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Happy 29th Birthday (again), Kevin Sorbo!!!!!

September 24, 2012 4 comments

It’s finally here! International Kevin Sorbo Day! Yay!

No, Kevin doesn’t drop down your chimneys with presents or leave chocolate Kevins in your baskets or anything else you people are thinking. So, stop that!

This is HIS day, no matter how much he hates it. Some of us got together and created presents just for him. We hope you all enjoy them as much as we did making them.

Happy Birthday,  Kevin!!!!

Many thanks to all who contributed:  Loli, Nancy, Mara, Rhonda, Malena, Jan, Carol and Jacqui.



One lovely sunny day I traveled down a new way
Went silently o’er the road and around the bend
Not expecting adventure, not expecting news
When to my surprise I ran into an old friend

‘Twas an Amazon from the wonderful days gone by
A comrade and warrior from long ago
A friend who walked with me and loves our Big Guy
And who also told stories of his adventures to and fro

As we sat and caught up she shared happy news
A celebration was drawing friends from near and far
Our dear Kevin was not sharing the clues
But the celebration of his birth was about to start

Excitement began to flow thru my veins
A smile crossed my weary face
Was time to gather our sisters together
And begin to decorate this quiet place

It had been a while since we’d gathered together in force
His faithful Amazons had been pretty quiet
But still we were near quietly staying the course
Now we joyfully prepared to start a happy riot

Its time to count our numbers
Its time to stand up and shout
His sweet Amazons no longer slumber
From every corner they’re dancing out

Each Amazon shouting their happy salutations
Each one crying out their wishes to the sky
All carrying presents and congratulations
We’re all here to celebrate the birthday of our Big Guy

Knowing he likes to keep it to himself
And not tell the world he’s a year older
His Amazons remind him he’s the same to them
And the Happy Birthday sign goes up from its folder

It’s time to celebrate; it’s time to dance
It’s time to gather together friends from times gone by
And share our love and stories of adventure and romance
And wish Happy Birthday and joy to our one and only Big Guy

We want you to know our hearts are bursting with joy
At the journey you’ve traveled and the great things you’ve done
The place you’ve come from and the places you are going
We stand together as always celebrating with you as ONE

So on your special day Kevin we send our love and cheer
We dance and sing and laugh still dear friends
Remember Kevin it is you that’s the reason for this lifetime bond
And YOU are the good and kind person who has brought us here

Remember Kevin no matter where you travel no matter where you go
Your Amazons are still here standing strong: It’s not past
We send this Amazon Birthday wish so you will always know
We stand with you all way, Your Ole Amazons love stands fast

Here’s the second of Jacqui-D’s Happy Birthday, Kevin videos:


Happy Day Before Your Birthday, Kevin Sorbo. Let’s Party!

September 23, 2012 2 comments

Tomorrow is Kevin’s birthday. Wahoooo! Or as he says, “Uggggh…”

In either case, I’ve decided to officially make September 24, on my blog anyway…

International Kevin Sorbo Day!!!

Who wants to celebrate???? Yeeehawwww!!!

Let’s get this party started!

Here are a few vids to whet your appetite:

Jacqui-D posted the first of three she made. Watch for the second one tomorrow and the third on Tuesday. (That’s her singing, BTW, very nice!!!)

This one is by Malena from her beautiful artwork:

Teresa made this one with all kinds of cool special effects:

Celebrate Kevin Sorbo’s birthday by donating to A World Fit For Kids!

September 23, 2012 1 comment

At this time last yKev Tourny2ear I was at Kevin’s 3rd Annual Kevin Sorbo Celebrity Golf Tournament benefiting his Los Angeles-based nonprofit foundation, A World Fit For Kids! (WFIT). I met so many interesting people and had a really great time. Kevin was a gracious host, making sure that everyone had fun, including himself.

Kevin often took a few moments throughout the three-day weekend, September 23-25, to praise WFIT, which he joined in 1997, first serving as its Board Chairperson and official spokesperson. He remains its official spokesperson and works hard to create awareness and raise funds for the organization.

He kindly offered a few words about WFIT and the Tournament.KevNorm3

“I’ve been doing A World Fit for Kids! for 15 years now,” said Kevin, “and it’s a wonderful nonprofit foundation that we’ve done really great things with. We’ve got a good program that deals with physical activity, fighting childhood obesity, grades, mentoring, self-esteem and positive reinforcement.”

Francis Palomo, a Teen Fit For Success Graduate, discussed his WFIT experience, and credited WFIT for giving him a chance at a life he never thought he’d have.

Today, he is a successful real estate agent with Century 21, which is a far cry from the life he described as a teenager.

“I felt like a name without a face, but that’s how you feel when you’re a teen growing up in the inner city,” Palomo said. “If you’re not in a gang, you stand alone. If you are in a gang, you can’t expect to live much beyond your 22nd birthday. I felt like I couldn’t win.”

When Palomo got into trouble and had to do community service, he asked if he could work with WFIT at the local elementary school. It gave him the opportunity to be a leader and positively mentor younger kids, and after he completed his community service commitment, WFIT hired him as a coach.

“Having a job was good on the wallet, and it kept me out of trouble,” added Palomo, “but the real benefit I received was in the way that it changed my thinking. I learned that if you are committed, you can do anything. This is exactly what A World Fit For Kids! taught me, and they gave me the chance to learn and to be succesWFIT2sful.”

“Kids are our future,” Kevin stated, “and I work with over 12,000 kids in L.A. County, which has a 54% drop-out rate. We have a 98% graduation rate with the 12,000 kids in our program. It’s good.

“We won an award from former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2007 for having the Best Afterschool Program in the state of California. We’re going nationwide with WFIT, which we’ve been talking about for a long time. We’ve been putting a five-year plan in place, and once we won this gold star from the Governor’s Office here in California, we’ve been inundated with people wanting to know about our program and what they do.”

Kevin’s exciting tournament, held at the Silverado Resort and Spa in beautiful Napa, CA, benefitted WFIT and consisted of a WFIT20wine and cheese pairings party on Friday night, choice of attending a wine tour or the tournament on Saturday, Kevin’s birthday dinner (September 24!) and silent auction on Saturday night and an outdoor rock concert on Sunday. Celebrities and plain folks like me attended, and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. It seemed like one, big happy family. Smiles and laughter abounded!

I asked Kevin how the idea of having a golf tournament began.

KevPutt2“The golf tournament idea was certainly mine,” he explained. “I’m a golf nut, so I hosted a few of them in New Zealand when I filmed ‘Hercules’ to raise money for kids with cancers of all kinds. It’s something I’d always wanted to do with WFIT, and we talked about it, but the timing or for whatever the reasons that we came up with we just never did it until 2008.

“Combining golf with such great a cause just makes for a fun way to raise awareness and money. I have always found that the people who play the game are usually people who value what this life has given them. It sounds corny, but there is no other sport where you meet others who value hard work, ethics, morality and fair play than those people whom I have met through the game of golf. Combine that with a shared love for the game and you have the makings of a charity event worth attending and making the difference in a sick or underprivileged child’s life.”

The Official Kevin Sorbo European Fan Club (OEKSFC) unites for the second year with the Fan SpKevDixonBanner onsorship for their Annual Birthday Project so that we can once again sponsor a golfer and maybe more at Kevin’s next Tournament.

Donations close September 30, in time to give Kevin his birthday present. They also have an online Birthday Book that’s free for you to write Kevin a nice birthday note.

Since Kevin’s upcoming Tournament was postponed from this year until sometime in the spring of next year, the OEKSFC will reopen donations after Christmas, date to be determined.

Please consider giving Kevin the best birthday gift of all by donating to this very worthy cause.

To donate:

To sign the free online Birthday Book:

More info about WFIT:

(WFIT photo courtesy of WFIT; Tournament photos by Jan)

If you love Kevin Sorbo in Hercules, you’ll definitely love him in Kull…

September 20, 2012 2 comments

Kevin Sorbo made his cinematic feature film debut in 1997 with the sword and sorcery fantasy, “Kull the Conqueror,” an adaptation of author Robert E. Howard’s Conan novel, The Hour of the Dragon, penned by screenwriter Charles Edward Pogue.

Our friend Rhonda from Georgia offers this fantastic review accompanied by Malena’s and Loli’s exceptional artwork. Many thanks to all who contributed to this story!

Kevin  Sorbo Kull 1“Kull the Conqueror” was Kevin’s first feature film during the “Hercules” days. It was originally planned to be the third “Conan” movie, but Arnold Schwarzenegger passed on it and it was rewritten for the Kull character that was created by Robert E. Howard (also the creator of Conan).

Kull is a warrior from Atlantis, training to hopefully become a member of the King’s Army. Soon, he finds himself in the middle of a battle between the king and his men after the king had killed his own son. He manages to stop the battle and warns the king that his blood would be spilled if he insisted on continuing the fight. The fight did continue, and Kull mortally wounds the king. With his final breath, the king makes Kull his successor. Taligaro, commander of the King’s army (played by Thomas Ian Griffith), demands that Kull give him the crown, but Kull refuses.Kevin  Sorbo Kull 2

Kull is introduced to the ladies in his new harem, one of whom he already knows – Zareta, a beautiful fortune teller (played by Karina Lombard), who had once read the tarot cards for him and foretold that Kull would become a king by the hand of a king, and now it had happened.

Kevin Sorbo Kull 3Kull has made many enemies, including Taligaro, since taking the throne, and so to overthrow him, they resurrect an ancient sorceress named Akivasha (played by Tia Carrere). She was at one time the witch queen of the lost city of Acheron. She uses her power to trick Kull into marrying her then she betrays him. Zaretta had already foretold that the fate of Kull’s kingdom would be found within a kiss, but not the kind he was expecting. To save his kingdom, Kull had to find the Breath of Valka, which he did not believe existed. With help from Zareta and her brother, the priest Ascalante (played by Native American actor Litefoot) Kull fulfills his destiny and destroys the evil witch queen.Kevin  Sorbo Kull 4

Kevin did a great job playing Kull and had a very good supporting cast surrounding him. The movie is available on DVD, if you haven’t seen it yet. If you love him in “Hercules,” you’ll definitely love him in “Kull.”

A few notes about the making of the film: It was shot in various cities in Slovakia and Croatia, thus creating the ancient atmosphere of Kull’s time. The film was not without problems, most notably, Kevin being stung by a sea urchin, injuring his foot badly. The timing of the theatrical premiere was not the best, either, for a couple of reasons: (1) It was the weekend of Labor Day and (2) It was the same weekend Princess Di was killed and many folkKevin  Sorbo Kull 9s stayed home to watch the T.V. coverage of that tragedy. It has been said that Kevin’s grueling workouts in preparation for “Kull” and his filming schedule for the movie may have led to the life-threatening illness that landed him in the hospital just days after the premiere; however, this was never confirmed.

Kevin himself has said more than once that the film would have been betteKevin Sorbo Kull 6r had they stuck to the original script, which would have produced an R-rated film. However, the producers wanted to draw in the audience that was watching Kevin as Hercules on T.V., which was mainly youngsters, so the film ended up being rated PG-13. While it didn’t do very well at the box office, the DVD sold well. In any effect, it was good for Kevin’s first attempt at a lead role in a major motion picture.

I would also recommend that you get the soundtrack CD and the tie-in novel. Both are available through

Kevin’s movies:

Kevin  Sorbo Kull 7Kevin  Sorbo Kull 8

Kevin Sorbo in Celebrity Ghost Stories and the new Skylanders Giants

September 19, 2012 2 comments

Kevin is, as usual, very busy. Here are some of the fruits of his Herculean labors from describing a past ghosHerculestly encounter  to voicing a cool new character in the Skylanders game series.

He does so many interesting things and always seems to have fun doing them. And we’re very happy that he does it all for us, his fans. Yessiree… More Kevin for the buck!

So, turn on your TVs, read his book, watch his movies and play his games! Wow! What a versatile guy!!

And don’t forget our beloved Hercules is now on TV weeknights! Yeah!!

Monday-Thursday, 11 pm ET:  “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” The Hub Network.

Saturday, Sept. 22, 9 pm ET, and Sunday, Sept. 23, 1 am ET:

Segment on “Celebrity Ghost Stories,” Biography Channel.

Wednesday, Sept. 26, 10:30 pm ET:  Guest appearance on “Key & Peele,” Comedy Central.

True Strength PaperbackOctober 9:  Paperback Publication of True Strength: My Journey from Hercules to Mere Mortal–and How Nearly Dying Saved My Life.

October 21:  Release of “Skylanders Giants” (game); voice of The Crusher.

“Shadow on the Mesa,” Hallmark Movie Channel, premiers in August, 2013.KevShadowMesa

“The Angel Next Door” (formerly “A Christmas Angel”), release date to be determined.

AbelsField“Abel’s Field,” release date to be determined.

November 30-Dec 2:  New Orleans Comic Con, Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, LA.

(“Hercules,” “Shadow on the Mesa” and “Abel’s Field” images courtesy of Kevin Sorbo)

Don’t forget International Kevin Sorbo Day on September 24!

September 15, 2012 2 comments

Kevin Sorbo Sept calendar 1Kevin Sorbo Sept calendar 2Kevin Sorbo Sept calendar 3

Many thanks for your monthly Sorbo hotness Sanne, Loli, Malena and Mara! Wow!