guess it’s just that writer in me coming out. LOL!) 


Kevin Sorbo’s Charity, WFIT, is now on Facebook AND Twitter!

March 24, 2010 2 comments

WFIT logoWow! March has been an interesting month…

In addition to everything else, A World Fit for Kids! is now on Facebook:

Please become a Fan, then invite all of your friends and families to “Fan,” too. It’s easy:  Go to the WFIT Facebook page and look directly below the logo on the left. Click on “Suggest to Friends,” and your friend list appears. Choose whom you wish to invite, and click, “Send Invitations.” That’s it!

Now, we can follow what’s new and exciting with WFIT, and see photos of its great programs in action. Fans can donate through the page, too.


**** Update! Update! Update! ****

WFIT is now on Twitter, too! Follow it here:

Welcome, WFIT, we’re very happy to see you!

Support Kevin Sorbo and “Wolf Canyon”

March 23, 2010 4 comments

Okay, my friends, I know I sometimes ask a lot of you, but we really need to support “Wolf Canyon” if we want to see it in our respective countries.

Please send comments to APTN on Facebook:

and Twitter:

And to “Wolf Canyon” on Facebook:

and Twitter:

Here is a cast list with descriptions so you know who’s who:

Kevin Sorbo (Rick as Sheriff Wolf)

Rick first starred in the 1970s action/war series, “Foxtrot Zero,” then went on to star in such film (hits) as, “Ears of Midnight,””Deal Some Murder,” and, “The Marine and the Monkey.” A marginal box office draw, Rick tried to expand his acting chops by taking a disastrous star turn as the lead in “Kiss of the Spider Woman” in Branson, Missouri, but his career continued its failure spiral. Spending more time gambling, drinking, berating people and drinking more, he is prone to sudden losses of consciousness that he blames on an inner ear disorder instead of acknowledging that his blackouts might be the result of years of substance abuse and total disregard for his health. Despite this problem he is still an imposing physical presence and, when he desires, a formidable charmer who still makes time with the ladies.

Lorne Cardinal (Hoyt as Donovan Heavyfeather)

He is an old crony of Rick’s who plays the role of now-wealthy rancher, Donovan Heavyfeather. He doubles as the show’s stunt coordinator since he possesses many decades of experience as a stuntman. Unfortunately, this means many decades of receiving blows to the head. He can be lecherous and profane, but also childlike and endearing .

Barbara Tyson (Carol as Kate Wyatt)

Carol, a faded beauty and former vixen in her late 40s, plays Canyon City’s mayor and most distinguished scientist: Her Most Honorable Doctor Mayor Wyatt, the confidante to Sheriff Wolf and possible romantic interest. In reality, Carol hates Rick. The essence of “cougar,” Carol is world-weary, horny, and Scotch-drunk.

Jessica Harmon (Samantha as Frankie Walkabeckanowski)

She plays Deputy Francis “Frankie” Walkabeckanowski, whose love interest is the former lead actor of the show, Johnny Wilkes. She is repelled at the notion of having to repeat the same thread with Rick. At age 26 the clock is ticking on her career, and she is desperate for any other roles.

Casey Manderson (Joey as Billy Barrett)

A classically trained actor, Joey is co-star of the show portraying Deputy Billy Barrett, the young, completely naive sidekick. Miffed that he didn’t get the lead, Joey is resentful and arrogant. He is physically short compared to his costars, which makes him believe that everyone and everything are against him. Socially blunt and snobbish, Joey has few friends.

Nikki Payne (Diane, Producer)

Diane is the very urban, 30-something asexual flinty secretive show producer. Neurotic and hypertense, she pushes the Hollywood Studio Exec to keep “Wolf Canyon” on the air.

Matty Finochio (Quincy, Director)

Director of “Wolf Canyon,” Quincy is the long-estranged son of Rick, and they share no love for each other. His father was a boozing, womanizing, macho, egomaniac who basically ignored him his entire life. Throughout Quincy’s career he took great pains to disguise his relationship to Rick. Quincy, in his mind, is a more creative and talented light than his father, and resents Rick’s success.

Ali Liebert (Jan, Assistant Director)

Jan, although never quite recognized as the glue of the production, keeps things moving with inspired improvisation and a vast array of soft spoken social skills. A multi-tasker extraordinaire, she is also hot nerdy-girl Plain Jane. As the voice of reason and decency on the set full of dysfunctional and depraved specimens, she admits a certain fascination for Rick.

Jesse Wheeler (D’Arcy, Production Unit Manager)

D’arcy is the “Go-to” person, with the exception of Jan, the stable professional rock on the crazy set. A young man just becoming aware of his Cree heritage, he spends most of his time observing the flawed excess and quirks of the Wolf Canyon bunch with a bemused fatality.

Evan Adams (Chief Stan Irish)

His business card simply reads, “Chief” Stan, leader of the Horse Head Lake community, and he is the man to see for anything.

Brendan Beiser (Matthew, Writer)

Although several writers are credited for writing the show, only one actually does: Matthew. An enigma, he never comes out of his trailer and is never seen from the front.

Allan Harmon (Studio Executive)    Richard Harmon (Intern)

(Photos and descriptions courtesy of Really Real Films. Kevin screencap courtesy of Loli.)

The Real Kevin Sorbo

March 21, 2010 4 comments

Greetings, all!

Information has recently come to everyone’s attention regarding Kevin on Facebook and Twitter…

Several people are claiming to be him these days or have created fan sites using his name. To clear any confusion:

This is the Real Kevin on Facebook:!/profile.php?id=1059681241&ref=mf

This is the Real Kevin on Twitter:


You can link to both pages from the Kevin Sorbo Official Site (thanks, Jewels!):

Whereas, the fan pages are really cool and well done, a few imposters actually say they are him. So beware! Hopefully, the fake Kevins will soon stop lying to people!

So, please connect with Kevin on Facebook and Twitter to show him your love and support!

Also, my thanks to those who allowed me to use these lovely pics.

Another online voting campaign for Kevin Sorbo’s charity, WFIT

March 16, 2010 2 comments

Great news, everyone!!!

A World Fit for Kids (WFIT) is one of 33 Semi-Finalists in the riceworks® “Show Us Your Goodness” campaign announced on this blog last month. Thank you, riceworks®!! Now, it’s up to us to vote for WFIT to receive the People’s Pick Award. Don’t forget that the Grand Finalist receives $20,000.00 and three Semi-Finalists each receive $5,000.00.

Register and vote here:

Please share this on your websites, blogs, Facebook pages, etc., and tweet it often. Then tell and email your friends and families. too. The deadline is April 30.

Also, the judges chose Gina as the person who nominated WFIT. Way to go, Gina!!! And thanks to everyone who submitted a nomination.

🙂  Let’s Vote!!  🙂

Albert Pyun discusses “Tales of an Ancient Empire” starring Kevin Sorbo

March 16, 2010 2 comments

Albert Pyun began his film career in 1982 with the action-adventure flick, “The Sword and Sorcerer,” one of the top grossing independent films of all time. He followed with, “Radioactive Dreams,” which won the top prize as “Best Picture” at the Brussels International Film Festival of Fantasy. He has directed 50 feature films to date.

Pyun started making movies in Kailua, Hawaii, where he wrote, directed and produced 16-millimeter short films. He entered several film festivals and subsequently won the Hawaii International Film Festival. He traveled to Japan following graduation from high school where he served an apprenticeship with Master Director Akira Kurasawa and acclaimed cinematographer Takao Saito under the sponsorship of Japanese actor, Toshiro Mifune.

Pyun has directed such internationally acclaimed talents as Steven Seagal, Jean Claude Van Damme, Christopher Lambert, Dennis Hopper, Charlie Sheen, Rob Lowe, Burt Reynolds, Rutger Hauer, Darren McGavin, Ned Beatty, Tom Sizemore, John Lithgow, Kris Kristofferson, Seth Green, Mario Van Peebles, Peter Boyle, Courtney Cox, and Teri Hatcher.

His unique, stylistic approach offers blistering action sets and the intriguing combination of several genres in each of his films. Recent projects like “Invasion” (a.k.a. “Infection”), a horror feature filmed in one single shot and released by Lions Gate in 2007, won Best Movie and Best Director at Spain’s Estepona International Festival of Fantasy (2005) and “Left for Dead,” a horror/spaghetti western, released by Grindstone in 2008, won Best Director in Estepona (2007).

“Cool Air,”, an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s eponymous short story, and the thriller, “Bulletface,” are both currently in post-production. “Road to Hell,” starring Michael Pare, also in post-production, is scheduled to be released in early 2010.

Filmmakers from around the world claim Albert Pyun’s influence on their work and careers. He has filmed on every continent in the world.

“Tales of an Ancient Empire,” starring Kevin Sorbo and written and produced by Cynthia Curnan, is the follow-up to “The Sword and the Sorcerer.” Pyun has “high hopes for ‘Tales’ to follow in its success,” he stated.

Albert answered a few questions for us about “Tales” several months ago. More…

Message from Sorbowriter

March 15, 2010 2 comments

Greetings, my friends!

My apologies for not updating this blog lately.

I missed you all, and have much to share with you, including the conclusion of Theresa’s Kevin con story, some “Wolf Canyon” news, and amazing updates about “Tales of an Ancient Empire.”

I can’t wait to tell you!

Please forgive if I post lots for you to read at once.

For now, spending more time on Facebook and Twitter allows me to get to know you better. You live in such incredible places and speak such beautiful languages that I cannot even imagine! Thank you so much for sharing with me…

Also, so far our best time to chat at is Friday, 8 p.m., EST. We know that’s difficult for our non-US friends, so perhaps someone might like to moderate a chat at a more convenient time.  Please contact me or Gina so we can let everyone know. Until then, don’t forget…

***Kevin Chat Live every Friday at 8 pm!!***

Maybe the boss will even stop by sometime if he ever has the opportunity… Wouldn’t that be the coolest???  😉