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Kevin Sorbo: Addict, User, Dealer – His take on golf, fitness & Yoli, Part 1

June 22, 2011 4 comments

Kevin Sorbo is a self-proclaimed golf and fitness addict. He’s on the links whenever possible for himself, as well as in numerous charity tournaments like the BMW Pro Am and his own Annual Kevin Sorbo Celebrity Golf Tournament that will be held this year September 23 through 25, at Eagle Vines Golf Course, Silverado Resort in Napa Valley, CA, to benefit his charity, A World Fit For Kids! (WFIT).

As a busy working actor/producer/director, father of three active young children and gifted athlete Sorbo constantly strives to stay in shape. He works out daily, tries to maintain a balanced diet, and takes supplements from Yoli, a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) company that targets acidity as a primary health problem in today’s society.

I recently chatted with Sorbo about his golf game, health regimen, and Yoli. We also discussed how his commitment to Yoli and its products: Alkalete, Truth, and Fun, led him to become an Independent Distributor, selling online and seeking other people to do the same.

Currently, Sorbo’s golf index is a 6.1, but he admitted that that’s an average between his low of two and high of 11 where he’s been the past 20 years. He expressed his goal of achieving a four, but that, unfortunately, due to time constraints finds it difficult “to keep that short game in check,” he stated.

Sorbo’s workouts these days consist of at least one hour per day depending on his hectic schedule. The former Hercules in the 1990s syndicated television hit, “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” pumped iron for two hours daily during his show’s seven-year run. He scaled back and lost muscle for his subsequent five-year role as Captain Dylan Hunt in the science fiction action series, “Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda.” Following that program’s end, he continued to work out, never losing his desire to remain fit.

“Working out is still a drug for me,” Sorbo explained. “The key is I built a nice little gym in my house. I quit going to the gym about a year and a half ago because it was 20 minutes to the gym and 20 minutes back. That’s 40 minutes wasted on the road. That’s my cardio time, so why waste it driving to the gym?

“I have learned to manage my time much better now that I have three kids who are the most important element to my day. I usually try to work out in the morning and need to do it every day or I get a bit grumpy!”

The strapping 6’ 3”, blond, blue-eyed Adonis generally eats well. But sometimes temptation overtakes him despite his Herculean efforts to avoid it.

“I fall off that health wagon a lot,” confessed Sorbo. “I love my sweets and pasta and need to cut that down. My workouts basically balance my habit of eating poorly. I eat a lot of protein and love a good salad.”

Sorbo counteracts his sometimes bad dietary habits by adding Yoli daily to bolster his immune system, strengthen his muscles and joints, and decrease the acidity present in many foods and beverages. The company’s products offer live, active ingredients; minimal calories; natural antioxidants like pomegranate, acai, and goji; stevia, an herbal sweetener; and Alkalete, Yoli’s signature blend of essential minerals and electrolytes that neutralizes acid and stabilizes the body’s pH balance.

“The reason that people don’t get healthier is stubbornness. It’s as simple as that,” Sorbo said. “Yoli has a little package that you can put on top of pizza, salad, whatever to cut down on the acidity that we put in our bodies. Most things that we eat are acid. This is a neutralizer.

“You can put the packets in water to make yourself healthier. The idea behind that is to get off of sodas that don’t quench your thirst and contain sugar. We’ve gotten our bodies to crave sugar and salt. Our country speaks for itself; we’re the most obese country in the world.”

Yoli offers items in powder, liquid and capsule forms. It also has blasts, portable inserts designed to encircle the rim of a 20-inch bottle. Merely twist the blast onto the bottle’s top, press its center to release the ingredients, close the bottle, and shake. Taking Yoli couldn’t be easier!

“I believe in what the drink is doing for me,” added Sorbo. “My energy level is up and I’m sleeping better. All you have to do is go online and look at the ingredients.

“The packaging is important, too – the preservation of the product’s quality and that it’s not losing its nutritional value. Most juices that people buy in the grocery store say they’re 100% juice, but they’re not. By then most of the nutritional value is gone.”

Sorbo became interested in Yoli thanks to a publicist friend who introduced him to Eugene Hong, who is now his sponsor. He tried the products and immediately loved them. He decided to sell Yoli, sharing his positive results to try to help people get healthier and demonstrating how they might earn extra income by becoming Independent Distributors like himself. The popular actor also volunteered to use his celebrity to spread the word about Yoli for which he receives no remuneration.

“I don’t care if somebody wants to sell it,” Sorbo concluded. “It’d be great if somebody wants to come on board because it is a way to make extra money. But I’d rather have 1,000 people sign up and get the product every month than one person selling it. They’ll feel the difference, trust me. They’ll get sick less and feel more energy.

“I wanted to be a celebrity face for them, too. They’re not paying me to be part of this. I’m getting the product. I’m using the product. I tell about the product, so I’m a user and I’m also a dealer!”

See Sorbo’s Yoli site at You can send him a message about your interest in Yoli by clicking on “Contact Me” at the bottom of his goyoli site. He’d love to hear from you!

Writer’s Note:  I tried the Alkalete capsules and Truth powder, and in less than a week began to see and feel positive results. I followed Kevin’s lead and became an Independent Distributor, too! Send Kevin an email… you won’t regret it!

(BMW Pro Am photo courtesy of Kevin Sorbo; Yoli images & video by Eugene Hong)

Kevin Sorbo & Edgar Allan Poe: The Fall of the House of Usher… A Review

June 16, 2011 6 comments

Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) is one of my favorite authors and Kevin Sorbo is one of my favorite actors. Combining the two is a stroke of genius!

Macabre Mansion, a production company specializing in audio dramas, caught my attention when it announced plans to record one of Poe’s best-known short stories, “The Fall of the House of Usher,” with Sorbo as the Narrator. They upped the ante by donating a portion of the CD’s proceeds to Sorbo’s charity, A World Fit For Kids! (WFIT). Poe and Sorbo together, plus funding for WFIT… I knew I wanted it!

Poe’s classic 1839 tale documents Roderick Usher’s descent into madness following the death of his twin sister, Madeline, and belief that the house, used metaphorically to describe the Usher family as well as the physical building, is to blame. Its Gothic overtones propel readers into a stylistically desolate world, yet, Poe introduces a vagueness of time and place that creates a dream-like quality.

Its first-person narrative begins with a desperate letter from Roderick to his unnamed childhood friend begging for an audience at the ancient Usher estate and ends with the grand mansion’s fiery destruction. Poe weaves a nightmarish story using colorful descriptions of physical surroundings in a funeral dirge meter that unlocks the primordial fear of death inherent in us all.

Macabre Mansion’s excellent adaptation, written, directed and produced by Kevin Herren, combines 19th century theatrical melodrama with 1940s radio narrative and adds enough vernacular to captivate audiences of all ages. It is lyrical, descriptive and mesmerizing, and brilliantly pays homage to Poe’s massive talent. The approximately 30-minute recording offers excitement and intrigue via its well-structured plot, realistic sound effects by David Scharf and subtle music by Kevin Macleod.

l-r: Jim O'Rear, John Billingsly, Bonita Friedericy, Kevin Sorbo

The cast includes Sorbo (Narrator), Jim O’Rear (Roderick Usher), Bonita Friedericy (Madeline Usher) and John Billingsly (Doctor Locke). Together they are an amazing ensemble that brings Poe’s unforgettable characters to life.

The story opens as the Narrator receives a letter from his childhood friend, Roderick Usher, requesting his presence at the grand Usher estate due to the latter’s failing health. He embarks on his journey, but experiences trepidation as he approaches the eerie Gothic mansion.

Lady Madeline Usher greets him upon his arrival, but Dr. Locke intercedes, lecturing the woman that she is too ill to be out of bed and must return to her room. He escorts the friend to Roderick’s room where the heir to the Usher estate rests in shadows, but becomes excited by his friend’s appearance. Dr. Locke leaves them, and Roderick proceeds to explain his urgent message’s meaning and the Usher family’s plight that left its two remaining members with an unknown, but fatal malady.

Later Dr. Locke informs Roderick that Madeline “breathes no more,” which exacerbates her brother’s belief that mysterious forces haunt him and killed his sister. Roderick and the Narrator retrieve her body from its grave and place it in the mansion’s bowels where Roderick observes how life-like she looks.

On the 7th or 8th night of the Narrator’s stay he tells of his increasing terror and unwillingness to remain alone in his room. Roderick joins him and they pass the horrible night together with the Narrator reading aloud from the book, the Mad Trist by Sir Launcelot Canning. However, while reading, the Narrator becomes unnerved by various inexplicable sounds. What ensues is the epitome of Poe’s affectation with horror and death.

Sorbo’s narration draws listeners into the story casually, yet dramatically. He spins the yarn as if he’d experienced it, recounting events with such realism and earnestness that he seemingly becomes the author, Poe himself. He sets the story’s mood and tone throughout, skillfully maintaining its enthralling pace.

Sorbo presents a character within a character as he assumes the role of Roderick’s friend while acting as the Narrator, changing parts with ease. As the Narrator he wields his velvet voice like a weapon – decisive and commanding. When placed in the story as Roderick’s friend he becomes a different person, genuine and passionate, portraying the character’s mounting fear that intensifies during his reading of the Mad Trist.

This is my favorite part of the piece. Sorbo’s mounting fear is the complete antithesis of his typical “tough guy” roles. And he is excellent! He surprises with hesitation, stuttering, rapid speech, and increasing agitation that culminate in a “What the hell was that?” type of panic. He then returns to the staid Narrator, relating subsequent events more like an observer than a participant, and concludes the tale as it began in true Gothic style.

O’Rear is perfectly maniacal as Roderick Usher, lending his many talents to this part. At the story’s beginning he is almost child-like, welcoming his friend to his home, explaining his plight, and expressing relief that his childhood companion arrived so that they can relive their memories. He then exudes madness that starts with a slight laugh, crescendos to accusations, then decrescendos to resignation like a symphony of emotions.

Sorbo and O’Rear work well together, complementing each other vocally and with acting styles. Where Sorbo is calm and rational, O’Rear is expressive and exaggerated. Midway, they exchange approaches and Sorbo is believably frightened while O’Rear is unperturbed as if he’d expected these terrors all along.

What terrors, you ask? I won’t tell you more… You need to buy the CD!

But, I tell you this… I frequently listen to “The Fall of the House of Usher” and hear something new each time. Truly, I never want it to end!

See Macabre Mansion’s website to purchase the CD or download it digitally:

(Photos courtesy of Macabre Mansion; Collage by Jan)


I started getting more from life… Kevin Sorbo… this name is everywhere.

June 14, 2011 5 comments

Claudia from Chile kindly sent us this cool story about how she became a Kevin fan… Thanks, Claudia!

How to describe what I’ve lived… It’s been years… I was 24 then, and my TV was airing “Hercules.”

I did not pay much attention at first; my mom used to watch the series each afternoon… Sometimes I’d join her and took a look, and I thought the hero was attractive, but I was really busy at that time.

One day, I joined my mom and watched the episode, and I thought…”OMG, what a beautiful man…” I started enjoying the show, and along time I got hooked by him.

Time went by and I started watching the show on cable TV every day at 4:00 p.m. Oh, I used to have lunch really fast so I could be able to watch and tape the show on VHS, and then I’d watch it again at evening… ’til early morning, so crazy… I was crazy!

Then I would get my camera ready, my VHS recorder all set… nothing more was so important, it was worth it not getting enough sleep.

By that time I was pretty alone, and that half-god kept me company along the days, in my dreams at night. Whew! His eyes made me suspire day and night…

Then I started to surf on (the) internet, reaching for information about him… craziness, plenty of photos everywhere, and I started a photo album with all I could pick up.

Time was passing by, and one day I got an email from Loli and one from Teresa, my Spanish friends. Since then it’s been five years ’til I met them, from 1995 ’til 2000. They sent me stuff (and) videos and we became great friends. So, slowly I started getting more from life… Kevin Sorbo… this name is everywhere.

I’m married today and I’m 40 now. Have got two kids and I keep admiring Kevin and getting in touch with my friends.

Teresa is today more hooked on him, and I really enjoy her photos from a Con… There is my autograph, happy and plenty of love for that actor, for that man, for that wonderful human being which, through Teresa, other fans and myself were able to learn about.

I’m also lucky for meeting Mara, my pretty Brazilian friend who supports my artwork. We don’t belong to any specific group; we are from different countries for a while now.

Sam, Kevin’s wife is a beautiful lady with whom he’s got three beautiful dolls… Yes, they look like beautiful dolls. Sam, the Golden Hind, an episode which I love… and then I’ve learned he’s got in love and married her… a beautiful couple I admire.

I also love Kull the Conqueror, which I’ve got a DVD copy (of), along (with) my VHS copies from “Hercules.”

Lovely memories and songs that I used to hear in the 90s watching the great adventures of Hercules…

Kevin Sorbo is bustin’ out all over just because it’s June…

June 14, 2011 2 comments

(Thank you, Sanne, Loli, and Mara! Lovely as always!)