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“It was a wonderful feeling to be in Kevin’s arms again.”

October 31, 2009 5 comments

This great story and accompanying artwork are from Anne in Germany who, with Lindsey and Heidi, heads the Official European Kevin Sorbo Fan Club (OEKSFC) and maintains its blog and forum:

FACTS Convention in 2009, Ghent, Belgium – a small report:

kevin-facts-2Kevin was again in Europe. We waited for him for a long time, and finally he was (here). We met Kevin again at a European Convention (FACTS).

After we (waited) for some time in the long (con entrance) queue, we (arrived) at Kevin’s autograph table. He was not there yet, and I used the time to get the Birthday Book from the OEKSFC from my backpack. We wanted to hand it to Kevin there. When I got up, Kevin already sat in his place. He looked great. We, the club team (Lindsey, Heidi and I), waited until the fans said goodbye to Kevin.

“Oh, my fan club is here,” said Kevin, pleased, and (gladly) welcomed us  We gakevin and me facts2009ve him the book, which he took with thanks. We (then) took the first photos together with Kevin. It was a wonderful feeling to be in his arms again.

Unfortunately, Kevin was only at the FACTS (for) one day because he is just shooting a new movie, so we spent as much time as possible with him.

The first photo shoot began with Kevin in the afternoon. Laughing, Kevin (greeted) me and asked (on) which side I want (to stand). What a question… Then, I was on Kevin’s side and in his arms, and we had a lot of fun. I do not know why, but the photographer didn’t stop taking photos. Kevin amused me very much; however, I enjoyed it – to be for a long time in Kevin’s arms. When I received my pictures later I was very happy with them; they are very nice.

(The con) continued with Kevin’s Q&A panel. He talked a lot about his new movies, and to my great joy he said that he has also a new western.

The day came to an end too fast, and, unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Kevin. We met Kevin again at his table. Edith and I shot some photos with Kevin together, and then there was the official handing over of the Birthday Books to Kevin and also photos from the OEKSFC Team. We still chatted with him for some time (and) thanked him for his time and that he had made it possible to come. Once again there were hugs and nice photos with Kevin, which also gave to him a lot of pleasure.

Kevin signed for us the big poster behind him (at his table). We received it as a gift from the FACTS team to our Club… very nice!!!

kevin on facts2009Then we said goodbye to Kevin, wished him a good journey home, and (said we) hoped to see him soon again in Europe. (We took) our last look at a great actor and a miraculous, friendly and charming man.

Too fast this day passed, and we hope to see Kevin again soon.


“We came back with Kevin Sorbo in our hearts.”

October 27, 2009 6 comments

Teresa’s report f100_4888rom the October, 2009 FACTS Convention

On Thurday, October 15, we flew to Brussels to meet with Kevin Sorbo; we went to Ghent – a beautiful city. We were in Brussels on Friday with a girl, Silvia, Italian, really sweet, (and) we walked through the city. (We) went to see the Atomium – impressive – and returned to the hotel because the next day was the day of Kevin Sorbo.

Saturday arrived. We got up at 7 and went to breakfast. (We) tried to get beautiful. On this occasion Amanda, my daughter, and my friend, Sandra, were along.

At the hotel we met Evelyne and her husband from France. They were very (nice), and (we) went towards the entrance (of) FACTS because we had to be there at 9:15. Once inside we kept looking at the stores until it was nearly 10:30 a.m. when we´d get Kevin´s permission to get near his desk.

There, we met our friends Charline from France and Vivianne, a Belgian girl. We are all friIMG_0301ends.

Kevin suddenly came in and said, “hello.” in general without looking at anyone. (He) sat at his table, and he brought a small suitcase from which he started to put pictures up on the table. When everything was placed down on the table he looked up and began to greet people.

IMG_0302There were many people around, but nobody got near – just took a lot of pictures before approaching him. I did a lot of photos and recorded videos… I had many friends waiting to see them…

When I approached (him), Kevin stood up and kissed me for the third time… no one recorded it…buuuuaaaa… I introduced my daughter and we got pictures with Kevin. I congratulated him on his birthday and Octavia´s and Sam´s, which would be shortly… He thanked meSilvia.

I got to the table so many times. I brought photos of friends for him to sign… and made me one pic with Kevin (grinning)…

We went to eat, and then to the photo session with Kevin, (which) was really… I have no words… I can only say that he´s a gift of God for people… very kind, very gentle…

For Evelynemy friend Silvia it was a dream come true for she fell in love with “Hercules” at (age) 13, and now (at) 25 she could be able to finally fall into the arms of Hercules… just like my daughter also did… No, not me! I´m a bit too heavy for him to carry… LOL!

Evelyne was fascinated by Kevin´s height (and) said that next time she´ll bring high heels!

Vivianne also was very excited…

My daughter said she loved learning how very, very nice and good he is…

With Sandra the photo session was also very funny… Well, you will see us all in the videos, ok?Vivanne

The photographer took three hours to give us the photos because the printer broke. It was 15 minutes before 6 p.m. The con was ending, and when we got there with Vivianne (and) Evelyne the actors were not (there). We were very sad, but, when we saw Kevin behind the curtain we asked him if he could sign the photos, and he came! He signed all of them, and we gave him gifts for his kids… I gave him a funny photo of the ladies from (the) Brazilian forum (I was a bit shy about it), but eventually I gave it to him to sign… Ha! Ha! Ha!

SandraWell, after that we said, “goodbye,” with hugs and kisses. Kevin told me it had been a happy day. I thanked him for coming to which he answered, “It has been a pleasure.”

As he said “bye” to my daughter he asked her, “Do not forget me,” and that the trip hadAmanda been worth it.

Kevin: Rest assured that my daughter will never forget you; and if the next time you come, she´s not going to play a basketball game: she will come to see you!

I agree with you, Kevin – it was a great day, and the trip was worth it! Sunday, we went to Bruges, a beautiful city, and back home with Kevin in our hearts.

Kevin, come back soon. We love you. Take care!





(Captions left to right: Silvia and Teresa; The Big Guy, who??; Silvia; Evelyne; Vivianne; Sandra; Amanda; Charline;  The Gang (l-r): Sandra, Evelyne, Teresa, Charline (front), Vivianne, Silvia; Teresa and Amanda;The Notorious Brazilian Forum Ladies’ Funny Photo!-created by Marcy)

A taste of Kevin Sorbo in Ghent, Belgium

October 20, 2009 5 comments

They’re not white chocolate, but more delicious… Here are some of Teresa’s Kevin photos from the con in Ghent, Belgium, October 17, 2009. More to come with her full report, and hopefully something from other lucky attendees. Also, keep your eyes on Kevin’s official and fan club sites, forums, and newsletters for the latest and greatest about the con and more!

Muy bueno… Muchos gracias, Teresa!




 Teresa and Kevin… besos!

100_5265100_5274100_5280100_5281 100_5259The end… or is it?!

Kevin Sorbo October calendar

October 15, 2009 6 comments


Dr. Kevin Sorbo does it again!

October 3, 2009 18 comments

Cathy in New Jersey sent this miraculous tale:


HE was only 40 minutes from my home, the MAN of MEN, the only male who could reduce me to a mass of Jello. A half-hour away! Now, what do I wear? Then it hit me…

Rewind: Several years back I’d lost the use of my legs because of a nerve condition called neuropathy caused by standing 12 hours a day in my job. Stuck in a wheelchair in 1996, I discovered T.V. again, and there it was – “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.” Need I say more?

Then around 2002 I discovered computers, and between the two I spent many happy hours looking at Kevin, reading about Kevin, doing more looking at Kevin, lol! and mostly, wheeling my chair up to the computer and talking to a lovely lady who ran a website for Kevin Sorbo fans like me, utterly addicted for life.

There was something about this guy past his looks, the things he’d say and do that told me he was genuine and so un-Hollywood. Back then there was very little name recognition, few people heard of him though they knew the program, and I couldn’t find any pictures or posters. I thought I was the only one admiring this beautiful man with the unique voice – I’d never heard another sound like it! Very masculine yet sweet, witty, with a hint of playful humor – like a little kid. When called for however, Kevin Sorbo had the most manly voice I’ve ever heard. Anyway, my brother found a poster and I still have it.

Back to that day: It was sometime in early 2000 when I was told he’d be in New Jersey very close to Newark where I live. This was too incredible for words, nothing could keep me away – or so I thought. I called my medi-transport van people and gave them the particulars, where I was going and how URGENT it was. I was getting giddy.

When they discovered it wasn’t medically related, however, they said no. OH NOOOO!!! Okay, I thought, many buses take wheelchair-bound people, right? Of course they do! I called New Jersey Transit, but they said I’d have to be at a certain bus stop at a certain time, etc. It was all too much to work out and still get to the con before it was over. I knew it would be a long wait, a long line to see Kevin, just a total mess for me because of the darn chair.

Heck, I was ready to crawl just to tell Kevin Sorbo he was the best thing to hit the screen since… well, ever. I wanted SO much to see him. I had my pennies saved, and no matter what it took I’d do it. But when nothing else cooperates with you, it can end sadly, as it did for me; Mr. Sorbo left New Jersey before I could even try a taxi.

Talk about self-pity – I was full of it. “Poor me” was all I could mutter for days. Even my friends, who understood my adoration of this guy, thought I was being too morose.

“Oh, he’ll be back to Jersey, you’ll see Cathy. Don’t look so ugly about this!”

I really DID look frightful, plain mean, super-sad, acting like I’d never smile again.

I was ready to give up and just get used to that darn wheelchair, not doing my exercises, not making those attempts to stand; not even trying. What a mess I let myself become.

Then, my friend who had this website offered to get me an autographed picture of Kevin when she went to his next convention. This friend attended every con she could that had Kevin, so I was grateful and said, yes, of course. I picked out the picture I wanted him to sign, a special one she herself took, but I kneStandandwalkbebrave copyw she was really just trying to cheer me up – she knew about my physical condition and was always considerate and friendly.

When she asked what I’d like Kevin to write, I told her something about getting up and walking, being strong and brave, all that good stuff. Truly, I didn’t expect any of it to happen.

About a month later I got this envelope in the mail. Tearing it open I pulled out this beautiful picture of that amazing man and almost fainted. It was Kevin Sorbo himself ORDERING up these words:


Holy heck, he did it; he signed a picture of himself staring straight out at me, which was taken by my friend and had Kevin pointing straight into the camera. It was the picture I wanted! But those words, they just hit me like a punch on a velvet curtain. That’s the magic of Kevin Sorbo.

Now, here’s the real magic: I framed that picture, put it right where I could see it from my chair by the bed, and each time I’d pull myself up and grab the walker, I’d look directly into Kevin’s ocean blue eyes, read those incredible words, and even if I couldn’t make it, I’d try again. And again. For weeks. For months. Because Kevin Sorbo told me to!!

It took six to eight months to be able to use only the walker, and my doctors just shook their heads. After a year I was using only a cane. To this day, that’s all I need.

When I look at that picture, of all the pictures I’ve seen of this man, it reminds me of the strength we have inside and may not know about. It reminds me of the kind of caring that can come from someone who hadn’t even met you. It reminds me that people need people.

In the years since those days I’ve opened a mentoring program and made something better of my life, which could’ve had such a different outcome. Credit where it’s due: Kevin Sorbo helped me understand something very basic: We’re all connected.