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Mama-Kii of Hawaii helps celebrate Kevin Sorbo’s birthday. You can, too!

August 26, 2014 1 comment


Hi, everyone!

Our fantastic friends at Mamaki of Hawaii are once again helping to raise funds for the Official European Kevin Sorbo Fan Club (OEKSFC) annual Birthday Project honoring Actor/Producer/Author Kevin Sorbo’s birthday on September 24. They are offering exciting ways to save on your purchase of their Mama-Kii™ tea and donate to Kevin’s Los Angeles-based nonprofit foundation, A World Fit For Kids! (WFIT).

How cool is that?!

Here’s how you can join Mama-Kii’s efforts to support the OEKSFC Birthday Project 2014 and get some awesome discounts:

1.  When you go to Mama-Kii’s website or Facebook store to purchase your tea, you can use the drop-down menu to select this option: “Yes – I’d like Mama-Kii to donate 20% to A World Fit for Kids.” Mama-Kii will then donate 20% of the total sales with this designation to WFIT.


Mama-Kii Donate dropdown-1

2.  When you order your tea, you will see a social sharing button on the page’s far left to share Mama-Kii on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or email accounts. If you click to share, you will receive a personal secret code that entitles you to a 20% discount on your order.


3.  Mama-Kii will give free shipping to international orders over $150.00.

It’s that simple.

Speaking of sharing, here’s my Mama-Kii™ tea experience:

I am an avid tea lover, so when I received my Mama-Kii™ tea in the mail last year I couldn’t wait to try it! I tore into the box and discovered a beautiful metal tin containing a drawstring cloth bag. Nestled inside encased in cellophane were 14 lovely pyramid sachets filled with glorious, rich, loose green mamaki leaves that are 100% natural and caffeine-, gluten- and cholesterol free.

I immediately boiled some water and placed a bag in my favorite green ceramic teapot. I then poured the hot water over the bag and allowed it to steep for an hour. (I like strong tea!) While I waited, I retrieved my best “Hercules” mug (what else?).

Sixty agonizing minutes later I sipped one of the best teas I’ve ever tasted! It was simultaneously soothing and energizing. Its smooth, gently sweet aroma performed a tantalizing symphony in my mouth: subtle yet commanding, simple yet eloquent, comforting yet rejuvenating. Divine!

I still have a lot left, preferring to save it for special occasions. But, with Mama-Kii’s great discounts combined with donating to WFIT, I can buy much more and make every day special!

What about you?

Please help make every day special in the lives of WFIT’s kids by purchasing Mama-Kii™ tea and supporting the OEKSFC Birthday Project 2014 today!

Many thanks from me; Lindsey, Anne and Heidi of the OEKSFC; Kevin Sorbo; Mama-Kii; and most of all, WFIT.KevinMamaKii

Please see the following:

Mama-Kii website:

Mama-Kii Shop Tea page:

Mama-Kii on Twitter:

Mama-Kii on Pinterest:

OEKSFC Birthday Project 2014 on Facebook:

OEKSFC Birthday Project 2014 webpage:

OEKSFC Birthday Book for well-wishing birthday messages to Kevin:

Kevin Sorbo Official Website:

Kevin Sorbo on Facebook:

Kevin Sorbo on Twitter:

WFIT website:

WFIT on Facebook:

WFIT on Twitter:


 (Birthday Project banner courtesy of OEKSFC; Mama-Kii website images courtesy of Mamaki of Hawaii; Kevin Sorbo image courtesy of Kevin Sorbo)


Kevin Sorbo doesn’t deserve the backlash

August 23, 2014 13 comments

I am extremely tired of reading sp1009462_0and hearing the hateful, vulgar, misinformed rants by individuals and media regarding Kevin Sorbo’s recent comment about the Ferguson riots on his Kevin Sorbo Official Facebook Page. People who don’t even know who he is use their bandwagon mentality to denigrate him for the sole purpose of receiving their five minutes of fame.

Well, haters, your time is over and your idiocy speaks more volumes about you than about him.

Let me tell you about the Kevin Sorbo I know so that you can put this in perspective. If you need to read more about him personally and professionally, I refer you to his IMDb page, his Official Website, the Official European Kevin Sorbo Fan Club website, Sorbos-Tribute, Sorbo Dreams and the plethora of websites and blogs dedicated to him. Additionally, his book, True Strength: My Journey from Hercules to Mere Mortal–and How Nearly Dying Saved My Life, provides information about his past and present, as well as inspires readers to overcome all obstacles.

This is the Kevin Sorbo I know – a man who inspires me.

Kevin unselfishly helps others in various ways. He supports numerous charities like the Starkey Hearing Foundation, The Rose Brucia Educational Foundation, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Stand Up to Cancer, Celebrity Fight Night Foundation and many more. He is the spokesperson for the Afterschool Alliance and spokesperson and former Board Chairperson for A World Fit For Kids!

Kevin remains very active in movies and television and oversees his own production company. He constantly travels the world, seeking new adventures while working on multitudinous projects.

Kevin enjoys appearing at Sci-Fi, Comic Con and other conventions because he loves interacting with his throngs of fans. And no matter what he is doing or where he is, he always takes time to say, “Hello,” or converse, shake hands, sign autographs, and have fans snap photos with him. He is never too busy for his fans!

Kevin has a wife and three young children. He’s a dedicated husband and father, and he and his wife, Sam, home school. He is rarely away from home for more than two weeks at a time despite his hectic schedule. His family is more important to him than anything.

This is the Kevin Sorbo I know – a man who lives life to the fullest.

I started this blog for fans to write about how Kevin has impacted their lives, share their artwork, meet each other no matter the different languages and cultures, and express their love for him. Stories ranged from something as simple as how a now-married couple met at a convention where Kevin was appearing to an uplifting tale of a woman who used an autographed picture he sent to her to overcome an illness and walk again.

I have my own stories, too, ones that concern Kevin professionally and personally.

He was my first “big celebrity” face-to-face interview in 1997 during his press junket for “Kull, the Conqueror,” when I was a young, inexperienced newspaper reporter. He was imposing and handsome, yet, kind and genuine.

We spoke years later when I covered his first Kevin Sorbo Celebrity Golf Tournament for a different publication. I wove that interview into many other articles elsewhere, and whenever I needed an updated quote, he obliged if time permitted.

When I experienced some personal hardships, he expressed hope, encouragement and faith that life would get better, and it did. I shared with him some not-so-great news and he prayed with me, which really helped me to overcome my fear.

This is the Kevin Sorbo I know – a man whose compassion has no boundaries.

Kevin Sorbo does NOT deserve the nasty, cruel, ridiculously inane backlash for a comment borne out of frustration. He loves his country and is a truly patriotic American. And as same, I understand his frustration at witnessing what can be minimally described as lawlessness… and I don’t mean the citizens of Ferguson reacting to the death of a young man… I mean the looters, thieves, antagonists, and even murderers who took advantage of a volatile situation for their own selfish gains.

So, Kevin spoke about it. So what? Didn’t we all? And if you believe that Kevin’s comment was racist and that he is a bigot then either you only saw what you wanted to believe or you jumped on the bandwagon with the other five-minutes-of-famers and used your pathetically minimal knowledge of the English language to insult him. Your parents must be very proud.

Kevin later deleted his post and issued a sincere apology, but, many of you still want your five minutes; I feel sorry for you. The internet is a vast, amazing knowledge source, yet many people choose to expand their mastery of disgusting words instead of their minds, and they have unfairly unleashed their dismal hobby on Kevin.

Kevin is decent, kind, compassionate, generous, intelligent, funny and interesting. He has flaws like the rest of us, but, that doesn’t make him a target – it makes him human.

That is the Kevin Sorbo I know.

Haters will hate; judgmental people will judge; deadbeats will sit in their glass houses and cast stones. The rest of us will continue with our lives and love the Kevin we know.

(Image courtesy of Kevin Sorbo)

Kevin Sorbo says his movie, God’s Not Dead, will make people think…

March 20, 2014 4 comments

GND_Press5-1Pure Flix Entertainment’s faith-based film, “God’s Not Dead,” starring Kevin Sorbo (“Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” “Andromeda,” “What If…”) opens this Friday, March 21, in the U.S. Its stellar cast also features Shane Harper (“High School Musical 2,” “Flipped”), David A.R. White (“Six: The Mark Unleashed”), Dean Cain (“Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”), and special appearances by Christian super-band Newsboys and Willie and Korie Robertson (“Duck Dynasty”).

The upcoming cinematic release, written by Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman and directed by Harold Cronk, strikes at the hearts of religious believers and non-believers when a dogmatic, argumentative, atheist college instructor, Professor Radisson (Sorbo), states on his class’s first day that he requires his philosophy students to disavow the existence of God or face a failing grade.

55767_273600232743766_855485908_o“This semester,” says Radisson, “I propose that we refuse to waste our limited time together debating the existence of the ‘Big Man in the Sky.’ Fill in the papers I’ve just given you with three little words: God is dead.”

Freshman Josh Wheaton (Harper), a devout Christian, maintains that he cannot conform to Radisson’s request by openly declaring, “I can’t do what you want… I’m a Christian.”

Radisson then challenges Wheaton to a classroom debate: If Wheaton wins he will pass the course; if he fails, his below average grade will forever tarnish his scholastic record.

This sets the stage for the exciting movie that brings to the forefront Christianity versus Atheism in today’s world fraught with spiritual questions.

Sorbo kindly provided a few insights regarding “God’s Not Dead” in a recent interview with this writer.

171943_272519519518504_682596215_o-2“I don’t want to preach to the choir about this movie,” said Sorbo. “I hope the choir goes to see the movie, of course, but, I really want to reach those fence-sitters out there. This is a movie for all faiths and all of those who don’t believe. It is a good story that will touch those who are looking for something but don’t know what that something is.”

Sorbo, who is not unfamiliar with the faith-based movie genre, having won the Movieguide® Grace Award for “Most Inspiring Performance in Movies in 2010” for his astounding portrayal of Ben Walker in “What If…” and was nominated for two Movieguide® awards for the movie, “Soul Surfer,” explained what attracted him to this controversial role.

“As it is with all scripts I read,” Sorbo stated, “it has to hold my interest. I give scripts 20 pages. If I am not hooked by then, I pass on the project.

“I loved the (‘God’s Not Dead’) story, the message (and) the character. (It was) fun to play a man that is so far from what I am that I couldn’t resist.”

Sorbo, a devout Christian who was reared Lutheran, clearly overcame his antithetical character. How?

“(It) wasn’t that difficult,” maintained Sorbo. “I have atheist friends, and I just tapped into the conversations I have had with them. And it is a very well-written script, so, that made it pretty10514_271929079577548_1684407050_n easy as well.”

Sorbo is well-known in Hollywood’s Christian faith circle, having appeared on the television ministry program, “Hour of Power,”  that broadcasts from the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA, and the 700 Club. What does he hope to accomplish with “God’s Not Dead”?

“Because it will make (people) think,” the former Hercules strongman replied. “It will create conversations on all sides of this issue and, hopefully, make those who are non-believers at least consider the possibility that there is something out there that is bigger than they are.”

Please see the “God’s Not Dead” website here:

Check out this awesome video!

(Images and video courtesy of “God’s Not Dead” movie)


Kevin Sorbo’s movie, God’s Not Dead, opens Friday, March 21

March 14, 2014 2 comments

Kevin Sorbo’s latest cinematic release, “God’s Not Dead,” opens in U.S. theaters next Friday, March 21.

Produced by Pure Flix Entertainment, this engaging film poses the question: How far would you go to defend your belief in God?

Here is the synopsis via the “God’s Not Dead” Official Website:

“Present-day college freshman and devout Christian, Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper), finds his faith challenged on his first day of Philosophy class by the dogmatic and argumentative Professor Radisson (Kevin Sorbo).

Radisson begins class by informing students that they will need to disavow, in writing, the existence of God on that first day, or face a failing grade. As other students in the class begin scribbling the words “God Is Dead” on pieces of paper as instructed, Josh finds himself at a crossroads, having to choose between his faith and his future. Josh offers a nervous refusal, provoking an irate reaction from his smug professor.

Radisson assigns him a daunting task: If Josh will not admit that “God Is Dead,” he must prove God’s existence by presenting well-researched, intellectual arguments and evidence over the course of the semester, and engage Radisson in a head-to-head debate in front of the class. If Josh fails to convince his classmates of God’s existence, he will fail the course and hinder his lofty academic goals.

With almost no one in his corner, Josh wonders if he can really fight for what he believes. Can he actually prove the existence of God? Wouldn’t it just be easier just to write “God Is Dead” and put the whole incident behind him?

GOD’S NOT DEAD weaves together multiple stories of faith, doubt and disbelief, culminating in a dramatic call to action. The film will educate, entertain, and inspire moviegoers to explore what they really believe about God, igniting important conversations and life-changing decisions.”

I have ticket money burning in my pocket to see this!! Hope you do, too! Stay tuned for my review of this controversial, exciting faith-based film. I can’t wait!!!

Please enjoy the official trailer:

Kevin Sorbo is a fabulous actor! He should be back on TV!!!!!

March 12, 2014 1 comment

Elisheva from Canada describes how and why she became a Kevin Sorbo fan in the second of two great stories. (Please see the first one here: Many thanks, Elisheva!

**On a personal note, I think we all wholeheartedly agree that Kevin Sorbo is a fabulous actor! He is grossly underused, underrated and overlooked, and someone who would bring millions of fans (ratings AND dollars!) the world over as he has previously proven and continues to prove to ANY project in which he is involved, especially on TV!! Are you listening ABC, CBS, NBC and CABLE STATIONS??? PUT KEVIN SORBO BACK ON TV!!!!!**

First, a little bit about myself: more of the observing Think Tank who prefers to be happy-go-lucky, loves talking to people and exploration, (has) many interests, and loves life.

How did I become a Kevin Sorbo Fan?

Kevin Sorbo 7I came to see him via “Andromeda.” It was not (on TV) every day, nor was the series brand new. I most often start watching a series well into its life… with few exceptions. “Merlin,” the BBC series, is one of those special shows due to the fact (that) I love the King Arthur Legend.

I almost instantly fell in love with the TV series, “Andromeda,” for many reasons. Truly, it was “partly” Captain Dylan Hunt. It was more than his role, more than the story line, more than the comic, sarcastic humor. Kevin Sorbo is a fabulous actor! It was more than that, too.

It was a great person putting everything of himself into what he was doing. I love that! The episodes (in which) Kevin was doing or saying something he didn’t like, I could tell… But, he did a more than a fabulous job even then to get through the episode.

The more I watched “Andromeda,” the more of an impact he made on me. I never forgot that! It was easy to see that he was a person who cared about the world around him. Life went on, and so did my access to TV off and on… I had things to do, places to see, people to talk to… But, I always wondered how my Captain was doing, and I always wondered if my impressions were accurate… I tell you, though, any chance I had to see “Andromeda,” it had my full attention! In fact, some of my own sarcastic humor was Kevin’s influence… lol… I liked it and “borrowed” some of it! Mind you, that was always a part of me and a part of HercThat Look-blogmy life.

Now, I didn’t know about his big break, “Hercules,” until being on his Official Facebook page. The two things I have NEVER told anyone are my love for the Hercules Legend and (that) Kevin Sorbo is yummy… Now, try putting the two together! La-ti-da-ti-da, whistling quietly… lol!

I still haven’t watched “Hercules,” but have seen photos now… I don’t think that I could ever express either “openly” to anyone, even if asked directly: #1 I am a shy Christian, #2 Gooodnessss, a strong Christian woman liking a guy who could easily pass as a “pin up guy!” Shame, shame on me… lol!

Putting my sarcastic humor aside, there are so many different reasons (why) as a person Kevin impresses me. And that is why I am a devoted fan – it is important to me. Others realize I am a good Christian, even in my thoughts, (and) even though it is a normal “Human Thing” to very much like an actor and a legend, most would likely laugh reading that… lol!

I can’t remember when, but at one point I decided to see if Kevin Sorbo was on Facebook. I was curious…

Kevin_gal_2_38-blogThere he was! And I have been a follower and participant since… and dreadfully missing “Andromeda” and no access to any of Kevin Sorbo’s movies or TV series… Life goes on…

And at least I can occasionally talk to Kevin, and I can hear what he has to say. At least semi-regularly he makes (me) laugh or posts something reallllllly interesting… and I can interact with some of his other fans…

Kevin Sorbo is amazing. In real life he is so much more than a great guy whom I recognized in “Andromeda.” He truly embraces that he is a human being, and I love that!

I also don’t worship him and don’t worship every word he says. But, he is a wonderful husband, devoted father (and) great person. He genuinely wants to talk to his fans and hear what it is they think.

Kevin is very aware and very intelligent, too. He is one person whom I would be very proud to have as my friend (celebrity or not…). Kevin is one of those rare actors who genuinely cares about his country/world around him and DOES something about it. For this factor alone, he will forever have my respect and support! Go, Kevin, Go!

Signing off… a devoted and content fan – Ellie.

(Images courtesy of Kevin Sorbo)

Funny Karl Urban autograph on Kevin Sorbo’s pic

January 5, 2014 2 comments

A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, my friends!

I know I have been remiss in posting lately, but, with the holidays and all I have been busy. One of my 2014 New Year’s resolutions is to keep up with Kevin as best as possible. But, as his fans, you know how difficult THAT can be since he is always busy! I hereby resolve to post more frequently… or try to anyway!

So, since I have missed posting our lovely calendars by Sanne, Loli, Mara and Malena (that I hope to include later this month), and other features, links and stories, I offer these autographs by Karl Urban, Ted Raimi and Robert Trebor as my holiday gift to you. Please note that they have not been seen before, and I sincerely hope I am not breaching Press protocol by posting them. Don’t remember when they were done with exception of Mr. Trebor’s that has the date. I interviewed Messrs. Raimi and Trebor, and they were both great! but not Mr. Urban. Enjoy!

P.S. Is the drawing on Kevin by Karl Urban too funny or what?!

KarlUrbanAutographTedRaimiAutographRobertTreborAutograph(Images courtesy of Jan Feighner)

Kevin Sorbo receives the IDA’s 2013 Inspiration Award

November 25, 2013 3 comments

Wayne ConnellThe Invisible Disabilities Association (IDA) is a volunteer-operated nonprofit that offers numerous services to people and their families around the world who are touched by illness, pain and disability. It encourages, educates and connects people and organizations via its websites, booklets, pamphlets, articles, inspiring and educational videos, radio interviews, events, seminars, projects, social network and social media. The 501(c)(3) organization also provides many resources to information about various illnesses, help with costs of medications, disability benefits and more.

Founded in 1997 by Wayne Connell, the IDA was formerly known as The Invisible Disabilities Advocate. It incorporated in 2004 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with Connell as its president.

Because the term, invisible disabilities, covers hundreds of conditions, the IDA, unlike organizations that pertain to just one condition, does not attempt to supply a vast InspAward1amount of detailed information for every diagnosis. Instead, its website, publications, seminars and awareness address all debilitating conditions that are often misunderstood.

_MG_6698_KSorbo1Each year, the excellent nonprofit recognizes individuals for their contributions to invisible disabilities, such as research, volunteer, impact, and perseverance, during its annual awards banquet. This year, the IDA bestowed actor/producer/author Kevin Sorbo with its 2013 Inspiration Award for his work in shedding light on the three strokes he suffered and subsequent recovery in 1997 while filming his popular internationally-syndicated television program, “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.” Sorbo readily speaks publicly about his trials and triumphs that he documented in his inspirational book, True Strength: My Journey from Hercules to Mere Mortal – and How Nearly Dying Saved My Life, and tirelessly encourages people to never give up.

Wayne Connell kindly answered a few questions about the Inspiration Award and why the IDA chose Sorbo as the 2013 honoree. Thank you so much, Wayne!

SW:  Please explain the Inspiration Award.

WC:  The IDA Inspiration Award is given to people who have impacted the lives of others with their personal stories of battling illness, injury or disability. They have not only been through it themselves, but have a passion to reach out to others with encouragement and understanding.

SW:  How did Kevin Sorbo come to your attention?

Kevin’s journey was brought to our attention by someone on our IDA Team. I was, of course, familiar with Kevin’s work as an actor, but did not know of his strokes. I immediately purchased his book and read it straight through.

SW:  Why choose Kevin?

WC:  After reading his book, I shared with our IDA Team what Kevin has been through. We agreed he was the one we wanted to honor with the 2013 Invisible Disabilities Association Inspiration Award this year.

We found Kevin to be inspiring for all he has been through, his willingness to share his story and how he reaches out to others with compassion and encouragement.

In addition, commonly known for being Hercules, a strong and indestructible character, Kevin’s story was a perfect fit for our message. Many people living with debilitating illness, injury and pain appear to be healthy and strong on the outside, despite the damages they battle on the inside. This creates a perplexity for many friends and family as they look perfectly able to do what they have always been able to do, but suddenly say they cannot.

Many faced with debilitating conditions discover loved ones do not understand what their invisible hurdles and challenges that can bring about loss of career, homes, friends and family. Many people feel as if they are the only ones confronted with people who do not believe their conditions are real, the person is just not trying hard enough or they are simply exaggerating.

During the time when Kevin battled for his life after 3 strokes, he experienced this lack of understanding all too well. As Kevin said, even his doctor didn’t totally comprehend the struggles Kevin faced, when he released him back to work before he was ready. Later, his doctor jokingly told Kevin he did so, because after all, he “is Hercules!”

Kevin’s courage to share his story has brought to light that illness or injury can happen to anyone at any time. None of us is immune. We do not deserve it nor do we ask for it and it certainly doesn’t mean the person is weak.

Kevin’s candid accounts of his struggles and frustrations are feelings many living with invisible disabilities can relate to. What’s more, his journey encourages people to keep believing, keep hoping, keep fighting.

Here is Kevin’s award acceptance speech:


TSBooksPlease visit the IDA website for more information:

Kevin’s book is available on Amazon:

(Wayne Connell, IDA image and video courtesy of IDA;

Kevin Sorbo images courtesy of Kevin Sorbo)