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Kevin Sorbo meets Evelyne at Estepona, Spain, September, 2011

January 30, 2012 3 comments

Kevin attended the 12th Costa del Sol International Science Fiction Film Festival in Estepona, Spain, last September 19-24, at which he received the “Unicorn of Honor” Award. Our great friend Evelyne from France met him and offered this wonderful story. Merci, Evelyne!

That was my second encounter with Kevin.

After my friend Teresa told me that Kevin came to Spain I was not expecting to go. How my husband decided to go, too?

It’s easy because he appreciates Kevin. That made me happy. How to go 1400 Km by car, by plane???

Well, the freeway is better in order to head to Estepona… then we would leave two days earlier on September 18, and made our reservation to spend the night at the hotel. And we started out.

Long, long journey by car, but we finally got to Estepona. After resting in the hotel room, a nice spot overlooking the beach, we met with our Spanish friends, so nice and smiling as always; I appreciate them very much. Three days having rest and then we’d get to meet Kevin… I was less nervous than at Ghent’s (Belgium) Con.

We waited for Kevin to arrive at the hotel… Ahhh, he was exhausted walking along with his little wheeled suitcase and a beautiful smile that he generously gave us.

“Hello,” he said. We all were calling “Kevin, Kevin, Kevin” and the cameras began shooting pictures.

Other friends over there were English and German… a big friendly “good morning!” Well, to tell the truth I panicked; I did not understand Spanish or English. I would say that despite sitting on the table with the German, Kevin sat next to me. It was beautiful, but the only thing I could do was say, “Hello”…

Then I looked at Teresa for help, and she made the gesture as suggesting me to go to the other table. I had precipitated myself, uffff… I was more calm now. Lunch went well, and it was very nice. Kevin sat at both tables, classy Kevin. I was telling him about me and Marseille, and I felt so hot when he looked at me with his eyes that I felt I would need a doctor.

After that we all watched his movie at a beautiful room at the Hotel. I was not watching it because it was in English subtitled in Spanish, and I would not understand because of the language barrier… I would not have understood anything.

Kevin would later receive his prize. He changed clothes, and he was rewarded for his work and he looked happy.

The second day was dedicated to autographs. He signed my autograph and I was proud, and he wrote in the dedication: “All My Love” – his love for Evelyn. I understood what he spelled, and I told Kevin he is lovely.

The atmosphere was relaxed. Kevin was wearing shirt and shorts too short for me. Then it was time for the photo op with the photographer. Time passed by too quickly with Kevin. My husband forgot to set the flash for the photos. We all had our photos with Kevin… When my turn came, he said, “Oh, my French Lady…” I was very happy, but now I was thinking about the return trip home and the long road ahead of us. I wanted to say something to Kevin before we leave and if I could kiss him goodbye.

He said, “Yes,” and I gave him a big one on each cheek. I felt great… Before I left I gave a couple of kisses (for) each one of my friends, and keep waiting for the next Con with Kevin no matter where it is, because I will go to all around the world to see Kevin, I can tell you so.

Well, here it’s a few lines of my encounter with Kevin, my wonderful memories that I’ll keep it in my head.

(Photo and video by Teresa)


Kevin Sorbo guests on Dr. Drew’s Life Changers, Wednesday, January 18

January 16, 2012 1 comment

Kevin will appear on “Dr. Drew’s Life Changers” this Wednesday, January 18, at 3 p.m., EST, in an episode entitled, “The Headache That Could Kill You.”

Check your local TV listing for when it will air in your area.

Kevin and host Dr. Drew Pinsky will discuss the aneurysm and three strokes that almost killed Kevin in September, 1997 while on hiatus following the fifth season of his immensely popular syndicated TV show, “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.” Kevin will also talk about his inspirational book, True Strength: My Journey from Hercules to Mere Mortal – and How Nearly Dying Saved My Life (Da Capo Press).

Read more about Kevin’s upcoming appearance and watch a short video preview on “Dr. Drew’s Life Changers” site:

Here’s Kevin’s bio on the site:

Kevin is an amazing public speaker, too. He’s available for speaking engagements via Ambassador Speakers Bureau. Find out how to book him for your next event:

(Image top left courtesy of “Dr. Drew’s Life Changers;”

images right and bottom left courtesy of Kevin Sorbo)

Happy New Year Kevin Sorbo calendars by Loli, Sanne & Mara

January 7, 2012 2 comments