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Kevin Sorbo’s book due on stands October 11, 2011!

February 28, 2011 15 comments

Wow! Exciting news!

Kevin is publishing his first book. It hits the stands in stores and online this fall!

Slated for an October 11, 2011, publication, its working title is at present, True Strength. The book is available for pre-order now at It’s a memoir published by Da Capo Press, and that’s all I can say for now.

Sorry, gang! You need to watch Kevin’s Facebook and Twitter pages for more information. But, there is speculation that he may also accompany the hardback with an audiobook. How cool is that?? Kevin’s story narrated with his own voice… I can’t wait!!

* This image is NOT the actual book jacket. It’s a piece of art I made for this post and for my link to The final cover art is at present unavailable. *

Pre-order Kevin’s book TODAY at


Henri Raynaud’s Movieguide Award photos of Kevin Sorbo

February 24, 2011 5 comments

Photographer Henri Raynaud covered the Movieguide Awards and kindly granted permission to post his fantastic photographs from which he created the following collages. Aren’t they great?? Thank you, Henri!

Please see Henri’s website for more of his amazing work:

Kevin Sorbo wins Grace Award for “Most Inspiring Performance…”

February 19, 2011 7 comments

Kevin Sorbo garnered top honors last night at the 19th Annual MOVIEGUIDE® Faith & Values Awards Gala and Report to the Entertainment Industry as he took home the Grace Award for “Most Inspiring Performance in Movies in 2010.” He won for his excellent portrayal of Ben Walker in the film, What If…, directed by Dallas Jenkins and produced by Jenkins Entertainment.

Sorbo also hosted the event at the Hilton Universal City in Universal City, California. Movieguide® founder and publisher, Dr. Ted Baehr, attended, congratulating nominees and greeting guests.

“It was a nice night and an honor,” said Sorbo. “I am proud of the movie.”

“Most people wouldn’t have assumed Kevin Sorbo, Hercules, could play a part like this, with such a wide, but subtle emotional range,” Jenkins stated, “but, he was a natural from day one, and I hope this is one of many different types of roles he’ll play the rest of his career. I’m very proud of him.”

What If… received a Special Teddy Award in the category, “The Ten Best 2010 Movies for Families.”

The annual affair recognizes studio executives, producers, directors, actors and writers that reflect MOVIEGUIDE®’s “Best of the Year” movies. It entails several prizes, including the Grace Award for Inspiring Acting, the Faith & Freedom Awards for movies and television programs that positively impact the world community, the John Templeton Foundation supported Kairos Prize for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays, and Epiphany Prizes for film and television.

See the following for a complete winners list and coverage:

MOVIEGUIDE® website:

Dr. Baehr’s blog:

🙂  Congratulations, Kevin and Dallas!!!!! We’re so proud of you!!  🙂

(Photo(l) courtesy of Dr. Baehr; photo(r) by Drew Zahn)

Crossword #3: How well do you know Kevin Sorbo’s Official Website?

February 15, 2011 4 comments

So, you think you know Kevin Sorbo? You need to be a detective for this one.

Find the answers on Kevin’s Official Website:


5.     Kevin was the voice of Ka-Zar in this.

8.     Kevin succeeded Arnold Schwarzenegger as this organization’s national spokesperson.

10.   What convention that Kevin has attended in the past occurs in Atlanta, Georgia?

12.   Does Kevin prefer Regis or Kelly?

14.   In what city did the film, What If…, premiere?

16.   What hockey position did Kevin play?

17.   What is Kevin’s least favorite food?

18.   What company produced the CD, “The Fall of the House of Usher”?

19.   What is title of Kevin’s poem following the final “Andromeda” wrap?


1.     What country premiered Wog Boy 2: Kings of Mykonos?

2.     Which film opens in theaters on April 8, 2011?

3.     Complete Kevin’s quote: “Love is ________.”

4.     Kevin’s main charitable organization.

6.     Who is Kevin’s favorite actress?

7.     What channel aired The Santa Suit?

9.     With what director did Kevin appear at a November 10, 2008,  press conference?

11.   In what book did Kevin appear with sons Braedon and Shane?

13.   What is Kevin’s favorite article of clothing?

15.   What profession would Kevin have chosen other than acting?

(Banner art by Kayla B.)

Having to stare at the picture of Kevin Sorbo for 3 weeks… I was hooked.

February 9, 2011 5 comments

Our Glyn in the U.K. is best known to Kevin’s fandom for her great sense of humor and hilarious, sometimes rude, jokes, which I love! Here’s her entertaining tale of her introduction to Kevin that involves Herc and her husband, Steve. Check out the pics… Can you tell which is which??? 😉

I’m afraid my story of how I came to be a fan of Kevin Sorbo is rather a frivoulous one.

For a few years a friend of mine had been nagging me to get my husband to dress as Hercules for the annual Christmas Fancy Dress party. In October, 2007, I decided to have a go at making the famous waistcoat, thinking I could have it done by December. I had never really watched “Hercules,” although at that time it was being shown Monday to Friday at 5.00 p.m., and hubby was an avid fan. By the time I got home from work there was only 15 minutes left of the show, so, I never bothered watching. (My bad, huh!!)

Anyway, hubby Steve was okay with the idea of being a demi-god for the party, so, it was “all systems go.” He managed to get a very large single piece of chamois leather (the stuff you polish cars with), so, I set to work. Needless to say, at this point I had to watch the episodes to get the design and plaits of leather in the right place. I printed a picture (from) the internet, and, boy-oh-boy, that was the clincher!!! Having to stare at the picture of Kevin for three weeks while stitching (by hand-ouch!!), that was it, I was hooked. By the time it was finished, just in time for the party, I had bought the “Andromeda” box sets and had ordered the “Hercules” DVDs.

If I do say so myself the waistcoat is a pretty accurate copy, despite breaking a dozen needles and trying not to bleed on the leather.

Since the party, hubby has had a belt and gauntlets made, and I’ve customized a pair of knee-length boots, but, best of all, he’s grown his hair to Herc length ;o)… something I’d been nagging him to do for years… Thanks, Herc.

We do costume events for charity; Hercules and Xena make a nice change from dressing as Klingons – less make-up and no latex foreheads!!!



Loli’s & Sanne’s Kevin Sorbo February calendars. Thanks, friends!

February 6, 2011 1 comment

Kevin Sorbo gives his finest performance to date in “What If…” A review

February 1, 2011 8 comments

The faith-based film, What If…, currently airing on gmc and to be released on DVD March 1, offers family entertainment, strong Christian values, and a wholesome message. Directed by Dallas Jenkins and produced by Jenkins Entertainment, the two-hour Television World Premiere also enthralls viewers with a superior performance by its male lead, Kevin Sorbo.

The story opens in a small bus station 15 years prior to its current events as Ben Walker (Sorbo), a seminary graduate, bids farewell to his fiancée, Wendy (beautifully played by Kristy Swanson), to accept a position in a high-powered, metropolitan corporation. They discuss future plans that include establishing a family and congregation in their rural home town from which he is departing. Wendy fears he will leave her behind, but Walker assures her otherwise.

Fifteen years later Walker is a well-respected business executive on the verge of becoming partner at his firm, husband to a shallow trophy fiancée, and proud owner of a new Mercedes Benz. Life is good as he prepares to whisk his present love to Paris when he receives a letter from Wendy’s nonprofit organization with a note from her stating that she’s in town and hopes to see him. He casually gives the note little thought, instructing his assistant to instead send a donation.

While testing the new car, Walker’s Benz leaves him stranded with a blow to the head from its airbag. A grungy tow truck driver (skillfully portrayed by John Ratzenberger) stops to help, but with a special brand of aid: He’s an angel sent by God to “straighten out” Walker’s life.

Following some bickering, Mike the Angel sends Walker to a different world by sucker-punching him in the jaw. A discomfited Walker discovers that not only is he no longer a power executive, but that he has a wife (Swanson) and two daughters (Disney’s Debby Ryan and newcomer Taylor Groothuis). He enters the scene as they prepare for church at which, to his dismay, he is its new pastor.

Confused and agitated, Walker tries to assimilate to his foreign environment, realizing that he continues to fail miserably, something to which he is unaccustomed. He consults Mike who leads him through a labyrinth of advice that presents more questions than answers, including an unpleasant It’s a Wonderful Life moment during which he declares he will regain his corporate status. Mike reclaims his soul with another hit to the face that returns Walker to his alternative, albeit frustrating, life.

Finally, Wendy confronts him with his strange behavior. She poignantly asks if he still likes his family and gives him a leave or stay alternative. He stays and uses his business savvy to help them and the church while peeling away the years like an avocado lover seeking its succulent pit.

Ripe with symbolism, What If… allows Sorbo to excel in his craft, particularly when Walker comforts a dying man whose industry career paralleled his, and the preacher grasps the moment’s irony and significance. Moments later he receives the final test: He is to return to his former life.

Sorbo gives his finest performance to date, commanding an emotional spectrum that spans caustic to compassionate. He approaches God’s sparring match with ease, realizing that life changes, and that to accept His will is to surrender one’s own. He delivers a definitively superb, believable character who begins as “everyman,” becomes someone whom we aspire to be then ends as the person we truly are: kind, caring, and capable of choosing our own destinies.

He is truly inspirational in What If… Sorbo readily sheds his outer layers, recognizable to most people as an action hero, and demonstrates that he remains an incontrovertible force in the industry. Laughter and tears encompass this film, but, most importantly, his excellent portrayal promotes discussion, which I personally welcome.

The message is clear: Despite our attempts and failures at becoming better people, when we walk confidently with God, we no longer need Him to punch us in the face, if you will, to become His faithful servants. And Sorbo personifies that message flawlessly.

(Photos courtesy of Jenkins Entertainment)